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Friday, January 13, 2017

KoopaTV's Non-Live Reactions to Parts of Nintendo Treehouse Live: Nintendo Switch Edition

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This isn't quite the same as how as usually handle Reaction Logs...

It turns out no one at KoopaTV was interested, or had the time, to devote a whole day to today's Nintendo Treehouse Live event, following yesterday's very important and relatively compact Nintendo Switch Presentation.

We didn't sit through over five hours of Nintendo Treehouse Live when it occurred live at 9:30 AM Eastern, and we're not going to watch it all now after-the-fact. We don't have the time or the desire. But if YOU want to, knock yourself out with the whole thing:

Since this IS a reaction log article, uh, then here's stuff from our [Koopa Keep] AIM chat... spread out over the whole day.

Nintendork 13 13 (8:57:45 AM):    lol
Nintendork 13 13 (8:57:49 AM):    Well I'm here.
Nintendork 13 13 (8:59:06 AM):    fuck someone searched
Nintendork 13 13 (8:59:10 AM):    ""
Nintendork 13 13 (8:59:12 AM):    INFERIOR
Nintendork 13 13 (9:05:34 AM):
Nintendork 13 13 (9:30:29 AM):    Well they're going
Nintendork 13 13 (9:30:40 AM):    "pretty big day"
Nintendork 13 13 (9:30:42 AM):    wait
Nintendork 13 13 (9:30:45 AM):    IT'S NATE BIHLDORFF
Nintendork 13 13 (9:32:21 AM):    Their trailer has no sound.
Nintendork 13 13 (9:34:41 AM):    ...what the fuck
Nintendork 13 13 (9:34:50 AM):    not @ the stream
Nintendork 13 13 (9:35:06 AM):    but stuff we're getting into our e-mail
Nintendork 13 13 (9:42:25 AM):    Fuck it I don't want to watch this live by myself.
Nintendork 13 13 (9:42:41 AM):    This break is taking a while and there's no sound.
Nintendork 13 13 (10:02:22 AM):    So ARMS has basic fighting game rocks-papers-scissors hit-block-grab gameplay
Nintendork 13 13 (10:02:30 AM):    with both motion and traditional controls. (10:17:19 AM):    So, uh, hi.
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:21 AM):    hi (10:17:23 AM):    You watching the stream?
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:26 AM):    I was
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:28 AM):    now I'm not. (10:17:36 AM):    So we'll watch it later?
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:39 AM):    Yeah. (10:17:43 AM):    Good idea.
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:43 AM):    There's a lot we'll want to
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:43 AM):    uh
Nintendork 13 13 (10:17:44 AM):    skip.


Nintendork 13 13 (5:49:16 PM):    We gotta watch Treehouse Live non-live.
Nintendork 13 13 (5:49:29 PM):    Nate Bihldorff is there.
Nintendork 13 13 (5:49:35 PM):    HOLY SHIT
Nintendork 13 13 (5:49:40 PM):    IT'S SIX HOURS

RawkHawk2010 (5:51:59 PM):    there's a mini game on 1 2 switch where you have to milk a cow
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:04 PM):    moo
(5:52:27 PM):    and people are saying it really feels like milk is sploozing out of the joycon with the HD rumble
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:32 PM):
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:34 PM):    how
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:37 PM):    E Trageser2 hours ago (edited)

ARMS - 44:11 Switch Unboxing (kinda) - 1:27:58 Splatoon 2 - Super Bomberman R - Mario Kart Deluxe - Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challengers - Snipperclips - Has Been Heroes - The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Super Mario Odyssey - 1, 2, Switch -
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:47 PM):    I guess we should selectively watch these and react.
RawkHawk2010 (5:52:51 PM):    The same way it can feel like the joycon has ice cubes in it?
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:57 PM):    But I thought that's
Nintendork 13 13 (5:52:57 PM):    uh
Nintendork 13 13 (5:53:02 PM):    made up weird marketing.
RawkHawk2010(5:53:04 PM):    wtf 
RawkHawk2010 (5:53:07 PM):    Mario has gameplay?
 RawkHawk2010 (5:54:33 PM):    those times aren't accurate 
RawkHawk2010(5:55:09 PM):    might watch a few minutes later 
RawkHawk2010 (5:55:14 PM):    of...uh 
RawkHawk2010 (5:55:22 PM):    1 2 Switch maybe?
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:25 PM):    Well
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:28 PM):    we promised some kind of
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:29 PM):    log
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:31 PM):    for today
RawkHawk2010 (5:55:35 PM):    there's no mario
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:38 PM):    but obviously we're not doing this whole thing.
Nintendork 13 13 (5:55:44 PM):    How do you know?
RawkHawk2010 (5:55:59 PM):    people would be talking about it dude 
RawkHawk2010 (5:56:28 PM):    I didn't watch any of treehouse live cuz I was locked out of my house all morning
Nintendork 13 13 (5:56:33 PM):    ...why
Nintendork 13 13 (5:56:35 PM):    <.<
RawkHawk2010 (5:56:47 PM):    key was inside
Nintendork 13 13 (5:56:53 PM):    ...Why were you outside?
RawkHawk2010 (5:57:09 PM):    To go outside?
 RawkHawk2010 (5:57:35 PM):    I was helping Rob move a TV
 RawkHawk2010 (5:57:48 PM):    And then the dog got locked inside the house 


