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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Once More, False Rumours Around the Wii U's Production

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Emily Rogers and the gaming media are frauds, but what else is new?

So all around social media, people were making eulogies to the Wii U. A select few annoying people were crying over about it on Miiverse. Why? Because some irresponsible “journalists” at Eurogamer claimed “The final Wii U will roll off production line this week”, citing anonymous sources. (This week being November 4.) One of those sources is apparently perpetual-leaker Emily Rogers, with her own anonymous sources, who tweeted this and then immediately shared Eurogamer's article:

Emily Rogers wrong incorrect fraud Wii U end production November
Fraudulent Rogers doesn't pass as an “official source” folks, and it doesn't matter if she's sometimes correct.

Nintendo in Eurogamer's article “declined to comment when contacted about this article.”

This all sounds so familiar... oh, right. Because the media widely reported this exact same story back in March! That was when we singled out international financial news source Reuters as being a dishonest outfit of information. Reuters spread a Nikkei report, which was debunked ALMOST immediately by Nintendo. Then they never corrected their readers with the facts.

Nintendo said back then that Wii U production would continue for an undetermined amount of time past March 2017 (which happens to be after the Switch is launched).

This time, Nintendo said the exact same thing through a spokesperson, stating that there is no change to the production schedule [from the last time they made a statement about it back in March], and Wii U production will continue after the Nintendo Switch is launched. Kimishima himself believes it could end around March 2018.

So... that's it. End-of-story.

How did I instinctively know this story was garbage? Well, Nintendo literally just had a semi-annual Presentation by the President, and Tatsumi Kimishima discussed the Wii U. He mentioned significantly less demand and less production, but not zero production. Don't you think that'd be something important you'd want to mention to your big investors?

Tatusmi Kimishima semi-annual Presentation President Nintendo Wii U sell-through fiscal year 2017
You produce to demand, so you'll produce less and less Wii Us until it's no longer profitable to make any.
Unfortunately, now because it decided to trend on social media, more people will know the dishonest information, and not enough people will know the real truth. Many people on social media believed the Eurogamer story to be credible, and some declared it “official.” I got into an argument over social media with one guy calling it official. His line of logic was basically that, because the Eurogamer article never published a denial from Nintendo, and because ending Wii U production in his mind makes sense, he believes it. And, at worst, he said, it's a totally harmless rumour, especially because it's in the gaming industry, where apparently it's okay to just make stuff up.

This is the state of how gullible people are right now. People really need to wise up, and fast. Stop believing everything you read. Apply scrutiny to your sources. Remember, in today's day and age, the media is not there to be unbiased and give you the actual truth. They're there to promote their narrative through any means necessary, even outright lying to you.

And, believe me, news like this can affect the financial markets. That can affect people's investments, including old dudes’ retirement accounts, or whatever. Reporting false information and passing it as fact can have enormous impact on that sort of thing, and it also SHOULD decimate the trust — if people learn — that people have with the press. And then there are people who interpreted the news as “Nintendo will end all Wii U-related services, including the Nintendo Network.” Cue flashbacks to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

It doesn't matter whether it's the gaming media, the political media, the mainstream media... Do not trust the press, no matter who they are. It's sad I have to write that, but I have no choice. The media is totally corrupt and sleazy. We need to just start over.

Ludwig just did what he should've done a long time ago, which is put Emily Rogers and Eurogamer in KoopaTV's shit-list of information sources. Ludwig actually gets really angry about this subject, especially because he spends a lot of time and effort on KoopaTV trying to get the facts correct and present people with the truth (with levity), while trashy sources get a lot more attention on the Internet with their falsehoods and distortions. Share KoopaTV to your friends to give this site, and the truth, the attention it deserves!

Just last week, Ludwig wrote an article calling gaming journalists stupid for their news coverage of the Nintendo Switch.


  1. I checked if Emily Rogers has been wrong in the past and she has so I wonder why people still pay attention to her. No one really pays attention to NWPlayer123 anymore for potential news after being disproved again and again (remember the Octolings topic on Squidboards?)

    1. (lol that Octolings topic)

      Sometimes people will try to be unfalsifiable, like, "Well, Nintendo WAS gonna release Octolings, until they heard it leaked! Now they won't! Ever! Mwahahaha!"

    2. She goes straight to the media with her 'rumors.' It's really easy for them to get clickbait from her, even if (And it always is) The story isn't actually true.

    3. Well, according to people who were telling me that the Wii U production ended yesterday, Emily Rogers was apparently 100% correct on everything Switch-related (I wouldn't know, I don't see wot she says), so therefore she must be right on everything else she'll ever say.

    4. She was correct because she waited until someone leaked the information and then presented the information as her own.

      She doesn't actually have insider sources.

    5. Hm, maybe we should just listen to the first dude.

  2. In other related news, the Switch will be released on March 17, 2017 in three different bundles: a $260 basic bundle, a $300 Mario bundle, and a $340 Zelda + pro controller bundle. I can't list what my sources are, but believe me folks, this information is legitimate.

    1. I'd pick dat basic bundle.

      I assume the Switch is more expensive to produce than the Nintendo Wii U (though that's based off of nothing), and they don't want to sell the Switch for a loss.

      Did the Wii U ever get a price cut...?

    2. Yeah. When the Wind Waker HD Deluxe bundle released, it retailed for $300 instead of the initial price of $350. Ever since then, Nintendo stopped producing the basic bundles and opted to only sell the deluxe bundles instead.

    3. And they sold the deluxe bundles at basic bundle prices?

    4. You are correct. I remember this because I bought the Wind Waker bundle after the price cut was announced. Besides being the first bundle sold for the reduced price, it was also the only Wii U set that ever contained a special edition gamepad.

    5. Was that ever, like, publicly stated by Nintendo, or was that shift sort of silently performed?


    7. Ah. I see.

      It's just, they were selling the GameCube for $100 by the end of that console's life, so either they couldn't get the costs of production down in 3 years (which means it's probably a good idea to...stop) or they don't see the value in trying to sell anymore.

  3. Didn't Nintendo actually ended up announcing it was cancelling Wii U Production?

    ...only a week later?


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