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Monday, November 7, 2016

I Believe In Miracles

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We must prevail.

It is almost over. Tomorrow is election day for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein supporters. (According to Koopa Kingdom's understanding, if you're a supporter of Hillary Clinton or Evan McMullin, election day is actually November 9 — this is done to ease the otherwise enormous lines and it makes sure everyone gets to vote. Check your local polling station for details.)

KoopaTV has endorsed Donald Trump for president, not just because it's the most correct choice, but because our own site's very survival depends on it. Throughout this entire process (ever since 2015), Hillary Clinton has been in the lead of whomever her Republican or Democratic opponent has been.

However... Here at KoopaTV, we believe in miracles.

A lot of people don't like any of the candidates and believe the United States is doomed no matter what. That it's the end of humanity.

But that's wrong. At the very end, a miracle will happen! And everything will be SCRUMPTIOUS... and it'll be a sexy thing. It's all in your hands, though.

To make sure you all know the importance of this moment in time, we've changed our logo to this:

KoopaTV vote election day 2016 logo Gumshoos Pac-Man Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Just a reminder: Pac-Man-Hillary is a real, canon thing used by Donald Trump in an advertisement he made in 2016. It's more than just an article KoopaTV wrote in 2014, and more than just her prominent role in KoopaTV's videogame, Capture the Confederate Flag.

We're just so in-sync with this guy that he's actively using our own ideas. It's already a miracle that he's come this far. It was miraculous that he managed to claw his way through the primaries. It was miraculous that he managed to make my opinion of him do a complete turn-around, if you read what I was writing about him over a year ago.

One more miracle to go! 

If you are still undecided for some reason, be sure to check out and read all of the articles listed in KoopaTV's Hillary Index. It's informative and light reading. Please be a part of the miracle. Ludwig wants you to appreciate the ideologically fair & balanced division of who votes on November 8, and who votes on November 9. This Miiverse post should also give you an idea of where this is going.

Donald Trump can win if he follows the electoral college map that Nintendo secretly proposed.
Here is KoopaTV's Election Day article, published on Election Day.
Well? Did the miracle happen? Click here to find out.
Donald Trump's victory reflects on KoopaTV.
Donald Trump was successfully inaugurated!


  1. When I said that *I* believed in miracles..., I didn't mean these...

    1. Well, statistically, we need a miracle.

  2. The real life Splatfest that actually matters. Also, now I know origin of the connection between Hillary and Pac-Man.

    1. I just want to note that the whole point is that we did the Pac-Man/Hillary thing first, and then Trump used it two years later.

    2. Yeah, it wouldn't be notable if we just riffed off Trump, 'cause, I mean, yeah, that's obvious why that's not notable.

      But him riffing off of us? Huge honour.

  3. I already cast my ballot and did my part to stop Hillary. Let's hope that more electors join us.

    1. "He was also critical of Republican Donald Trump and said he doesn’t know what he’ll do with his vote."

      I find the idea of, say, Jill Stein getting an electoral vote before a Libertarian Party candidate ever does to be pretty amusing.

      That said, I'm assuming the #NeverTrump movement is stronger than the #NeverHillary movement, so I don't want any faithless electors to be inspired and avoid giving Trump the votes he so desperately needs.

  4. It would take a miracle for Trump to win at this point, and that simply isn't going to happen. I can't wait for tomorrow when Hillary is announced the future president of the United States! I also can't wait to see Trump's yuge meltdown when he finds out that he lost by a landslide. America will be in good hands for the next four years with President Clinton in charge. #ImWithHer

    1. Unfortunately, I can't refute anything you actually wrote, besides the "good hands" part.

      (I want in America in small hands!)

  5. I still remember when people thought he was a joke candidate.

    I think he's going to win.

    1. People STILL think he's a joke candidate.

      If he doesn't win you're not getting a truth point here, believe me.


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