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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Miiverse Ended!" Text Datamined: So What?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What difference, at this point, does it make?

If I asked you a week, month, or months ago, “Do you think Miiverse is going to end eventually?” you would say yes. It's an intuitive, natural answer. All things come to an end, and Nintendo's social network is clearly on its last legs. It's not being supported by the Nintendo Switch. The console it was built for, the Wii U, is no longer being supported. The other system that's piggy-backing on it with a post-development integration that they never bothered to complete, the 3DS, is on its last legs.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone who has put any thought into it: Miiverse won't be around much longer. It served to bolster word-of-mouth and add value to a console that didn't have an obvious value proposition (the Wii U), and as a result, I've logged many thousands of hours into Miiverse. That dwarfs any actual game-playing I've done. Miiverse is what is keeping me using the Wii U at all, and it's actually still doing a pretty good job of that. Nintendo would much rather I spend my fun-time playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my brand-new Nintendo Switch than screw around on Miiverse on the Wii U. I wonder how their IT administrators feel paying Amazon CloudFront lots of money every month to support shit-posting in the New Super Luigi U Community, and little kids in the Team Kirby Clash Deluxe Community who don't know that the game is LOCAL MULTIPLAYER ONLY. They also gotta pay companies like Emoderation Limited to do moderation work for them...

So why is everyone freaking out about text a dataminer allegedly found in Wii U system update 5.5.2 that indicates Nintendo is planning to end Miiverse? (Note: KoopaTV can't confirm this information, but that's not the point here.)

You don't need some data-mining to tell you that. If you Follow my Miiverse account at NNID PrinceOfKoopas (which is a good idea), then you'd see I made this observation over a month ago:

Nintendo has forsaken abandoned Miiverse no E3 post community presence 2017
“Anyone else get the feeling that Nintendo has FORSAKEN MIIVERSE?
No Nintendo@E3 2017 Community, or contest, or even an Amy post!”

Nintendo always posted SOMETHING on Miiverse for E3. In previous years, they made a dedicated E3 discussion community, and sometimes held contests and stuff. Not in 2017. In fact, they haven't done ANYTHING interesting in 2017, or acknowledged Miiverse's existence.

Let's make something clear: The Nintendo Network (Nintendo's successor to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection) will be able to run independently of Miiverse. The ability to play things online and the ability to access Miiverse are two different abilities. They incur different costs on Nintendo's end. If the whole Nintendo Network were to end, then yes, Miiverse would go down with it, but there would also be lots of other issues that go along with that.

But that is not what's happening.

I would say “calm down”, but... Miiverse itself ending is still a tough pill to swallow. I mean, I'm pretty famous. I have over 11,000 accumulated Yeahs across my nearly 500 posts, and almost 700 followers. My main objective between now and when Miiverse ends is to not get banned a third time.

That's a bit hard with people trying to get me banned via report-bombing, but the good news is the false-reporter that's after me reported literally all of my posts going back to early 2013, and despite almost 20 violations as a result of their reporting spree, I'm not banned yet. Perhaps the Miiverse administrators don't ban people for violations that occurred before the date of one's previous ban?

Miiverse violation sexually explicit content Maddie Edgeworth fangirl over Miles under him April Fools
Here is the one violation I have had since after my second ban that was not caused by the false reporter, who started at the end of June to continue into July.
This one happened at the beginning of April.
The admins didn't appreciate the over/under pun.

I'll keep the details of the false reporter's antics, and their identity, a secret on these KoopaTV pages. ...Unless I do get banned for a third time. In which case, he'll get a whole article dedicated to exposing him.

...Jeez, that threat makes me feel like CNN.

7/19/17 Update: I just want to note that Miiverse's predecessor, the Nintendo NSider Forums, had absolutely NO WARNING when it was announced that it would enter a read-only state, and then only one week until it was wiped out entirely with no archive. So for those who think Nintendo will give very ample warning in an announcement about Miiverse closing, history doesn't support that.

Again, go follow Ludwig's Miiverse account. Along with not wanting to get banned a third time, he wants to be able to get above that 700 mark. Actually, he wanted a four-digit Follower count, but that won't happen unless he breaks his own modus operandi and becomes a gross Yeah-bomber and Follows a thousand random people. Surely, at least one third of those would Follow him back!

Outsourcing Miiverse moderation to third-party companies would contradict what a Nintendo representative told Ludwig about the moderation being a Nintendo back-office.
Miiverse isn't the only thing ending in an indeterminate time frame. The program used to make the screenshot in this article, Paint, is also suffering the same fate.
Miiverse will officially be ending in as soon as November 2017. Good thing that, unlike NSider, there is ample warning.


  1. At least you're more overt and honest about your threat than CNN was. :P If you're going to throw weight around, don't pussyfoot about it, that's what I say! Threatening someone while pretending not to is flaming hypocrisy, and if there's one thing I can't stand it's hypocrisy!

    (Yes, you might indeed wonder how I even manage to get up in the morning in today's world, that being the case.)

    Which is why I EXPECTED to be a little bit miffed at you for this article, because I thought it would be more like, "oh of course you're not upset at Miiverse ending because you got banned from it so much." But no, you did address that aspect of things quite thoroughly. I gotta remind myself sometimes that you're ACTUALLY committed to truth and levity. It's just such a surprising thing to have someone actually follow through on! Which is of course why I stick with this site. :D

    1. Just to put some exact numbers on my Miiverse usage:
      3247:45 play time, 6491 times.

      Compare to Smash Bros.:
      937:13 play time, 694 times.

      So, yeah, I'm not going to pretend to not be unhappy about the thought of Miiverse ending, but there is no timetable to it, so... I'm not gonna act all depressed about information we all already knew.

      I'd also mention that I've only gotten banned from Miiverse twice, while I got banned from NSider five times. Yet for Miiverse I have 46 violations, and for NSider, you get a handful of warnings and then bans for every subsequent bad thing. (The bans were less than two weeks, though... mostly.)
      So Miiverse is a lot more lenient than NSider. The trade-off is that you could actually talk to the people who banned you.

      If that piece of shit false-reporter comes to KoopaTV, he'll probably try to ruin the whole site. ...Though, page views would go up since he'll probably read every article on the site. (Then report us to Google or something.)

      But, yes, we here at KoopaTV are intellectually honest. :)

  2. The only reason I still visit Miiverse is to view the artwork of some of the profiles I follow. I do not know how some are able to create great masterpieces on such a small screen but they do and they amaze me each time.

    1. 'cause they spend hours on each drawing, and I wonder where they find the time to sit there and do art for hours on end. Especially if it's the black-and-white Miiverse drawing posts and not from Art Academy, in which case you're not allowed to leave the screen.

  3. So many I befriended on Miiverse is going to be affected by this. It is for me to remember some time that I am almost 30 and so many are still kids with very restrictive parents not wanting them on other Social Media. Some even sneak Miiverse too because even some parents are strict with them about it.

    I am getting their 3DS codes secretly to continue on Swapdoodle.

    1. Swapdoodle is a crappy replacement, but I guess that's why I'm suddenly getting doodles from you.

      I still don't want to pay money to get more than 300 messages. >_>

      BTW we're gonna have multiple articles on Miiverse in the upcoming days/weeks so stay tuned.


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