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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shut Them Up By Shutting Them Down!


I wouldn't normally take the opportunity to write about things like the United States federal government "shutdown" on KoopaTV, but Barack Hussein Obama MADE ME. If he's going out there suggesting that if people want a free videogame console, and that it should be the Microsoft Xbox, then he's completely out-of-touch.

First of all, President Barack Hussein Obama, your own ideas of negotiation are terrible. See KoopaTV's brother-from-another-mother, Best of Cain, for more information on that.

Second of all, some PC-gaming anti-DRM website called is giving out free PC games to furloughed government workers. Combine this with some furloughed workers being able to get unemployment benefits in addition to the retroactive backpay they'll get when the shutdown ends, and I'd say they're getting off really, really well here.

The shutdown is great, furloughing non-essential government employees. Apparently, that's only 17% of federal funds. So 83% of the government is still running. Big deal. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wanted to cut 10% of the federal workforce by attrition across the board and then make deeper cuts later. No one really thought that was a bad idea. That's what fiscally sane businesses do. As I've written about here on KoopaTV before, Electronic Arts is known for making MANY of these cuts repeatedly over the years. (Look about halfway through the article before the interviews start.) Granted, EA is evil, but businesses don't just let themselves get into all of this debt without making effort to pay it off. So what's with the US government?

On that note, about the debt ceiling. The government won't default if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Any politician who is saying that is trying to scare you. They're ignoring math. Math is something we at KoopaTV value, as the creators of Jessie Go Jr. Remedial Algebra and incredibly huge fans of Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Do The Division.

Here's our challenge: We're going to send the White House and Congress a link to Jessie Go Jr. Remedial Algebra. Let's see if they can beat it. If they can't do simple, highly-flavoured basic algebra, they shouldn't be in an elected position. Democrat or Republican.

Anyway, the shutdown is currently helping people like George Zimmerman. Those 16% of furloughed Justice Department workers are probably the ones working on the civil rights case against him. The EPA being absolutely devastated is great news for everyone in the country. The agencies that top the list don't really do anything that the states or a private agency/organization couldn't easily handle themselves. NASA doesn't do anything anymore anyway.

Remember, government has already invaded our lives via their Trojan Horses. This is our opportunity to try to reverse that process of those who hate freedom. Destroy distortion! We don't need them!

Ludwig isn't an anarchist, but is in fact a businessman, a videogame developer, and a blogger on KoopaTV. He is KoopaTV's token conservative to Rawk being KoopaTV's token liberal.

Here's what Congress had to say to our solicitation.
The White House replied a bit later.
The EPA is responsible for the destruction of the world, so if the government shut down that'd help a lot.
Ludwig apparently thinks NASA's functions to be left to the Russians.

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