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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obamacare Not Like A PlayStation 4?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Is that a good thing or not?

Those who read KoopaTV last week (and if you haven't, here is your chance) saw TWO articles about Barack Hussein Obama. In the first, he gave free advertising to the Xbox. Microsoft was pleased. In the second, President Obama attacked KoopaTV. Now this week Obama is continuing his rampage by giving free advertising to Sony and the PlayStation 4. Watch this.

I don't know why the audience is clapping or anything. PlayStation 4s are physical goods that take up inventory. An insurance plan is intangible. Pretty much a digital file. You don't run out of those. That's not a feature exclusive to Obamacare.

Regardless, Barack Hussein Obama is giving his sales forecast predictions for Sony: Produce as many PS4s as possible, because they will all sell out. Then get health insurance afterwards through our buggy, impossible-to-use website!

I think Obama is taking more cues from the "American-made" system (The Xbox One) over the PS4, though. Just like how the Xbox One is a Trojan horse, so is Obamacare with its lies and deceitfulness.

Another thing I'd like to bring to your attention. Compare Rockstar Games and the disaster of Grand Theft Auto Online to the Obama Administration and the disaster of the Obamacare website. Obama doesn't apologize or take responsibility. Rockstar's servers can't handle the traffic, but that's okay, they just sold really really well with Grand Theft Auto V. UNPRECEDENTED. Meanwhile, only 2,000 people were needed to overwhelm the website. To review: Rockstar Games had unprecedented demand, while the was slain by only 2,000 people. KoopaTV can handle more than that! Just try us!

While we're not rooting for Sony's system by any means, we at KoopaTV hope that PlayStation Network can handle more than 2,000 people at once. Without getting hacked or anything. Which is a huge potential problem that faces, because every hacker and thief in the country is trying to figure out how to get themselves the information stored on If Sony is significantly more competent than the federal government and PSN still got hacked, then what hope does Obamacare have?

No hopers.

Should Obama reference the Wii U next week? Would it help the system out? Stay up-to-date on the latest political news by reading Best of Cain, KoopaTV's brother-from-another-mother.

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