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Friday, October 25, 2013

(Boss 2) Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! Strategy Guide!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Chad Joseph just sucker punched your trainer. What a threat.

It's part of Punch-Out!! culture to sit around on the playground exchanging tips to progress further in the game. Because I'm the kid everyone on the playground wants to be around, I'm taking it upon myself to be the definitive source for all things Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!. So there are five bosses in the game, and I'm going to tell you all how to succeed against them. I'll only detail their moves — I don't want to spoil the entire experience for you!


Round 1 HP: 28
Round 2 HP: 24
Round 3 HP: 20

Here is an important technique one should know to succeed in this game, and especially Chad: Some bosses are only able to be hurt in-between their attacks, and therefore there is a limited time to deal as much damage as possible to the boss before their next attack. To beat Chad the fastest when he is vulnerable, land two side-punches and then an upper-punch, for a total of 7 damage. This is why Chad was designed with 28 HP in the first round. The side-punches have less ending lag than the upper-punch, but the start-up lag is the same for both punches. Feel free to experiment on combinations.

"Left Swing".

Cues: Chad goes far back and left with his fist extended to the right.
Damage: 5 damage to Mac.
Description: Chad swings towards Little Mac's position, homing in on it upon reaching the farthest back. Then he glides towards Mac, taking .5 seconds to do so. After passing Mac, he glides a bit to Mac's right to complete his swing movement, which is another chance for Mac to get hurt. Chad then goes back to his neutral position.
Round: 1 and 2.

Dodging Chad's Left Swing.

Evasion: Mac should dodge to the left at any time after Chad reaches the furthest back while preparing his swing. Do not dodge before this or Chad will swing to Mac's new position. Mac will cleanly dodge Chad's Left Swing if you wait after the swing movement has started.

"Right Swing".

Cues: Chad goes back and left with his fist extended to the right.
Damage: 4 damage to Mac per hit.
Description: Chad swings towards Little Mac's position, but then goes underneath Mac. Then he glides up towards Mac, taking .2 seconds to do so. After passing Mac, he glides to Mac's right and a bit up. Chad then goes back down for a return punch, running right to Mac's right side and then homing in left on Mac's position to punch him again. After going past Mac, Chad goes to his neutral position.
Round: 1 and 2.
Evasion: Dodge left, and then dodge right. To be more specific, when Chad is below Mac for his first hit, dodge left as he's rising up. Anything before that will have Chad home in on Mac and punch him.

Dodging left as Chad rises up.
When Chad is going for his return punch, dodge right. Dodge right before Chad connects with Mac. Again, Chad will charge to Mac's location and punch him if Mac dodges too early. It's possible to dodge right or left for either punch, but it's easier this way.

You'll cleanly have Chad miss you as he's charging through the left side.
"PS Triple".

Cues: Chad declares "I watch TV and play PlayStation Three."
Damage: His Left Swing clone does 3 damage to Mac per hit, his Right Swing clone does 2 damage to Mac per hit, and the Boomerang does a whopping 13 damage if it hits.
Description: Chad stands still, says his Cue, and then backs up. He's invulnerable to damage before he backs up. Meanwhile, he generates two other Chads. The first one will always do his Left Swing move, and the second one will always do his Right Swing move. After that, Chad will throw his PlayStation 3 boomerang controller at Little Mac. The controller continually homes in on Little Mac, so dodging it is futile. After the boomerang hits Mac or is deflected, it returns to Chad, and Chad walks back to the center of the stage to repeat this attack. He's vulnerable at this point.
Round: 3.
Evasion: See above for how to dodge Chad's Left and Right Swings. It's just one after the other now. Alternatively, you can block the Right Swings and take no damage from them, but that's not recommended due to the blocking cool down. As the Description mentioned, Mac must block the boomerang attack. Block with the right timing, like the screenshot below shows.

Right about here would be good.

That's all of Chad's moves. Three of them. Yet he's rocking Punch-Out!! Wii's Disco Kid theme, so that instantly makes up for it. Chad requires much more precise dodging and hitting than Go called for. So while Go was there to teach the player the basics, Chad is aiming for mastery of your basic skill set. Your timing of hits, your dodging, your adaptability. The three remaining bosses get a lot more complicated from now on.

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