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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KoopaTV Is Now On Ello!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The ad-free invite-only social network.

The world is burning down (or just Ferguson, Missouri, which I wrote about on Friday) but KoopaTV will continue to make progress and spread our message of telling the truth, giving you the facts, and leaving you with a smile at the end. (Or in total outrage. But then you want to keep coming back for more!)

To help do that, we have teamed up with Ello, which bills itself as "A simple, beautiful, & ad-free social network." For an objective explanation, consult Ello's Wikipedia article. We've been looking into other social networking sites since Facebook took us down. Tumblr is one of them, and though that's been up and continually updated for two months now, we have gotten nothing out of it.

I'm confident that our Ello social media account (click here to visit it!) will be as good or better than our Tumblr one! After all, we can't get any worse than that! Ello is pretty much the anti-Facebook, so if Facebook is evil, then Ello should be alright. As usual for KoopaTV's social media tactics, we write slightly different and catering messages for each of our social media platforms, so it's worth lookin' at everything for maximum value. (There are probably diminishing marginal returns though.)

KoopaTV's profile on Ello, the ad-free social network
Here is what it looks like.

I mentioned that Ello is invitation-only. This means that KoopaTV has Ello invitations we can give to you.

If you want one, then, you know, we can work that out if you comment your e-mail address.

The task for handling all of these social media platforms might be too daunting for Ludwig. This footer is foreshadowing something. For social media where Ludwig DOESN'T plug KoopaTV all the time, Follow him on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas!

The Knowing When We Update article has been updated accordingly, and the link to KoopaTV's Ello will now be in the bottom left corner of KoopaTV.
Ludwig's foreshadowing is complete, and he wants to hire a Social Media Manager.
KoopaTV continues to expand alternative social media platforms, this time with GAB, which is the anti-Twitter.
KoopaTV has ended its Ello account since Ello deemed KoopaTV a spammer.


  1. Awesome. It's great to see a social media platform that doesn't want all your information. I hadn't heard about Ello prior to this,but it sounds interesting. :)

    1. Yeah, feel free to do research on it. And if you like what you find, I can invite you.

      Let's see some pros and cons, discounting that I haven't actually interacted with anyone yet:

      You can comment on whatever (unlike Tumblr)
      You can name yourself whatever you want (unlike Facebook)

      It's... still in beta.
      The user interface might tie Tumblr for counter-intuitiveness.
      It's hard to discover people/get discovered, so more than any other platform you really do need to aggressively try to get people's attention in order for them to get yours.

    2. Notice how I don't care about the no-advertisements thing.

    3. I don't care too much for advertising. I'd rather have them make money that way than others. I don't have ad-block anymore,but the only ads that really got on my nerves are the dropdown ads that take up the whole screen.
      I wouldn't expect too much for something that's in beta,but eh,if it's new and catches on after beta, you could probably get discovered fast.

    4. Yeah, KoopaTV can choose to have all sorts of nefarious advertisements like pop-ups and screen-expanding stuff, but that's just annoying and gets in the way of content. (As a result... I'm not really allowed to talk about that, actually.)

      Well, Ello has some problems because of its design philosophy, not just because it's in beta. They wanna be artsy and stuff just for the hell of it.

      So you would rather have advertisements than what Ello wants to do, which is to basically sell additional features?

  2. Pop ups can be a nightmare at times. I've seen some that litereally take up the entire screen and randomly come up so you click on them, including an advertisement for bras on a kid's site.
    I think they're putting all that stuff in to make a statement,so they stand out and more people check it out. Who knows, they might change.
    I don't really mind either actually. I don't often buy extra stuff,unless I plan to use it a whole lot. Either way, I don't have too much of a preference because either way it works.

    1. Yeah, first thing I did with AdSense is block advertisements I do NOT want people to see here.

      Such as the Black Magic category, and Cosmetic Procedures and Body Modification. (You don't need to have ads making fun of your weight.)

      Also Sexual and Reproductive Health, so no Viagra or whatever.

      Also specifically blocked Underwear ads and


      Yeah, if you don't have to pay for it to work, I'm fine with the model.
      (Unlike many free-to-play games.)

    2. Eww, those ads can be such a pain to look at. I don't like the ads with sounds/videos that play on their own,but they're at least tolerable.
      I've never been a huge fan of free-to plays,since I'd rather just pay for it and get it over with
      I'm actually interested to see how Ello will pan out,though. :)

    3. We're lookin' out for you. :D

      Yeah, I want the days where you buy a completed product and pay for it once to return.

