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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Splatoon Treehouse and Nintendo Direct April 1 2015 Processing

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Splatoon but... we have a lot to process on what we just watched.

Nintendo is not done showing us new content. This live reaction log continues right where the previous one left off that was the April 1, 2015 Nintendo Direct.

I'm Nintendork 13 13, RawkHawk2010 is himself, Vortexica is that breezin dude, and... we're worried about Kamek's livelihood.

Nintendo Treehouse Splatoon stare intense Direct April 1
Joined by this intensely-staring Treehouse dude.

RawkHawk2010 6:48 pm
    Most important stuff was FE + DK64.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:48 pm
    Oh they've started already.
    "That was an awesome Nintendo Direct!"
    "So many CCs!"

 Nintendork 13 13 6:48 pm
    (I wonder how many carbon copy e-mails had to be done.)
    "Some of those indie trailers were awesome"
    "The trailer we... THEY made with Mari0 Maker..."
    "I actually have some work to do, but you guys get to play videogames all day."
    Jumping into dat Battle Dojo.
    ("What is Splatoon?" explanation first.)

 RawkHawk2010 6:51 pm
    controller issues
    it's like E3 2011

 Nintendork 13 13 6:52 pm
    Wot's the food cans
    He's purposefully avoiding.

 RawkHawk2010 6:52 pm
    k i'm done.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:52 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 6:53 pm
    So the cans are weapon-grants.
    Well if you're gonna be scrubby and done
    go to
    "It's very important to learn how to play" thanks Treehouse.

 RawkHawk2010 6:54 pm
    Yeah, turn that off and let's talk about these pics.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:54 pm
    fuck you
    I'll multitask.

 RawkHawk2010 6:55 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 6:56 pm
    They're showing single player.
    Cool music.
    Poor Mac
    Black armour inkling.

 RawkHawk2010 6:57 pm
    the ink rails remind me of World of Goo.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:57 pm
    Inkrail riding.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:58 pm
    Dat auto-health-regen graphics.
    Not blood but...
    ....something else?

 RawkHawk2010 6:58 pm
    btw you might wanna publish the Direct.
    While people are still talking about it.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:58 pm

 RawkHawk2010 6:58 pm
    Since this treehouse log isn't tremendously interesting.

 Nintendork 13 13 6:59 pm
    Octo bomber
    big boy

 RawkHawk2010 7:00 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 7:00 pm
    "I'm transfixed by your ink diving"

 RawkHawk2010 7:00 pm
    DK64 is out in Europe.
    Or will be in a few hours.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:00 pm
    You collect zap fishes
    Talking about Splatoon amiibo
    Got screenshot of Splatoon amiibo... art thing.
    "Basic hero shot"
    This is like dating

Splatoon amiibo squid Inkling boy girl Nintendo
Really awesome picture of the Splatoon amiibo.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:02 pm

    Inkling boy challenges inkling girl

 RawkHawk2010 7:02 pm
    Rewatching the SMT vs FE trailer to see if it makes any more sense.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:02 pm clean the level with a roller.
    (or dirty)
    ...'kay guess it's more like marriage.
    Fell off the rail.
    "I did that on purpose"
    Online multiplayer.

 RawkHawk2010 7:04 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 7:04 pm
    I forgot how we formatted the Direct live reaction titles

 Nintendork 13 13 7:04 pm
    I don't think I'm consistent

 RawkHawk2010 7:04 pm
    It doesn't seem any more like Fire Emblem after rewatching.
    I'm not sure if ANY of these are FE characters.
    And they don't actually show know...grid movement.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:05 pm
    Killer whale special is... I dunno.

 RawkHawk2010 7:05 pm
    16:34 Nintendo 63 and Nintendo DS come to Wii U Virtual Console
    In the official description.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:05 pm
    Special metre isn't totally lost when you get splattered.
    It said 63?

 RawkHawk2010 7:06 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 7:06 pm
    Guess that's worse than typo-ing Woolly.

Nintendo Direct April 1 2015 Yoshi's Woolly World hashtag typo #WoolyWorld

 Nintendork 13 13 7:06 pm
    Must've been NST.
    "A little blue there" (a lot blue)
    Inkling girl is sorta seductive in her loss animation.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:11 pm
    I should be commenting on Splatoon
    but sorta busy publishing.

 RawkHawk2010 7:12 pm
    We *should* be talking more about that Direct.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:12 pm

 RawkHawk2010 7:12 pm
    SMT X FE.
    the fuck
    Do you want it?

 Nintendork 13 13 7:13 pm
    Not really?
    There wasn't any FE there.

