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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Get ARMS to EVO 2017!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...It'd be funny.

I sound like RawkHawk2010 right now, but it would be funny. ...Lemme back up a bit.

This year's Evolution Championship Series 2017, or EVO 2017, is taking place this July 14–16 in Las Vegas. It's the world's premier fighting game tournament. I've talked about it before. Multiple times. As the one dude on the staff who actually follows two eSports: Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. For the Wii U. They're both gonna be at EVO 2017! Yay.

We're gonna talk about that bottom-right box, ‘cause it's not a game called VOTE.

However, this year, EVO is holding a charity drive contest (all proceeds to Make-a-Wish International): Nine games are nominated to be the COMMUNITY CHOICE game that people will then sign up for and play competitively. The game that raises the most money gets the slot, and the deadline is February 8th.

These games all have established communities and fanbases... and then there's ARMS

EVO 2017 Community Choice Player Vote Donations January 25 2017 in progress Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Pokkén Tournament ARMS
Right now, ARMS is far behind its competition, with Pokkén Tournament in second place behind Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
If you would like to donate to one of these, click here.

You know... ARMS. That game for the Nintendo Switch that was announced two weeks ago in THE Nintendo Switch presentation of the ages. I tried watching it for the Nintendo Treehouse Live: Nintendo Switch Edition, but it wasn't fun to watch with the Treehousers being of unequal skill while also trying to explain game mechanics to us.

...I hope the uniqueness of ARMS's presence is obvious: ARMS isn't released yet, it doesn't even have a release date (“Spring 2017”, which SHOULD be before July 2017...), and almost no one on the planet has actually played it. Yet... it's doing well for a game that technically has no fans, except for Nintendo Treehouse member JC Rodrigo.

ARMS is being propped up by a whimsical faction of the Super Smash Bros. community who think it'd be hilarious. To be fair, some of them actually have played it, since Nintendo brought ARMS to Genesis 4, a Super Smash Bros. tournament that just happened. Most haven't.

Other Super Smash Bros. fans are against the community donating money as a joke, since some believe that the community can win anything if they put their minds to it: That's how Super Smash Bros. Melee beat Skullgirls in EVO 2013's Community Choice contest. Some fans actually think the Super Smash Bros. community should donate to Skullgirls because of the latter's second place against Melee four years ago for charity.

...That's stupid. In a zero-sum win-lose game, second place doesn't get anything and is entitled to nothing.

Meanwhile, back when Pokkén Tournament first came out, it also had the full support of the Super Smash Bros. community, to the point where Smashboards made a whole sub-section dedicated to Pokkén Tournament. It's, uh, been abandoned at this point.

Pokkén Tournament Smashboards board forums Pokken section Smash Boards
Screenshot of the Pokkén Tournament section of Smashboards, taken yesterday.
As of today, still the same last posts made over a month ago. Keep in mind that the rest of Smashboards is very, very active.

Some conscientious people don't want ARMS to be propped up by the Super Smash Bros. community only to be abandoned after a month, like Pokkén Tournament. It's unfair to the game.

(Yet Pokkén Tournament IS in second place in the charity drive right now, so it must have its non-Smash fans, too.)

If you ask me, the best possible outcome for Nintendo is to have ARMS show up, since that's great promotion for the Nintendo Switch. Just for that, I say go vote for ARMS!

I also think it demonstrates that most Super Smash Bros. competitive players are also Nintendo fans as well, since they're so willing to support games like Pokkén Tournament and ARMS... really just on the basis that they're published by Nintendo. I think that point gets lost on some people, especially the KoopaTV staff member I name-dropped in the first sentence of this article.

Ludwig won't put his golden coins where his claws are, since he's not donating any money to anyone. His EVO 2017 plans are to watch some of Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, and ARMS...if it shows up.

If you want to vote for something that doesn't require you to donate money, there's the Fire Emblem Heroes Battle Ballot currently going on. Ludwig recommends you vote for Micaiah everyday.
KoopaTV covered Nintendo's involvement in EVO 2014 here.
KoopaTV half-covered EVO 2015 here.
EVO 2017 came and gone, and ARMS wasn't there. That ended up being a good thing.

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