      Ello forces you to auto-follow the Ello account and you can't unfollow it so it's all over your, uh, the equivalent of the Activity Feed ("Noise") and the Ello account basically reshares their favourite posts from other dudes.

      What I want to be able to do is basically find all of the Nintendo/Ace Attorney/whatever fans on Ello and follow them, but all the search ("Discover") function does is search your keyword within the character-limited profile description. So they gotta explicitly mention whatever word you got! They really need a better way of discovering.

      Otherwise, when you're not searching, Discover gives you generic popular people that obviously I'm not interested in.

    4. I understand if they come up with a cool dlc idea say, a few months after release,but many games seem like they're only half finished if you don't pay.
      Is it bad that I never use activity feeds? especially miiverse's; that one doesn't even load half the time.
      I suppose they're off to a start. Maybe they'll improve parts if enough people make suggestions.

    5. Miiverse's Activity Feed has huge loading problems and it's only been getting worse, which is why I'm hesitant to:
      A. Follow people
      B. Friend people
      But since Smash 4 is a thing, I kinda have to friend people to get the most out of that and hope they don't spam crap on Miiverse, since I DO use the Activity Feed. My profile comment on Miiverse basically pledges that I have to read everything on it, which means I have to re-load it a lot.

      Nintendo, stop useless updates and fix the Activity Feed! That will get people to use it more!

      But yeah, the whole point of social media is to look at whatever the Activity Feed equivalent is. That's literally why Twitter and Facebook and Google+ make it the first thing you see if you go there.

    6. I usually just manually look up the stuff from people I'm following,which is more time consuming,but oh well. I admit that I do follow random people sometimes. My friends's list is full,and I really need to erase some people,since I don't play with them or talk to them. I'm following a little bit over 1/30 of the number of followers I have,but I have to leave my feed on for a really long time,and it often crashes by then.

    7. do apologize for my abundance of miiverse posts. Even with other things going on, I aim for a daily post,if possible.

    8. My feed doesn't take long to load, but it loads incompletely.

      Your Miiverse posts are great, though. ^_^;

      Yeah, maintenance is an important thing with scarce spots!

    9. I suppose that I'm just a very impatient person... ^^;
      I try, so I'm glad they get some appreciation.
      I just hate when maintenance happens to be at the same time I go on..It's worth it though. :)

    10. Oh, I meant, maintenance of your friends/following. :o

      I won't friend or follow dudes who post like 10 times a day especially if it's the type that does that in the same hour.

      ...With the exception of Wii U News/3DS News.

    11. Oh, my bad. :o
      Yup, news is kinda different. It sucks when you're out of the loop and don't have a clue what's going on. "what? smash has been out for HOW LONG?"

    12. Yeah, I like what Folkloner has done and have been Following him since... well, my first month at Miiverse. :p

    13. Not many users that post news are very popular though. I can only think of one off the top of my head that everyone seems to be interested in. I'm following over 150 people,which is way too many for my poor feed. -.-

    14. Ya, Folkloner did such a good job capitalizin' on that.

      My Activity Feed right NOW is apparently too many.

    15. Anything more than 5 is too many,it seems. Mine sometimes loads, which is a start.

    16. 5 messages (in the past... some amount of time?) or 5 people?

      Well, there's a reason I barely post.

      ...I'm considerate of your feed!

    17. ah, I see. ;)
      I'm not sure why,but lately, my feed has been running a lot smoother than usual and I can actually look at it. A feed that actually works? what is this?

    18. ...Today it actually could not load for me.


    19. Maybe the admins are peeping around and like to troll people."nah,lets crash this guys feed today.. I bet they're be really upset."

    20. pardon that terrible grammar there...>.<

    21. You're pardoned, because the terrible grammar is in quotation marks. :p

      I'm literally rejecting friend requests if they post on Miiverse too often. I feel anti-social.

      Something is off about this person anyway...

    22. I suppose the admins have bad grammar then? XD
      hm,very interesting.
      There would no way I could accept all my requests. I'm not popular and there have been days where like 10+ people request me in a single day. I suppose it's flattering,but when half of them are blank and from people I've never heard of,it's a bit strange. When I first joined ,I literally wouldn't accept any requests.

    23. Oh there you are. :o

      You wouldn't believe the poor grammar you can find in office environments.

      ...I sense a contradiction.
      "I'm not popular" "10+ people request me in a single day"
      When you first joined, you wouldn't accept any. Now you've opened up and defrosted and hit maximum capacity!