 RawkHawk2010 7:14 pm
    I thought it looked pretty good as a standalone thing.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:15 pm
    Looked uh
    anime stuff

 RawkHawk2010 7:15 pm
    Better than that other SMT garbage I bought.

 RawkHawk2010 7:16 pm
    why does nintendo want to remind everyone of YIDS

 Nintendork 13 13 7:17 pm
    No idea
    Is it bad I started that early

 RawkHawk2010 7:17 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 7:17 pm

 RawkHawk2010 7:17 pm
    someone saaaaaaaaaaaaid
    ...there was a new Ace Attorney in the Japan Direct.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:18 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 7:18 pm

 RawkHawk2010 7:20 pm
    a trailer for that one that was already announced

 Nintendork 13 13 7:20 pm
    We capped a zone!

 RawkHawk2010 7:21 pm
    so was the Direct good?

 Nintendork 13 13 7:21 pm

 RawkHawk2010 7:21 pm
    what's our verdict

 Nintendork 13 13 7:21 pm
    I expected it to be a troll thing.
    ...So my expectations were surpassed easily.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:23 pm
    I feel like playing Splatoon is more fun than watching it.
    (Which is something I should be a fan of since I'm against developers making games watchable just for YouTube LPers at the expense of play)
    Sorta creepy how the Inklings are named like
    and it's a girl
    "We're out of time"
    "man, that Nintendo Direct, I'm still processing that in the back of my mind"

 Nintendork 13 13 7:25 pm
    Okay they're done talking.
    Let's use this time to...
    ...Process things at the front of our minds.

 RawkHawk2010 7:26 pm
    k 7:26 pm
    Wow cool. Watching the UK Direct, and it said those Attack on Titan episodes are free in EU.
    Now I have no excuse.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:26 pm
    They're free here too
    The first two episodes. 7:26 pm
    Oh really?

 Nintendork 13 13 7:27 pm
    That's wot they said. 7:27 pm
    They said they were available.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:27 pm
    "You can watch the first two episodes on the Nintendo eShop"
    "for free"

 Nintendork 13 13 7:27 pm
    ...Well maybe I assumed they were free. 7:27 pm
    Go check again.
    I'm not hearing it.
    I'm re-watching via the link Rawk posted so I can't make out and small print, if that's where it was.

 RawkHawk2010 7:28 pm
    They better be free.
    They acted like they were only hosting them temporarily. 7:28 pm
    I'll lol if they're not.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:29 pm
    lol 7:29 pm
    UK Direct says "Episodes free until July 1st"

 Nintendork 13 13 7:29 pm
    I'm watching some of the SMT x FE trailer idea what's FE about this.

 RawkHawk2010 7:29 pm
    "I am NOT happy about how they're handling Fire Emblem if in Japan, though. While the North American video implied that you choose which story you play through, in Japan, the choice is made for you depending on which version of the game you buy."

 Nintendork 13 13 7:29 pm
    There's a Pegasus Knight I guess.

 RawkHawk2010 7:30 pm
    Resend what you said.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:30 pm
    Nintendork 13 13 7:29 pm
        I'm watching some of the SMT x FE trailer idea what's FE about this.
    Nintendork 13 13 7:29 pm
        There's a Pegasus Knight I guess.

 RawkHawk2010 7:30 pm
    I get through that whole Direct and now the internet bombs!

 Nintendork 13 13 7:30 pm
    Yo I think Kamek is dead.

 Nintendork 13 13 7:31 pm
    I guess I should dedicate a whole article to the new amiibo announced.
    Since I did that last  Direct.

 RawkHawk2010 7:31 pm
    is that supposed to be the black knight

 Nintendork 13 13 7:32 pm
    Hope not.
    The stage mode was called
    "Kamek's Last-Ditch Flyby"
    RIP Kamek.

Yoshi's Woolly World Kamek's Last-Ditch Flyby Mellow mode Nintendo Direct
Has KoopaTV lost another staff member?!?

KoopaTV has brought you THREE articles this April 1, 2015. Stay tuned for a total of one article tomorrow for our regularly scheduled newsletter. Also, comment on what you thought of the Direct!

Kamek is alive.


  1. where can i find the treehouse presentation from yesterday?

    1. It's... not available on YouTube or archived on Twitch, from what I can tell.

      ...So, for now, you're stuck with our pretty crappy (sorry!) recollection of it.

      They basically went through the modes. The balloon one, single-player (with cool rails), single-player with an amiibo (the roller weapon) that was cut-off, and then Turf War three times.

    2. 'kay here.


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