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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Where was the UK Terrorism Victims Tribute at E3 2017?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Pray for London and Manchester!

Last year, right before E3 2016 started, Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen shot up and killed dozens of people at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Every E3 conference (besides the one from Electronic Arts) had some kind of Orlando tribute, and almost everyone involved at E3 had rainbow pins on their jackets/shirts.

Fast forward to E3 2017. This year, right before the Electronic Entertainment Expo occurred, Islamic terrorists did a one-two punch on the great country of the United Kingdom, specifically Great Britain: The bombing of the Manchester Arena in Manchester at the end of May, and then the London Bridge terror attack in June. Many people died, and many more people got injured. The terrorist attacks forced KoopaTV's British correspondent, Vortexica, to retreat in a basement away from civilisation during the E3 2017 events. They were quite spooky. Vortexica was even missing and we all thought he might've died.

However... not a single E3 conference this year had a tribute or even a passing reference to the Manchester or London attacks. No UK Union Jack pins on a single person. Why?

I would like to make sure everyone knows that the reason I am upset to begin with is that the participating companies of E3 (Electronic Arts is excused) collectively decided that E3 is the appropriate platform to make tributes to recent terrorist attacks and deaths. Once you set that precedent, you need to stick with it. Forever.

Reggie Fils-Aime Fils-Aimé Fils Aime E3 2016 2017 Spotlight Nintendo of America gay pin rainbow flag Orlando tribute  suit jacket
Left: Reggie Fils-Aimé, E3 2016. Rainbow pride pin.
Right: Reggie Fils-Aime (he apparently lost the accent mark), E3 2017. No discernible pin.

Just to reiterate: In 2016, radical Islamic terrorism killed gay people right before E3 started, and E3 gave them a tribute. In 2017, radical Islamic terrorism killed British people right before E3 started, and E3 did not give them a tribute.

Well, it appears that, once again, gaming companies don't think that All Fans Matter. Do you think that the only reason they all paraded out rainbow pins last year is because the victims were at a gay bar? Maybe the jerks at GLAAD had something to do with it. Meanwhile, there's no British media mafia machine hounding businesses because they were not paying special attention to British interests. Maybe there should be.

This isn't some third-world country like Sierra Leone, either. The United Kingdom is a major world economic power and world player in the videogame industry. For a global, interconnected industry such as the gaming industry, it doesn't make sense to just... ignore the British like that. Perhaps they want to punish the British gaming industry for their increased optimism post-Brexit?

Heck, this ignorance even comes from the usually spot-on President Donald John Trump, who painstakingly went out of his way to change his E3 2016 Conference from something that was going to be a takedown of Crooked Hillary Clinton to something pandering to gay voters. As a result, his conference was pretty bad. While President Donald John Trump did not have an E3 conference this year, he did address the London issue by... attacking its mayor, Sadiq Khan, over Twitter. Right, so you go from dedicating your E3 conference to the victims of the pre-E3 massacre of 2016, to attacking the mayor of the city that got hit by the pre-E3 massacre of 2017.

Meanwhile, those dumbasses at Devolver Digital spent their time trying to be as grotesque as ISIS.

Well. KoopaTV isn't afraid of GLAAD (despite whatever impression you may have gotten from last week), and we have a deep connection to our fans and fellow folks in the United Kingdom. We pray for you over there. Please be vigilant and safe, you UK chaps!

It's no coincidence that Ludwig chose to publish an article about the lack of attention to Britain on the day that the United States of America is celebrating its independence from being a British colony. Perhaps if America continued to be a British colony to this day, E3 would've done at least a London tribute?

One week from now, Satoru Iwata will have been dead for two years.
Pre-E3 2018 didn't have a massacre, but it did have a tragedy brought by a suicide.


  1. Because 2016 was 2 SJW darlings against each other and they had to make a note of it somehow and pick a side of who is more darling, while 2017 only had one SJW darling so they did not want to make a note of it as they would be reminded what said darling actually did.

    1. I guess you should clarify for the audience (and me) which darlings you're talking about.


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