      Now with Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, you can send a friend request to people straight from the With Anyone results screen. (Or With Friends if you're in a room with a friend but with that person's friends you're not friends with yourself) and those have no choice but to be blank.
      Of course, you ought to be able to tell if you get a friend request based off Miiverse or based off Smash 4 seeing as how you should be able to remember who you played with. (And Wii U literally keeps a record of people you've played online with in the Wii U friends menu.)
      You still gotta know what these dudes do on Miiverse but some of them literally have never used it before and don't HAVE Miiverse profiles. Sure, I'll accept those.

    24. Actually,the whole darn internet is like that;it's a disease. It bothers me when I mess up that bad after hitting the send button on something. Sometimes I type faster than I think. Sorry about that; I slept in and had a lot of work to do. -.-
      I actually accepted a good majority of my requests last year. every now and then I do a cleanout so I can add people I actually talk to. Unfortunately for me, sometimes I go through "friends" rather quickly.
      Okay,let me rephrase that. I have an above-average amount of followers,but nobody knows who the heck I am. I'm not one of those hip users that's famous(or infamous for that matter).
      I'm surprised they haven't removed that. You can't even exchange friendcodes on the 3ds because of safety reasons,yet a kid can send a request and wiiu chat with a stranger? Now that swapnote is gone,there are virtually no risks.

    25. Well, Nintendo's office admins are in a physical location. It's not just the Internet!

      For some reason, I've lately found myself doing silly typos and mis-writes when I handwrite things on Miiverse, too. Very concerning, especially if I have to wait two minutes just to correct that. Handwriting should automatically make a filter to prevent that kind of thing since everything is purposeful and it's not like you can accidentally write a letter like you accidentally hit a key. (Proofreading, too.)

      Above-average? You're in the top 1%! And the top half of that top 1% too!

      Nintendo wants the Wii U to have as many selling points as it can get, such as:
      *Miiverse PM exclusivity
      *Less safety features for children

    26. I do that all the time,sadly. doesn't help when your handwriting is terrible.I'm glad there isn't a 2 minute rule on your own posts;then you don't have to worry as much about mistakes. I never fully understood the 2 minute rule,but I assume it has to do something with roleplayers and gf/bf beggars.
      I'm not actually sure. I'm really starting to slip lower and lower on the list...though I take it more seriously than I probably should.
      I figured that. I'm just surprised there haven't been any angry parents yet. with swapnote and flipnote having major issues to the point where they were taken down,it seems weird nobody minds.

    27. I mean, unless you count the Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, there isn't a list.
      You'd still be in the top .5% even if you don't count those 0-follower dudes who have never actually used Miiverse before. :p

      Now, here's my question: How can you be a great artist but have terrible handwriting? Don't those skills go together?

      The 2/3 minute rule was designed to target people in the Super Smash Bros. community who:
      1. Spammed Sakurai's PotD.
      2. Spammed on every post made in the community. (Like that ***** guy who spammed "fake")

      I don't think Nintendo gives a damn about gf/bf beggars.

      ...And based on NSider, if they really didn't want roleplayers, they would've banned the practice by now.

      I think with the Wii U, people are doing good practices and parents have already instructed their kids what to do.
      Not only do you have to be Wii U friends with someone (a mutual decision), but then you have to agree to their Wii U Chat call at the time they make it.
      And even then, you can end the call at any time, and even cover the camera/microphone if you want on both your end (physically obstruct your camera on your GamePad, and there is an option to mute your mic) AND their end (shut the TV screen off, and mute your speakers).

    28. Speaking of Le miiverse,that's actually how I found this site. :0 It was a reference for Amy's page,I believe.
      Not sure if this is why,but I've been working at drawing since I was a wee lass.If you were to look at my first posts, you would see a ridiculously huge difference,and the sad thing is it took that long for any improvement at all. Through school,most teachers seem pretty lax on handwriting so there wasn't much need. In fact, if anything,speed was important for taking notes fast.

      I'm actually a bit surprised as to what they mind and don't mind. You'd think gf/bf begging would make red flags.
      I guess parents are more aware on the wiiu than 3ds,since the wiiu is a console.I'm a bit surprised there haven't been issues,though. The wiiu seems to give more opportunities for a child to do something regrettable.

    29. Yes, I put that reference in there.
      ...I'm pretty surprised at how many people have been clicking on it. Mainly 'cause I have no idea how many dudes actually use Le Miiverse.
      (Apparently there is a Selfie page that's taken the Zelda community by storm that I need to look at at some point to know wot people are talking about.)

