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Monday, November 28, 2016

Ludwig's Second Miiverse Ban


One of the problems with being recognised as a criminal/terrorist outside of Koopa Kingdom is that everyone wants to get rid of you and shut you down. Of course, within Koopa Kingdom, I'm a freedom fighter or whatever, and taunting, kidnapping, and sometimes killing human scum is a great deed. Unfortunately for my Miiverse account at NNID PrinceOfKoopas, Nintendo is based way outside of Koopa Kingdom. Like, not even the same universe.

You have been banned from writing messages and community posts for two weeks due to a violation of the Miiverse Code of Conduct
And obviously, that's referring to me.
So, I've been banned from Miiverse, again. I'll be back December 11. It's been a long time since I've gotten a violation, and a really, really long time since I've gotten banned. It took a year and a half, but the Miiverse console ban policy is finally kicking in for me — after I defended it. Not that I had other NNIDs, anyway.

So what did I do to set the admins off? First, let's review the Miiverse violations since my first ban, because those might've factored in as well:

Miiverse user stupidity violation joke
..........Pft. This was a light-hearted conversation between me and a friend. From September 2014.

Miiverse violation quoting someone else hateful bullying Republicans are racist
From October 2014. The small text says “She also doesn't like that I'm a Republican 'cause all Republicans are racist.”

Miiverse subject matter not related to communities or games touch screens all black sketch
Does this count on my record?
Anyway, Kid Icarus Uprising ruined my old 3DS's touch screen was the point I wanted to make, and why I got a New 3DS.
It's obviously related to games. Also from October 2014, according to the screenshot modification date.

Sharing Nintendo Network IDs NNIDs Miiverse violation
Nintendo has since claimed that sharing NNIDs is personal information, despite it being public.
(In this case, it was sharing someone else's NNID so people could see what I'm talking about.)

Miiverse violation calling someone a liar hateful bullying content
Also October 2014.
Banned for light-heartedly calling someone who came back from a ban a liar.
State of the Union 2015 Barack Obama is a liar Miiverse violation
Sarah is trouble, which is why she's permanently-banned. This was about the State of the Union 2015.
Miiverse violation just mentioning Republicans
Obviously I'm joking about Republicans here.
I wish I was in her class full of Republicans, though.
Same time as above, January 2015.
Fire Emblem Awakening Chrom is an idiot
This was September 2015, so I was good for 2/3s of a year.
Insulting Chrom for asking if the name Chrom is foreign. Chrom deserves insults.
Apparently I'm bullying, so they figured out I was really insulting YoshiRider123, not just Chrom the character.
(Smart admins.)

Donald Trump E3 2016 speech Miiverse violation
This was all the way in June 2016.
My hype was misplaced, since Trump's E3 conference sucked, and other conferences rated better.

There were also two violations I got that were reversed. One involved me GLOMPING another user (which was already screenshotted for you in the Miiverse console ban policy article linked-to in the second paragraph of this article), and the other reversed violation involved KoopaTV's Best New Character of 2014, Foxy, from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

SO. NOW WE'RE TO THE PRESENT DAY. 2014 was rough, but after January 2015, I've only had two Miiverse violations. I think that's incredibly impressive on my part.

I received four violations all at once last night. One was the whole post being deleted, and the other were three of my comments. They came in one of two violation varieties:

Your post contained content that violated the Miiverse Code of Conduct, so it was removed.
“Your post contained content that violated the Miiverse Code of Conduct, so it was removed.”
“Your post contained hateful or bullying content, so it was removed.”

Here's the whole post, which fell under the generic violation message, which you should take to be what they use for political mentions:

Paul Atishon pay more attention to politics deleted Miiverse post Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice
Post made October 3, 2016, featuring Paul Atishon.
Here's a good guide on how to avoid being taken advantage of by the dishonest mainstream media.

Well, it certainly sounds like something I'd write, right? That post was in Miiverse's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice community, with 20 Yeahs before being deleted. That makes it, by far, the most popular post I've made that has been deleted.

For some background: Paul Atishon features in the final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice. So... talking about him is pretty spoiler-y. Fortunately to give you an impression of what Paul Atishon is like, here is another violation, also of the generic removal variety:

Paul Atishon male Hillary Clinton president Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice politician
“Then one day, I'll become president -- and then, king!”

I believe that bashing Hillary Clinton should be fair game on Miiverse. After all, if her Family Entertainment Protection Act passed, Nintendo's liability burden would be so great that they would never bother to have Miiverse to begin with. Typical liberal job-killing regulations. (In this case, they're also fun-killing.)

In that deleted post, there was a certain user that was commenting in it. They're really dumb, and they're not banned right now (I looked), and they're probably responsible for reporting me, but I have no means to prove it. She believed I was bullying her because she doesn't know English, just a worse-than-usual form of Ebonics. Because I stubbornly don't block people, she probably reported me, and she was also questioning my own political knowledge.

Miiverse politics discussion presidential debates
This was deleted for the generic reason, NOT because of the advertisement.
Here's an index of the primary debate write-ups, the RNC, the DNC, and here are the general debate write-ups.

