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Monday, January 2, 2017

KoopaTV's December 2016 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Let's say good-bye to 2016 before we embrace 2017.

It appears to be the popular consensus out there that 2016 was one of the worst years on record. I'm not fully on-board with that notion. Lots of cool stuff happened, but we'll get to that later.

THIS is technically supposed to just review what happened in one of those twelve months of 2016 — though it also happens to be the last one, December.

So, let's start by covering my top-five recommended articles published in December:

Top Five Recommended Articles of December 2016

The following is in chronological order:
  1. Hour of Code 2016, and Justin Trudeau's Bad Breakout
  2. Ludwig's Fort Cobalt Review! (Paper Mario: Color Splash)
  3. The Game Industry's Diversity Problem: A MYTH!
  4. Nintendo Laying Down The LAW On Fan Games!
  5. Gamers and Significant Others
Of course, all articles on the site are worth reading. We're a quality outfit.

But for December, it wasn't just things worth reading. We also published something worth PLAYING!

The Wonderful 1237 is Released!

Go play The Wonderful 1237.

It has joined other amazing KoopaTV games such as Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Defend Anita Sarkeesian, and Capture the Confederate Flag as instant-classics.

The premise of The Wonderful 1237, if you haven't watched the advertisement video (which you should — it's nice and compact at 30 seconds), is that it takes place at the start of the circus known as the 2015–2016 Republican presidential primaries, in an alternate reality where they use a modified version of KoopaTV's Super Contest method of sorting out the candidates. We were rating the candidates in their debates throughout the primary season, and ultimately the aggregate ratings fed right into the game and its usage of the contest values of Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart, and Tough.

It's an amazingly-constructed critique of the whole process. And fun. And funny. ...Of course it's funny. It's a KoopaTV game.

We've Hired Roxy; Still Hiring For More!

KoopaTV has just acquired another staff member in Roxy, who has some kind of role stories, I guess. KoopaTV is supposed to be a commentary site, but since the market wants news, there's news for you.

We don't want to just stop with Roxy: We want to inflate our staff counts by even more! For more information on what it takes to join the KoopaTV staff (we got a great culture, believe me), see our dedicated Jobs information page.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 11 Results!

Yes, yes, this is the part many of you want to see. After all, free stuff is at stake, and for the first time in KoopaTV history, we're giving out an additional prize based on a lottery selection! This contrasts with KoopaTV's strictly skill-and-effort-based approach to contests.

So, the results of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round 11 are...

  1. ShinyGirafarig — 97 points
  2. Kody B. — 81 points
  3. Ray — 80 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 38 points
  5. Nandin Lopez — 24 points
  6. Charssie God — 17 points
ShinyGirafarig has received an e-mail with two $10 Amazon codes, Kody B. has received an e-mail with one $10 Amazon code, and Ray will receive an e-mail with one $10 Nintendo eShop code.

And what about the $10 Nintendo eShop code up for lottery? With 369 total points distributed in Round 11, the random number generator gives this:

Random Number Generator RNG 11
I used for the results.

The number 11 falls within Kody B.'s range on the Leaderboard spreadsheet (see below the horizontal line), so he will also be going (staying?) home with an additional $10 Nintendo eShop code!

I'm personally happy it was someone I know is active, and not a one-off commenter where I have no contact information for them.

(Actually, I don't have an e-mail address for Ray. ...Please provide a secure way for me to contact you privately so I may give you your 3rd place prize. Also, it's best practice to tell me that you've received/used the codes so I can take the cards off my desk. It's getting messy.)

Speaking of Kody B. winning stuff from KoopaTV...

KoopaTV Is Fixing Its Broken Video Embeds

I've put together a spreadsheet of Kody B.'s winning KoopaWatch entry, and I'm filling it out. Slowly... but surely. Some of the videos are just flat-out not recoverable or directly replaceable, though, so some older article content needs to be massaged or edited to acknowledge this. At least one article has its whole content being just an unrecoverable video, so, uh, what is there is now totally unrelated. (Rawk now understands why I like having screenshots from video-focused articles in the article.)

Kody also gave a list of (old) articles with broken images, which is what we get for sometimes hotlinking images back in 2013–2014 KoopaTV.