      Interestingly, I'm pretty sure my handwriting has improved since my first posts back on Miiverse. (I don't really recommend looking at them. They're not bad or anything, but I just posted a lot of Nintendo Land stuff because I was excited to have a Wii U and access Miiverse for the first time.) Still, I think that artistic skills should transfer over to handwriting because, you know, handwriting can also be an art. (See: Calligraphy.)

      Most of the girlfriend/boyfriend begging comes from those pesky 3DS-only users, though. :p
      Wii U users, in general, seem either:
      A. Older
      B. Under stricter parental supervision

      Don't forget that, in theory, Nintendo has placed restrictions on those willing to admit that they are younger than 13. (Can't send or accept friend requests from Miiverse and presumably directly from games.)

    30. I'm not horribly active on there,but I thought it was interesting to see all the celebrities get involved in something. The selfie page is very interesting,that's for sure. I was pretty surprised,actually.
      Right, calligraphy. I'm not sure actually. I write in kana just about everyday for Japanese class and I'm okay I guess. I'm not really a natural at art,so yeah.
      That's true. Before the 3ds came out,the people on the community sure were different. I can't exactly say how,but it feels very different.

    31. The selfie page ended up being less interesting than I thought. A lot of children's faces and some fake/stolen pictures.

      Oooh, Japanese class? :o
      You're not a natural, so you just... try really hard?

      Before the 3DS Miiverse, the average Yeahs you could get per post was a lot higher that posting in Nintendo Land was a great source for Yeahs because people actually went on that community to browse posts instead of just posting blindly! (And obviously, there was no rule restricting comments so people actually commented a lot more.)

    32. I meant "interesting" not intertersting. I know that doesn't make sense,but I hardly make sense. I was a bit surprised,actually.

      yup,not fluent or anything.Yup, I'm a total tryhard.

      I remember when getting 300 yeahs meant you were super famous and only the cool people would make cool ditherings,before the youtube community was full of anime and ssb community didn't exist.

    33. wot
      You never said "intertersting". That's not even a word. Of course you didn't mean that. :p

      Trying hard is good!

      ...Hey, the most Yeahs I've ever gotten in a post is 29. >.>
      SO 300 WOULD BE HUGE.

    34. Ugh,there go the typos again. I really should spellcheck more often. It's horrid to find mistakes afterwords.

      I suppose so.

      I remember I was excited when my first got 4 yeahs. We all gotta start somewhere.

    35. Sometimes I regret caring about Yeahs per post, because it pretty much means I can't post in Activity Feed or any community that is not brand new, YouTube, Zelda (not that I post there), or Smash Bros.

      I have plenty of questions/frustrations playing Mega Man 7 right now that I'd like to vent out, but it's not like anyone actually visits that community.
      (I could just go to like, the Mega Man Wiki and find any answers there but I also feel bad for doing that because Miiverse was literally designed to be a go-to place for this!)

    36. I do dislike that. People only post in the new communities or staple communities.
      I try not to focus too much on yeahs per post,otherwise I'll be drawing more what other people want me to do The good thing about the net,is you can look up your problems. :)

    37. The thing is, is that if no one or only one person goes to a community, then it's not really a "community" anymore, now is it?
      Part of the problem here is that Nintendo made "Player Posts" the default view setting with no way to make "All Posts" the perma-default like it used to be. WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS CHANGE?

      'kay, I'll look up where the Mega Man 7 U is.

      ...It was in Cloud Man's stage all along? WHAAAT

      Okay, how do I beat the turtle boss?

      ...Oh. There ARE better ways than using Danger Wrap 28 times in a row.

    38. I think having so many communities makes it hard for them all to be active. The fact that it shows only player posts has always confused me.
      People don't really answer questions on them,anyways.

    39. A lot of questions are done by non-players like "tell me what this game is about" and the whole point of communities is to cater to THOSE people to get them to buy the game. If Nintendo is going out of their way to hide those posts... they're doing something wrong.
      Since the whole point of Miiverse is to increase revenue, after all.

      People would answer questions and comment more if there was no comment-restriction. That's how it worked back in ye olde Miiverse.

      As for having so many communities, yes, that's correct. Now how do you decide which games get a community and which don't? Or what communities get discontinued?

    40. I remember that. Only logic I can think of is that they wanted to avoid random spam and give priority to those who actually purchased it,but I'm not sure. I'm a bit curious as to why some communities are region locked,but others aren't. It's not completely consistent.

      Maybe have a better form of organization. I know you can search for a specific community,but it's just a sea of communities. It would be neat to feature one every now and then. Speaking of feature,Nintendo should officially do something like printing miiverse. It would get them more publicity,and get many users to at least consider miiverse.

