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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

KoopaTV Conquers Myspace!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're getting the conversations going with more and more social media.

Since we lost the social media accounts created when Noxial became our social media manager (since she, you know, became a terrorist or something), we have a void to fill. This is similar to how our Facebook got shutdown and we opened an Ello account and a tumblr to try to replace it. (Net result? ...We still miss Facebook.)

Well, screw that! We're looking at more of Facebook's competitors, so we are proud to formally announce that we have a Myspace account.

KoopaTV Myspace account
You can listen to Shell-Spangled Banner.

"Ludwig, what are you thinking?" Well, did you know that, according to Myspace, Myspace has 50 million users coming there every month? Imagine if we got a fraction of that coming to KoopaTV!

Myspace proves their doubters wrong, and so do we at KoopaTV. So we think it's a natural fit. Myspace nowadays is all about artists, and we at KoopaTV see our over 500 articles as art (our regular commentary included, not just our amazing Artistic Corner).

So, first thing that happened when we went to make an account?

Facebook Twitter advertisement when making Myspace account
You see the Facebook logo before you even know what Myspace's logo is.

Okay, that's weird. The whole point of making a Myspace is that it's not Facebook. They're supposed to be competitors!

Now, let's look at their Terms. Always a good idea when going somewhere. Myspace claims no ownership rights to any content posted there. Great! (Neither does Nintendo on Miiverse.) These terms are pretty adorable and they even explain some legalese to you in plain English, which is cute and something I haven't seen other Terms of Usages do. And then there is this:
"To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, as a reasonable estimation of such harm, you agree to pay Myspace Fifty Dollars ($50) for each actual or intended recipient of such unsolicited Message or other unauthorized commercial communication you send through the Myspace Services;"
That means if you advertise on Myspace or try to sell something (check out the KoopaTV Store!), you have to pay Myspace $50. Think that's stupid? Then don't sign the terms and don't use Myspace. But for us at KoopaTV, their terms provide ideas on how to monetise our lovely corner of the Internet. 

So, check out the KoopaTV Myspace. You will probably regret it, but it's going to be joining our impressive line-up of social media accounts.

You know, with all these social media accounts to handle, we're gonna need a social media manager who isn't planning to join ISIS on our staff! If you think you fit the bill, apply here!

KoopaTV is going to make its Myspace its space. If you have a Myspace too, be sure to "connect" with KoopaTV! You can find a list of KoopaTV's social media accounts in our Contact Us page.

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