RawkHawk2010 (6:49:57 PM):    bbl
Nintendork 13 13 (6:51:00 PM):    k
Nintendork 13 13 (8:30:40 PM):    ...
Nintendork 13 13 (9:18:17 PM):    um
Nintendork 13 13 (9:18:21 PM):    Are we gonna have a log or wot
RawkHawk2010 (9:20:25 PM):    night
Nintendork 13 13 (9:20:31 PM):    wtf

Okay, so obviously no one wants to watch this thing. Let's just salvage this with something resembling a value-add:

Nintendork 13 13 10:09 pm
    Well at 4:56:00 or wotever there's Odyssey and NATE BIHLDORFF and Miyamoto.
    So Miyamoto is definitely involved with Super Mari0 Odyssey.
    Apparently Super Mari0 64 and Super Mari0 Sunshine are for "hardcore" gamers.
    And Super Mari0 Galaxy was for "casual"?
    Screw that.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Treehouse Live Shigeru Miyamoto Nate Bihldorff Samantha Robertson
With an evil grin like that, maybe the Nate Bihldorff that sent KoopaTV a DMCA Takedown Notice IS really him!

 Nintendork 13 13 10:12 pm
    Super Mari0 Odyssey is on the "core" side.
    Yeah I guess instead of gameplay of Odyssey they're showing gameplay of SM64.
    Miyamoto claims he had a hamster during SM64's developer.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:14 pm
    He says he was inspired to make Super Mari0 64 because he wanted to imagine a game out of the hamster's experiences.
    Nate Bihldorff asks about Odyssey's setting.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:16 pm
    Miyamoto is laughing during his answer, but he always does that.
    The "younger developers and programmers" gave Miyamoto a lot of ideas about the settings.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:18 pm
    They decided to "go back to the roots" of Sunshine.
    "Everyone's really afraid to bring me ideas." - Miyamoto
    "Bowser looks really great." - Miyamoto
    (I'm not sure why he brought up Bowser after saying people are afraid to bring him ideas.)

 Nintendork 13 13 10:21 pm
    5:19:00 has 1-2 Switch.
    I want to see the cow game.
    The bearded dudes from last night's presentation played "Quick Draw"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:25 pm
    They're milking a cow.
    With the Joy-Con's shoulder buttons.
    JC Rodrigo has a cow hat!
    And Morgan claims he could use some milk.

1-2-Switch Milk game cow Nintendo Treehouse Live JC Rodrigo hat
I see 1-2-Switch as the Wii Play of the Nintendo Switch. So it won't be $60, right? So I might get it for Milk...?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:31 pm
    Well with the milk done.
    Let's see that UI.
    ...oh it was only there for a few seconds.
    Pft who cares then.
    Skipped to random 2:01:00
    They say there is a story in Splatoon 2.
    Well, that's good.
    That's all I really wanted to know!

If you actually watched the Nintendo Treehouse Live through, or at least know about parts of it that KoopaTV's staff should actually pay attention to, let KoopaTV know in the comments. And provide a time-stamp. Think of it like when Phoenix Wright presents a multi-page report as evidence, and the next question is, “Well, that's a rather big report you got there. WHAT PAGE ARE YOU REFERENCING?”


  1. 1-2-Switch is being listed for $49.99.

    1. Ehhhhhhhhhh too much.

      MAYBE if it was bundled with Joy-Cons like Wii Play was with a Wiimote (and then it'd be like, $90 at that point)... But... otherwise...

  2. You should see the Breath of the Wild segment: it features Miyamoto and Aonuma. It's at 4:23:16 in the video.

    1. ...I'm actually watching it now.

      It also features Nate Bihldorff!

      dat horse taming
      Horse obeying pathways (instead of slamming into trees). Pretty empty fiieeeeellld.

      Horses have differing temperaments and stats, JUST LIKE Pocket Card Jockey!

      ...also the whole game is just like Skyrim.
      Detailed amiibo.

      Synced up horse hoofs and sound movement. 'kay. I didn't know they weren't synced before. <.<

      Dat game over.

      You're free to go straight to Hyrule Castle at the beginning of the game. You'll just probably die trying.

      I better also watch "Reggie Reveals The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Collector's Sets" because people keep talking about those and I dunno wot they're talking about.

      $130 master set. Collection of music and Master Sword replica. Map, and carrying case.

      I want some kinda carrying case. Not necessarily a Zelda one.

      Nate Bihldorff lamenting lack of physical manuals.

      Reggie says "extremely limited" quantity. (Already sold out.)

      Reggie's arm-wrestling. "Limited for employees, too."

  3. 1-2 Switch is really nothing more than a tech demo that should have been included as a pack-in game like Nintendo Land was for the Wii U.


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