    41. Some communities are locked due to company policy OR due to different ratings boards agreements between countries.

      For example, I used to believe that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies had different regional communities because of some Capcom policy, but... then I realized that because of the wildly different ratings to the game across the world ( ) they did it for that.

      Miiverse has the functionality that you are banned from looking at Miiverse communities in which you are underage according to your local content ratings board.

      Well, GameFAQs has a board for every game too and somehow that... works.

      They have those "Featured" communities but I'm pretty sure that just takes the newest ones.

      What do you mean, uh, printing?

    42. Ah, that's been on my mind for a while,it's good to hear why.The communities just feel...overwhelming at times. Besides the youtube and other general communities, you're kinda forced to abandon them eventually;some don't even get a post in 3 days! you could write "monkey farts" and get on the popular list by default!

      Ah, printing miiverse? It was this huge art event held by zockrates,I believe. I don't remember exactly where it was,but I think it was in Nuremburg? anyways, back in 2013 they had this huge art show. It'd be interesting to see now,though I have a feeling it'd all be anime.

      THEY TOOK MIIVERSE ART AND SHOWED IT OFF AT A SHOW and it was a relatively big thing.

      (Then people forgot about it by the time this happened:
      because those terms had to be there to begin with for Nintendo to go off to an art show)

      Okay, so now all Nintendo does with that art is like... put them on the Play Nintendo site and occasionally put them on Nintendo Directs. ...Well I don't think they've done that last part in 2014. The Play Nintendo site is only for those specific art contests because Nintendo only wants to scour through one contest community/post instead of the wilderness of unsolicited communities.

      Capcom also notably took a bunch of screenshots of the Dual Destinies community after it came out in America and showed them off art from Miiverse on Capcom-Unity, and some indie developers are doing the same thing, such as those Red Riding Hood people.

      I believe the next, y'know, phase of Nintendo's plan of utilizing Miiverse and showing it off is the Miiverse stage in Smash 4. Wii U exclusive, because in the end Miiverse is meant for Wii U first and 3DS as an afterthought, and Nintendo probably still views Miiverse as a Wii U thing. Rightfully so.

      You can try really hard to make community development from the user-side in a certain community while it still is alive. That's also what we tried to do with the Dual Destinies community to... uh, more success than if we didn't do anything at all. Of course, if a community has an active developer that makes posts, then that can certainly help. Not sure how active the Kirby Triple Deluxe communities are but that team has been posting game design things there like every day since the game came out. Maybe they just don't want to work on their next game.

    44. Yup. That's why I don't post my OC's on miiverse. One day,you might want that copyright for a character or two.
      I didn't know anyone in the show,but the popular artists were so good then. It would have been nice for it to be in the states;going all the way to Germany would be a bit harsh on the wallet.
      Okay, so I know of a few ways they use it from experience. When I got silver in the MK art contest,it was on some Japanese site owned by nintendo. They also used to put it in the UK magazine; I know for a fact online,and I heard some were in the last issue as well,but I'll likely never know,as I don't live in the UK. I think for major series games,like pokemon and mario,they should have a general community like the zelda one. Sure,they get off-topic,but at least you have hope to actually get a response.Utilizing miiverse is really what nintendo needs to do.They have such a great and powerful resource with many loyal fans at their fingertips.

    45. The whole point is that Nintendo doesn't own your OCs, they just have the right to... reproduce them. If they did not have that right, no art shows or anything!

      Although if you're not comfortable with that, then yeah, don't post your OCs there. (Though I highly doubt Nintendo would ever do anything with them anyway, on average very very very few messages over Miiverse are acknowledged by Nintendo in any way.)

      Perhaps Nintendo is uncomfortable organizing physical events for Miiverse people since that would go against the whole notion of "Don't try to meet people you meet on Miiverse in real life". (No doubt they figure most of Miiverse to be kids, of course.)

      I've tried to rationalise why Zelda gets a general community and the other major series have not. I remember we had to use the Japanese community for Pokémon Rumble Wii U or whatever as the place where Pokémon fans went! :p

      I think Nintendo does see Miiverse as a proprietary version of, say, Facebook and Twitter, except with younger people in it while Facebook and Twitter have older people. That's why they post memes and stuff and don't moderate comments on their Facebook and Twitter, while Amy's posts are clearly written for children.

