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Thursday, January 5, 2017

As Nintendo Switch Approaches, Wii U Virtual Console Selection Expands

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's less of a drip feed and more of a digital content pump. Featuring Pokémon Snap as of today.

Pretty much since the release of Paper Mario: Color Splash, Nintendo has had nothing new to offer Wii U owners. I mean, their Wii U release schedule between that and the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild slated for... sometime this year, is literally empty.

HOWEVER! Just because they've had nothing NEW to offer doesn't mean they don't have OLD stuff! And that's not even talking about the NES: NES Classic Edition. (Well, that wasn't really “offered” in that no one could find where to buy one.) ...And I shouldn't talk about that, since this is just about the Wii U.

The Virtual Console exists, in part, to make up for droughts in new software titles. What happens when you have an indefinite drought until they decide to stop supporting the Wii U altogether? All of the Virtual Console titles people have been wanting for years (besides EarthBound, 'cause that already came out) are finally coming out, rapid-fire! (Leaving little time to actually play them.) Look at this list:

Wii U Virtual Console games The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Pokémon Snap October to January 2016 2017 Miiverse
Source: Miiverse's Virtual Console filter of new Wii U communities.

Since October 20, there's been a new, substantial Virtual Console every week or two. Now, I may have a low opinion of some of these (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon was considered total trash within my part of the Fire Emblem community when it released. Has its reputation improved since, or...?), and most of these were available on the Wii's Virtual Console anyway so it's pretty redundant. But there is some newly-available old stuff like Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and Castlevania Dracula X.

I can confirm Pokémon Snap is pretty fun, too, and that was re-released today. Though, it might've been more fun on its Wii counterpart because you could use the Wii's photo-manipulation channel on the Pokémon Snap photos you took to make things like this:

Well... the VIDEO, “Young Wigglytuff”, was obviously not something made on the Wii. That was all Rawk... not that the video is anything more than the picture with background music (Wigglytuff's theme from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness, another formative game back then that is now also available on the Wii U Virtual Console) and some basic colour-shifting at the end. But it was an instant classic on his YouTube channel back on the day and was a proto-version of the kinds of cool stuff you can do in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U now. With the Wii's built-in communication capabilities, I could share photos saved on my Wii directly to another Wii friend! Which is how Rawk had that Jigglypuff picture I took/edited.

(By the way... my handwriting is considered to be better now, right?)

I don't know what kind of feature set the Wii U edition has, but compatibility with the Wii Photo Channel was a big thing for their marketing department back then and the Buy Digital page for Pokémon Snap on Nintendo's site makes no mention of it.

While Nintendo still hasn't released MOTHER 3, does it still count as “soon” if they do so this April? It'd be less than two years since I said it'd be “soon”! Earth Day 2017 is coming in April! They screwed up Earth Day 2016, but the Wii U had a few actual games releasing then. Sure, it's after the Nintendo Switch launches, but that's a “third pillar”, right? You can still release things on the Wii U afterwards!

By the way, the 3DS has been getting some Virtual Console stuff too, but it's nothing that isn't already on the Wii U.

Next week, Nintendo will showcase a grand Nintendo Switch presentation to be shown worldwide. KoopaTV will live-react to it, of course. Stay tuned for KoopaTV's take. If you want to see what Ludwig's handwriting looks like in its present form, take a look at his Miiverse profile at NNID PrinceOfKoopas, where he hand-writes all of his posts. Follow him, too, while you're there.

Ludwig once declared that old Virtual Console titles aren't substitutes for new games.


  1. I find the whole Virtual Console situation very offensive to me!

    After literally nine months of patiently waiting for Mother 3, I, from a cheap perspective, had nothing else of interest for my hard-earned eShop cash (well, there was the Capcom Winter Sale, but I already have the Ace Attorney trilogy (and even got someone else to play it, but a story for another day)).

    So it's ONLY logocal for NOW to be releasing all the games I've been waiting to play on my Wii U GamePad, and of COURSE when new rumors of Mother 3 on the Switch is coming (which, I want to get on Day One as my belated Christmas/Birthday present).

    Nintendo did the same temptation trick when the New Nintendo 3DS Small was released. $100! That's the most value for any Nintendo console, with built-in amiibo support (saves you $20), CPU (gets you Xenoblade 3D), and some other features for transferring from an older 3DS (though you might say otherwise, being Mushroom Kingdom and all).

    It makes me hate that Nintendo is a business, too.

    1. dat trigger

      Is that why you haven't been participating in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program all that much? 'cause you're sitting on a stockpile?

      Both you and Samantha are talking about MOTHER 3 on the Switch and rumours, which come from a discredited blacklisted freak calling itself a journalist.

      (I don't get what the Mushroom Kingdom has to do with the New Nintendo 3DS being a good value.)

      You'd prefer if Nintendo was a charity?

  2. Maybe they'll announce Mother 3 for the Switch during their presentation.

    1. Maybe. I'm getting worried about it.
      I'm even more worried about my credibility!

  3. Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero will probably be the last Wii U game that I will own. However, at least I still have a backlog of other games to play through until March or whenever the Switch is in stock.

    1. I'm not concerned about the lack of games to play. I'm more concerned over the lack of time to play 'em.

      I genuinely wonder what the lives of people who constantly demand new games are like. I'm kinda jealous.


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