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Monday, January 30, 2017

KoopaTV is now on the GAB Social Network!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They're either gonna love us, or ignore us. Or maybe despise us. I dunno.

KoopaTV is extending its reach across the world wide web's social media platforms. This time, we've joined up with GAB, a social media service dedicated to free speech. In fact, their “mission is to put people and free speech first.”

That makes KoopaTV quite in-line with GAB's values, so we signed up. It's an invite-only thing, but GAB approved of our application in about a week. They actually said when we signed up that it'd take a week for them to process our request, so they kept their promise. Good! That automatically makes them better than some of those OTHER social media services.

Behold! KoopaTV's GAB account is here at !

KoopaTV GAB social network free speech profile page
Screenshot of our GAB account taken this morning. We've had it for a few weeks but wanted to populate it first before advertising it.
If that article about Hideo Kojima looks interesting to you, read it here.

You can classify your post as Politics, Technology, Entertainment, and other things. Most of what we have is Entertainment, because it's literally a game controller icon. You get 300 characters per post, and after putting the url in it's about 240 — it's unlike Twitter which has a set amount of characters taken for every url (about 23). When making a new post, you can't upload an image file, but you can search Giphy to attach a .gif, which is something I haven't done because KoopaTV articles very rarely use .gifs. It'll take the first image it can find, which is the author avatar. So it's just a bunch of my face. 

Well, that's never bad.

If you want a GAB invite, KoopaTV can get you hooked up. Meanwhile, you can hook KoopaTV up with...yourself... and join KoopaTV as a social media manager! Ludwig sure doesn't want to be running all of these accounts by himself, and he sure isn't using them effectively. Have a big impact on KoopaTV's traffic with your knowledge and competence in social media.

KoopaTV has updated the Knowing When We Update article for the first time in a year and a half, so check that out for a comprehensive list of knowing when KoopaTV has a new article!


  1. At this rate, there'll be too many social media accounts to track!

    Tumblr? Ello? MySpace?! GAB?! The typical average person would only have accounts for Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter (whereas Instagram is, in my opinion, overrated, and doesn't even work on desktop).

    Have you ever considered settling down? Or do you truly believe in expanding your territory, and its positive effects?

    1. The MySpace one was an April Fools joke parodying our social media profliferation, and isn't actually used!

      I believe that each platform has its own user base, and we can theoretically take the time to tailor our postings to get views and fans from them. In practise, this doesn't happen because I dunno how to use social media, but low-effort right now has a low marginal cost to it.

  2. (Well, your KoopaTV mascots got abducted anyway. Instagram is still a bad playform anyway.)


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