      Although I did see Nintendo post on their Twitter about Amy's "exclusive interview" on Miiverse with the director of NES Remix. The official Smash Bros. Twitter/FB page also advertised the art contest in the Smash Bros. community, so these are like... very recent examples of pretty much the first time Nintendo has used social media to actually advertise Miiverse. When you're using social media to advertise another social media, the social media platform being advertised is... considered NOT to be equivalent!

      Maybe it's a trend.

    46. (Exception: KoopaTV does not consider Ello or anything to be more important than our other social media channels when we advertised this article on it.)

    47. Okay,the OC's were a bad example. most kids recolour a sonic base and write "doo not steel";they think that's like their own character.

      Well, if it was official,it would be a supervised event; I think that the reason they put that in the first place is because kids might give away their address or city that way. If it's one location,nobody would know,unless you told them there,but you would actually know what they look like.

      I think Zelda did because it didn't have any games before? Maybe it's because games like pokemon had games already? Even though pokemon was only for the 3ds,they knew there would be 3ds communities?

      The one problem with being "for kids" is that kids aren't going to want to use it. They want to be like their older sibling that they look up to or some older figure in their life,who most likely uses a form of social media.

      Sometimes I feel like they weren't expecting all the memes and "wars". Honestly, I'm a bit surprised mv has lasted this long.

    48. I like to think that Sonic OC thing is a stereotype and not a rule.

      ...That said, in my circles, I see that happen a LOT with Koopas off of Koopalings.
      I quite frankly think it is disgusting. Like, I was shared this trash on Google+:
      (You might not be able to see it since it was "shared privately"...with over 5000 people.)


      Kids still give away their cities, based off what I've seen. Dumb 3DS users try to give away contact information like PHONE NUMBERS in public. (Which get deleted for looking like friend codes.) If it's one location, well, chances are that they'll mingle and stuff and you'll get like 13 year olds with 30 year olds. Which looks good for a PR photo about the diversity of Nintendo fans, but it's probably awkward.

      No one had any games before because these were made at like, Wii U launch time.

      Yeah, Miiverse is for kids but it's marketed as towards "everyone". No doubt that INTERNALLY Nintendo sees it for kids.

      Nintendo of Japan might not expect those kinds of things (and from what I know, don't really get them) but Nintendo of America certainly should have expected all of this, based on their previous experience with Nintendo NSider Forums.

    49. I'm aware it's a stereotype, but I've seen those types of oc's so much, it's not far from reality. I don't have too much of a problem with Koopa OC's so long as they're good(which not many are). I've never been a fan of making bf/gf/sibling OC's for cannon characters; it just seems bizarre.
      I don't think most parents would be happy when little Jane comes home with some random 50 year old,but I could be wrong. I'm guessing meme run was cleared by nintendo for the kids? It's pretty clear most people view miiverse as a place for 9 year olds and creepy stalkers. It's difficult to even talk about it without looks of disgust from others. I'd say at least it's not like the dark side of tumblr,but people are trying to do that.

    50. Koopa OCs are almost always bad. (Which is an opinion that does not make me popular among Koopa fans.)
      Like, no, I'm not going to acknowledge you're my brother or anything. You're a creepy recolour of my brother, though!

      I have no idea why or HOW Meme Run was approved, and I suspect that we'll never know unless Jordan wants to brag about it in an interview later.

      ...Yeah, most people do not like when I try to tell them to get a Wii U and then tell them that 90% of my time with it is on Miiverse, and that Miiverse is the killer app. And it's not objected to because they want a game console to play games (as opposed to being a $300 entrance fee to a website), but because, y'know, they don't take Miiverse seriously as a source for amusement!
      Like, I'm not saying Miiverse is great to sell you a Wii U just to pad my list of reasons! It's actually a fantastic reason if you just don't take yourself so seriously!

    51. That's true,though I've seen some that are actually a bit creative. I've noticed the 3d renditions suffer from the most random recoulourings.
      I'm guessing it was approved because nintendo wants to show that it's more lenient to indie developers than before.
      I showed miiverse to my friends who own the 3ds(I don't know anybody who has a wii u), and a few tried it,but hated it and dismissed it,which is understandable. The art academy app was what really used up my time. For 4 dollars,that thing is flipping amazing. Prior to that, I'd just use free image editing sites like pixlr and ragequit after exiting the browser. It's a shame some people overlook miiverse because of the random kids who are notorious for terrible grammar and other things.

      When I was referring to OC's earlier, I was thinking of 100% original non-copyright characters,which have a high risk of being stolen if they're good.

    52. Of the people I personally know who do own a Wii U, none use Miiverse.

      ...With one exception, but they stopped pretty early on. He liked the Nintendo Land integration, though.