Don't hotlink, folks. And don't hotlink from KoopaTV, either. I dunno what happens if you do, but I hear it's bad. What you're supposed to do is save the image to your own computer and upload it from there, and then give attribution credit to the KoopaTV article the image came from.

Announcing Round 12 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program!

After the massive spectacle of goods given away in December/right now, what will KoopaTV give away for Round 12?

...One $10 Nintendo eShop card for the first place winner.

That's it.

You'll have to wait a while before we give out large quantities of prizes again, and for more than just the first place. This site doesn't make any revenue, after all.

There are now new ways to get points, relating to filming The Wonderful 1237 and reviewing it.

KoopaTV's Game of THAT Year 2016 Coming Up

If you want to influence the KoopaTV staff's nominations that will be published this Friday, now's the time to start name-dropping games and KoopaTV articles that were published in 2015. For an idea of what the nominations will look like, see the Game of THAT Year 2015 nominations here.

KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz Part VIII Available

Check out the new content over at the Feedback Forms and Quizzes section of the site. The Part VIII series corresponds to the new Round 12 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. They're not only really fun (and I have fun making them) to fill out, but they also give you a big point count for the Loyalty Rewards Program, too.

Be sure to share KoopaTV to all of your friends, enemies, and other people. Let's make it a great 2017... together!

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  1. Soon a major life change is about to take place. Will I even be motivated at this time to comment much and do other point related activities?

    1. Might as well let someone else finally have a chance at first place.

    2. Other people have always had a chance. They just don't necessarily take advantage of all of the opportunities they have.

  2. Cool stuff. Kody B. really scooped this round with those bonuses.

    I also noticed that this is the highest total points in a KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program since round 6. Nice! Guess reader participation is up a bit when you factor in me being here. :D

    In my email I said I'd refer to "Sent at 9:39 PST" so you know it's from me. This comment is at like 9:54 PST, so if someone sends you an email that was sent after 9:54, obviously it's not from me.

    1. Your e-mail's picture also has your Mii in it.

      Yeah, Kody's a freaking bandit, which fits him really being the arcade bunny. (Alternatively, Kody Bandit?)

      I'm not sure that there is actually a correlation between prize-quality and audience participation, since Round 5 was 2015's holiday round with a ton of prizes.

    2. Oh! I just realized you could have used Swapdoodle to send me the code.

      Heh, whoopsy diddly. Well, some other practical opportunity for using Swapdoodle is sure to arise at some point.

      By the way, I used the eShop dollars to fund towards my purchase of the discounted Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy! Thought I'd give it a try, have heard good things about it from a few friends and on here. Haven't started yet, though, since my school is resuming tomorrow and I've got lots to do to prepare.

    3. Oh. Yeah. Swapdoodle can be useful. I forgot about that.

      Thank you for purchasing Ace Attorney! You'll thank me when you get the chance to, of course. You can get through a very good morsel of the first Ace Attorney game that's part of the Trilogy in a weekend.

  3. Even if I didn't get first place, I still ended up sweeping the competition this round. No one is truly safe from Kody "Bandit".

    1. I wanna put your Mii's face on Paper Mario: Color Splash's Shy Bandit now and do something with it... Hm...

  4. Ah, finally. Now that the overly capitalized holiday season is over, everything is on "Clearence," AND the demand isn't as high!
    As you know, I personally use these exploits to my advantage! I bet you can guess where I'm leading up to!
    That's right! Some... stuff! You... see?
    (The good thing about Trump's outcome, other than a potentially awful alternate reality (depending on who you are), is that the website is still up!)

    1. Well, the Capcom Winter Sale just ended a few hours ago...
      (I did get someone to buy Ace Attorney Trilogy as their first-ever Ace Attorney game while the sale went on, though!)

      ...Uh...Well, if you ever wanna specifically share your exploits, you're welcome to.

    2. Well, there was this one store that was closing down, and Clearance was on 90%... Meh.
      As for the Capcom Winter Sale, I got nothing from there. I still have some of that eShop cash from a long time ago (because I'm crazy as a loon). (Oh, and when you saw me playing Pocket Card Jockey... that was the demo. Currently waiting for... I don't even know anymore!)

      Oh, and because I never gave it to you, here's my 3DS Friend Code: 3050-8030-4314

    3. ...oh.

      (wtf buy the game already)

      I'm now 3DS friends with you!


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