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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Mega Apology, and My Excuse Is Gone

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I was wrong before.

No, the title doesn't refer to Mega Man. It actually refers to something I wrote in my earlier article, Mega Pokémon Are FANTASTIC!. I still stand by that they're fantastic, but in that article I wrote:
"So to avoid this situation, rather than make knock-offs of old Pokémon and call them new, Game Freak's designers are taking old Pokémon, making them accessible in Kalos, the new region, and then improving upon them! Since these aren't new species, they also shouldn't be taking away from the 100+ new Pokémon quota we're supposed to get every new generation like actual new evolutions would."

Anyone who has played or leaked to themselves information about Pokémon X/Y knows that Game Freak doesn't actually believe in any such "100+ new Pokémon quota" like I thought they would. In fact, there are only around 70 new Pokémon, which is...quite off. Now I don't want to say that I feel like we're entitled to 100+, but that's been the standard. It's what we were trained to expect as...trainers. It also gives the future Pokémon spin-offs less material to work with, along with anime filler episodes. That last part might be good.

So I apologize for being wrong. I hope this doesn't hurt my credibility among y'all. Speaking of that, I still stand by every other thing I've ever written on KoopaTV.

So the other half of what the article title is referring to is that Pokémon X/Y's game-crashing glitch is patched now. If you don't have 229 spare blocks in your SD card, you're out of luck. I have several tens of thousands, so I should be fine. So now my excuse for not having Pokémon X is that I'm busy playing other games.

So what's the lesson of this article? The status quo can change. Luminose has changed from a death trap to a bustling city. The expectation of how many Pokémon we get in every generation has changed. Maybe we should've expected that. After all, the premise behind Pokémon Black 2/White 2 was betraying player's comfort zones by creating a sequel instead of a "Pokémon Grey" version. That must've put Game Freak in a conventions-breaking mood. So we've gone from a new record high in new Pokémon to a record low. You'd think for a series criticized for its familiarity, we wouldn't be surprised like this!

By the way, a lot of the new Mega Pokémon, as it turns out, are weaker than their non-Mega formes because the non-Megas can hold items like Life Orb, which boosts Attack and Special Attack by 1.3 times. They're still fantastic for every reason I said in the article besides the quota. Haven't read that article? Go read it then. This one is over.

Ludwig is an avid fan of Pokémon yet still doesn't have Pokémon X. When he eventually does, his 3DS friend code is still 3351-5164-3598. By the way, this is the last Pokémon article for the month.

As of his birthday, Ludwig finally has the game! See the announcement here.
Ludwig makes another apology a year later, this time on Super Smash Bros. 4.
The next region after Kalos, Alola, introduces a similarly low number of new Pokémon.


  1. Wtf only 70 I'm going to punch you in the eye

    1. I don't program the games, I simply commentate on them.

      Well, except for Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!. And Jessie Gosha Jr. Remedial Algebra.

  2. >So I apologize for being wrong. I hope this doesn't hurt my credibility among y'all.

    That was done long before this article, no worries! :)

    1. About when?

      We were only 5 months into KoopaTV when this was written!

    2. I'm just busting your tiny balls. Keep on keepin' on, chap.


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