      Well I wouldn't recommend 3DS Miiverse to ANYONE, and I don't acknowledge its existence for my personal use unless I am grabbing a screenshot from a 3DS game. I'm surprised all the 3DS-only users didn't just quit immediately.

      Art Academy is better than dedicated PC tools? Fancy. (Not that it's the right thing for me personally or anything).

      How well does Art Academy get things eventually transferred to your PC? Any better way than screenshot it on Miiverse and then go to Miiverse PC?

      Yeah, I haven't... actually seen those 100% original OCs on Miiverse. :o

    53. The 3ds version is pretty inferior. Unfortunately for me,I've had to use it for the past few weeks,and it is so hard to draw on there. I don't know if I just need to recallibrate my 3ds or what,but it can be awful,and I have a 3dsXL. I really feel bad for those with a regular sized one. :P
      I don't have anything fancy. The only time I had photoshop was when I had 6.0 on my xp computer,and that was good. I'm just a terrible mousedrawer. Art acadamy is difficult to use at first(I was looking back at my first AA post and it was disgusting),but once you get used to it,it's great,especially considering the price.At least, for the wiiu it is. I tried pokemon art academy at SDCC before it came to the states,and it was difficult to use. I used to printscreen it,but if you have a drawing,go to your internet browser,and submit it to a site,that works. Only issue is the filename will be wiiuscreenshot*bunch of numbers*.

      I've seen like one or two. I've been scolded at by a friend for calling fan characters OC's and not FC's,which I suppose is fair.

    54. "I really feel bad for those with a regular sized one. :P"

      Yours truly.
      It doesn't help that Kid Icarus: Uprising has caused permanent scratches and therefore has made my 3DS permanently unable to be calibrated perfectly.

      Well, you can always, uh, rename the file name when you download it to your PC again. ^.^;

      No, that is not fair. "FC" should always mean "friend code" now. :o

    55. I just wanna slam my face on the desk. At times like this I wonder why I even talk. I did something like that a few days ago TWICE in a row.
      There are so many games that can mess up your 3ds when played competetively, especially with the circle pad.
      That 's true. Since I upload it to a site, I don't usually download it. If I need to do that,I probably will.
      Well,what about outside miiverse? :P They should all be OC's, it's not like any of them are actually original anyways. Even "original" oc's are often generic.

    56. ...wot

      They're original in the sense that a copyright holder did not create them.
      That's enough to call them original.

      Hopefully, there is more to the character than the visual design, too. (The backstory is liiiiikely to be Mary Sue'd though. Which is totally original in the sense that good companies don't have Mary Sues for characters unless it's as a parody!)

    57. I suppose so.Some are generic to the point they should be copyright,though.

      meet my oc! she's a pink princess with glitter and bows,but she's strong too! She uses her love magic,and she's loved by everyone!

      or maybe have the misunderstood character with a black and red colour scheme. Make sure to have a "mysterious" backstory.

    58. Hey man, if I had love magic, do you think I would NOT use it to make everyone love me? ^_^
      Love magic sounds like MIND CONTROL.

      Well maybe if they weren't so mysterious they wouldn't be misunderstood. :o

      (I blame Shadow the Hedgehog.)

    59. Oh! if the character has love magic,there has to be a time when she uses it on someone she doesn't want to..the "loser".
      I'm glad there aren't more omnikinetic characters. They're just too darn powerful.
      Maybe.:0 you CAN make the misunderstood character good; it's just so overdone at times that the bad ones stick out more than the good.

    60. If the character with love power is a he, would that still be uncreative?

      Yeah, that's why Mewtwo shouldn't be in Smash 4. :p

    61. That's more creative,as it's done a lot less..."I was a loser,and now I can get all the pretty girls to love me." I'm not really sure.

      I don't really care that much. I think it's interesting that back in melee everyone wanted him gone and yet were begging for him in smash4.It's akward that pikachu can destroy him,but screw logic, I guess.

    62. (Hey, sounds like me!)

      Back in Melee, I wanted him gone, and fast-forward to now, I still don't want him.
      Yay for consistency? ^.^

      Forget Pikachu, JIGGLYPUFF was the best Pokémon! ♥

    63. OC's based on others?YE-AH!

      I'd rather they remove charizard. :l I'm pretty neutral for mewtwo.

      I really like greninja. :3

    64. I'm not a fan of Charizard at all.

      What they did with Greninja is kinda cute.