The post was nominally about paying attention to politics (and turned into a Paul Atishon quotes post, now forever lost), and this belligerent user claimed that they disagreed with Mr. Atishon's/my point, and then proceeded to repeat the point, and somehow got the impression that I myself don't pay attention. As I just wrote here, she has a very troubled understanding of English, despite being from the United States. She first wanted to be my friend (“best bud”), but I told her I didn't want to have that kind of relationship with her. I didn't insult her (I was patronising, of course, but not directly), but hey, I'm a bully.

Miiverse hate bullying get off my post leave me alone
“Try reading it backwards.” was my response to a third person making a backwards-comment,
and Ebonics-girl having absolutely no idea how to read it.

Me telling the girl, who says she got over me and now has friends who actually appreciate her, to get off my post already, was hate/bullying her. So, yeah, bam, ban.

I should really just use the Block button already. ...As a measure of self-protection from the morons of the world who can be quite dangerous in their sheer stupidity. Not the way that liberals use it, which is to create a “safe space.”

Anyway, all of what you saw above was from over a month ago, so I kind of forgot it happened. Why would the admins have such a delayed response? I don't know. But here we are. Most of what I did were victim-less jokes (the worst kind of a joke, I admit) and wise cracks!

What can a signed-in banned user do? On PC Miiverse, nothing — which is why the post-ban screenshots were taken with a camera of my Wii U GamePad instead of a print screen. On Wii U Miiverse/3DS Miiverse, view their own profile (which is otherwise HIDDEN from the public while banned), activity feed, private messages, yeahs. They can't Yeah, Post, Comment, Message, or Follow, but they can Unfollow. They cannot add new screenshots to the Screenshot Album, but they may delete them.

I guess that means I can't play any game that uses Miiverse because then I'll miss out. What will I play, then? Well... I guess the recently-released Pokémon Moon doesn't even allow Miiverse screenshots, so that's a pretty good excuse to start it. If you want to follow my Pokémon Moon adventure, you may periodically (or obsessively, which isn't recommended) check this Planet Koopa thread here, titled “Ludwig's Pokémon Moon Adventure!”

I can still send Wii U friend requests to people, and I can theoretically defriend and refriend my friends just to get the 63-character friend message across as a way of communication. It's inefficient. I can also raise OBJECTIONS! to the Miiverse admins, and so I have:

I did not violate the terms of the Miiverse Code of Conduct admin
“I did not violate the terms of the Miiverse Code of Conduct. I did not violate the terms of the Miiverse Code of Conduct.
I did not violate the terms of the Miiverse Code of Conduct. This is a message from Lord Nergal. ‘I await you on the Dread Isle.’”

...Unfortunately, elaboration past that is... impossible.

Nintendo's mission statement is to put smiles on people's faces, and I contend that they are doing the exact opposite. Look at my Mii now:

Miiverse Mii X out eyes Jail banned
That's not a smile, Nintendo!

And since multiple people have already asked me this: No, Nintendo didn't do that to my Mii. It's a custom among Miiverse users to X-out their Miis when they get banned. I decided to follow the custom instead of being my usual individualist self. I also changed my Mii's name to “B&Til12/11”, so people should be aware of what's happening. Sometimes, banned Miis change their name to “Banned” or “TwoWeekBan” or something, but no one reading knows when those two weeks started! So I put the end-date, 'cause I'm smarter than average.

Hopefully, I shouldn't lose friends and followers. I started my ban with 92 Friends and 573 Followers, and am already down to 91 Friends and 573 Followers! That said, I know who that dropped friend was, and he was some Five Nights at Freddy's freak anyway, and I basically asked him to unfriend me prior to my ban. So that's not a loss at all. Let's keep that up!

Update 12/4/2016: I changed my Mii name to B&tilDec11, because some moronic Miis I'm Wii U friends with are like,   “Oh, you changed your Mii!” and didn't seem to consider WHY I changed my Mii or that I CAN'T RESPOND TO THEM. And Nintendo also rejected my massive amounts of appeals and took away my option to send them more messages. /update

One last thing: I joined the Nintendo NSider Forums on November 27, 2003. I got banned from Nintendo's Miiverse on November 27, 2016. COINCIDENCE?

...I think so!

Ludwig hates learning behavioural lessons, but he'll consider saving political innuendo/tangents for KoopaTV articles, rather than Miiverse posts. That said, there is a lot of innuendo that Ludwig has posted that is untouched, so the admins have enough material on Ludwig to keep him locked up for life. So if anyone wants to organise some kind of jailbreak, let Ludwig know in the comments section!

Here is the article about when Ludwig first got banned from Miiverse, two and a half years ago.


  1. I have been getting posts deleted lately. Those posts were nothing about my pregnancy though. The first time was probably because typing the word "hack" triggered it. For the others, I avoided writing Trump's name but still got posts deleted anyway.

    1. What, even innocent wittle Girafarig is getting in some trouble?

  2. Soon the admins will be targeting impersonation accounts. At least you're the real Ludwig von Koopa, right?


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