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Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep NeoGAF Out Of Our Games! *Updated November 11*

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Like, literally. They shouldn't be name-dropped.

I hope you guys remember Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games. It first made a cameo in Microsoft's 2013 E3 Conference, though if you asked us in 2014 if it did we wouldn't be able to tell you. Then it reappeared in Microsoft's 2014 E3 Conference, where it was one of the games that stole the show and got Microsoft rated above Sony in 2014 E3 conferences. One of the downfalls of Sony that E3 was their reference to NeoGAF during their conference. (Here is the moment directly, and then note what they show after.) Remember, NeoGAF is that evil forum that has an inflated sense of self-importance that is KoopaTV's premier example of left-wing fascism run amok. While they are not important in the grander scheme of things, they do foster a hotbed of angry people resulting in movements like #Miiquality. What is important is that they think they are the gateway between game developers and the rest of the world. The truth looks more like this:

So Sunset Overdrive is out now. Here's what the ending to the story looks like:

...Yeah, what? NeoGAF is prominently shown here. Sure, they were in Scribblenauts before, but that was entirely optional and you have to try to see the reference there. But this? This is a game shown off prominently at an E3 conference as a reason to get an Xbox One! Why are they blabbering about NeoGAF? NeoGAF doesn't even like Microsoft! They have a well-known Sony bias. Who are you trying to please?

NeoGAF gets a reference in Sunset Overdrive
A partnership that should've never happpened.

For the hundreds of developers who reject the radical extremists at NeoGAF, it only takes one or two to lubricate the NeoGAF circle-jerk engine. Of course, this is among many other pop culture references in the game, and even a GameFAQs reference. But none of these are as prominent as the CREDITS TO THE GAME.

I'm not saying this ruins the game or anything. If the Metacritic average is a good gauge for game quality (which in many cases, it is not — that last one is too high), then the game is above-average. The game is praised for its tone — self-aware, not taking things seriously. That's the type of stuff KoopaTV LIKES.

Here's the problem, though. It's irresponsible. There is a difference between being immature for fun, like we sometimes do, and being immature out of irresponsibility and stupidity, like Insomniac has done. NeoGAF already thinks they have made the big leagues a long time ago, but now they have some concrete, irrefutable evidence of being unavoidably present in an AAA game (or some amount of As), presented as a major influential thought leader. And that gives them legitimacy. Even if they're being teased, it doesn't matter to NeoGAF. They can't distinguish satire and don't have a sense of humour. If it exists, it feeds their ego.

Absolutely disgusting.

Video transcript: "That's the ending? Are you serious? Whose idea was that? Yours? Yours? Bad move, guys! NeoGAF is gonna eat you alive! You know what? I deserve a better ending. I got an idea... Okay, re-wind!"

I guess in terms of Sunset Overdrive canon, the NeoGAF reference was rewound and eliminated from history. At least there is that!

KoopaTV has gotten direct references in videogames too, such as Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! and... many, many others. They just don't come to mind.

Keep NeoGAF away from Ace Attorney, too.


  1. didnt u get banned from NEOgaf? lol UMAD????

    1. Yeah, I got banned!

      The hell kind of reason is that?

  2. Is a this a parody blog

  3. hahaha. fucking obsessed.

    you are a legit lunatic with a blog that almost no one visits. it will literally never take off.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but at KoopaTV, we deal with the truth and the facts.

      Your comment was devoid of both. You are encouraged to try again, though. We appreciate your feedback!

    2. ...Also are you Jeff Michael? We miss him.


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