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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nintendo Considers Itself a Family Friendly Company, But How About Catering to People Who Want to Start New Families?


When it comes to the term “family-friendly” or the like, I think of things safe for children that parents won't really complain about, like watching movies from Disney. Nintendo tried to engage the family a bit more with the Wii, with games such as Wii Sports; and then attempted the same engagement with Nintendo Land for the Wii U so parents can play together with their children. However, Nintendo was losing customers quickly so at the end they really only catered more to individual buyers again like in the GameCube days and before. Despite that, these individuals are moving towards other video game companies and fast. Nintendo is really trying to retain those who grew up with Nintendo and who consider themselves hardcore Nintendo fans, but even they are starting to get tired of Nintendo's antics and leaving Nintendo behind. So what is Nintendo to do when their potential customers are dropping out?
Why not try the family friendly approach again, but this time have potential new fans be introduced from the cradle and maybe even before birth?
Bigger than Ridley maternity pregnancy shirt
I commissioned an artist for the shirt image and used to use the image on a maternity shirt.
This is me at seven months pregnant.

Nintendo is trying to capture a female audience. Since they are merchandising many kinds of apparel, why not make official maternity shirts as well? (Expecting) Mothers still are capable of being video gamers too and would like something to show to the world their passion.

Years ago, in August 2012, I saw these cute Yoshi's Island-related infant shirts at the Nintendo World Store.

Blue Yoshi Baby Mario Stork Island shirts
Nintendo World Store Yoshi's Island baby shirt stork Mario
I apologize for the 3DS quality pics. They were taken by a 3DS and are the only images I have of them.
When seeing them again with my husband about a year later, I said I would like to get these shirts for our eventual child. Guess what? Now, Nintendo does not sell them anymore.

You know what they sell now at the now renamed store, Nintendo NY? These lazily-made things:

Nintendo NY Super Mario Bros. warp pipe baby outfits Peach Toad

The baby shirts with Yoshi's Island images at least has a connection to a real game that has babies involved. It also is far cuter. Compare the images too. Even though it is 3DS image quality, it looks like the Yoshi's Island-related baby clothes are embroidered while these new baby shirts are merely printed on. Bring back the Yoshi's Island-themed baby shirts, Nintendo NY!

You know what else starting families need? They need baby toys. How about Nintendo-related baby toys?

Squid Sisters plushies Marie Callie face-down backside tentacles

Those little arms, legs, and Callie's tentacles are a choking hazard waiting to happen as the baby will suck on them. You mean I have to wait until my baby stops trying to swallow everything to see them adorably play with a Nintendo-related toy?

Well there is still hope. Splatoon's Squid Cushion does not have any small parts at all except for the tags that I do plan to remove before giving it to my baby.

Splatoon pink Squid cushion pillow merchandise

However the Squid Cushion was not made with babies in mind. I would like Nintendo to make baby-safe products of their characters catered to actual babies. Other ideas besides plushies are baby bottles with prints of cute Nintendo characters, as well as pacifiers, rattles, etc.

ShinyGirafarig can be found on Miiverse. Only about one–two months until her baby is born!

Ludwig wrote an insightful article early in KoopaTV's existence asking game creators to design games that will foster a lifelong passion for gaming specifically for the youngest among us.
Not only must ShinyGirafarig get along with her future baby, but also her husband. How can gaming bring those two together?
ShinyGirafarig's baby is born, and Squid Cushions return to market.

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