    65. Glad I'm not the only one. I never liked him in smash.

      I think greninja is cute in general. :)

    66. If you want my complete thoughts on the Smash 4 newcomers (and links to OTHER articles about them specifically), look here:

      I've seen a screenshot from Smash 4 with Greninja's mouth open, though. His tongue-scarf ain't comin' from there.

    67. ah, I remember seeing that.

      That's...a bit concerning,actually. if it's not a scarf,what is it?

    68. Erm, it is a scarf.

      'cause it apparently isn't a tongue.

      Or he has two tongues.

    69. So it's a scarf designed to look like a tongue?
      I guess having his scarf as a tongue could cause some *inappropriate* fan art.

    70. Well according to Pokémon canon it's his actual tongue.

      That's just impossible though.

    71. Unless they have two,like you said. that,or smash is different canon. Pokemon's getting confusing anyways.

    72. Nah, Smash is canon to everything. :o

    73. Well,pokemon seems to be more complicated now,kinda like Loz. Not sure if you know about the post game in ORAS,but Zinnia mentions an alternate dimension without mega evolution or the war mentioned in XY. Gen III may and Gen VI may are from different dimensions,basically. One has war,AZ killing pokemon,and mega evolution,while the other doesn't. That makes me wonder if HGSS are different dimensions than GSC.

    74. Well HGSS has Arceus in it doing stuff.
      That's gotta be different.

      Actually I have no idea what the "Delta" mission actually is. :p

    75. That makes sense, I guess. Maybe they caused a ripple in time?

      It's ORAS's postgame.Basically, you have to save the world from a meteor. What's annoying about it is you fight Zinnia,catch raquaza,then catch deoxys all WITHOUT having the option to reset. I had to soft-reset a few times to catch deoxys who didn't want me to catch him. I blew so many ultraballs on it....

      Best part of it for me was Zinnia's theme. Gosh, that's one of my favorite songs in the freaking game.

    76. She's a major character in the post game. She can be a bit creepy at times,but she's important to the story. She's the reason the meteor doesn't get sent away(and it was implied that doing so would destroy the hoenn in another dimension). She's one of the few characters that is new to ORAS.

    77. When Nintendo first revealed ORAS and claimed it was a "NEW adventure" (and kept using the word "new"), were they really referring to this post-game?
      Is the main game new?

    78. I believe so. I don't remember a ton about RSE,but it's like the plot of those games with the graphics of XY. No friend safari,but you get a secret base you can decorate,along with an alternate method of chaining shinies(which I have been completely luckless with).

    79. An alternate method of failure. Got it.

      Okay, so they planned the post-game mission from the very beginning, of course.

    80. Yup. I was pretty bad at chaining in DPPT, though.

      The post game was much better than XY's. Too much water though.

    81. 7.8/10

      I noticed that ORAS pretty much got put under the bus in the Nintendo Minute series.
      Didn't win a thing. :o

    82. Yup. gotta love IGN and their logic. I'm guessing the same reviewer despises windwaker.

      I think it was in part because of smash having the same release date. When it was new,only people from Japan would play,and that's because they didn't have smash yet. I love both series,but why have the same release date? Not everyone can get 2 games at once. If there was a bit of a gap,then they could sell BOTH.

    83. Maybe they thought that 3DS owners would have already gotten Smash 3DS before, so there wouldn't be that much overlap with Wii U Smash.

      If there was a gap, it couldn't ride DAT BLACK FRIDAY WAVE.

    84. unless you're buying a console, black friday shopping for VG are terrible. There aren't that many good deals,so there is little to no point of waiting in line. 5 dollars off or $10 flatscreen? Blackfriday is too chaotic to save a few bucks(seriously, you can only save like 5 dollars for games).

      I guess so. You wouldn't think they'd want pokemon to be overshadowed that bad,though. It's a major franchise of nintendo.

    85. Of course it's terrible. I don't do it.

      ...But a loooot of other people do. The low-information crowd!

    86. That's why you should look at prices BEFORE you wait in line for 2days to save 2 dollars! :D
      BlackFriday is pretty scary...
      This has gotta be my quote of the day,
      "It's not bias if everyone agrees". This was what was a response by lemiiverse wiki to miiversepedia.

    87. That quote just about killed me. People are still arguing over it. :P
      People are getting so worked up about it,though. it's pretty sad.

    88. I'm supposed to finish editing my own article aren't I, now that I made it? <_<;

      I need to talk to Bala about standardising some things. Like templates/info boxes.

  3. Oh hey Ello is actively sending me updates about what they're doing.
    Apparently they sell shirts for $25 normally, but it's $10 off for Black Friday!


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