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Friday, October 9, 2020

Kamek Koopa Got Married!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He's happy. We're happy for him, too.

Yesterday, Kamek returned from California (he was at the Cosmos Space Center for a few days) on a KoopaTV reporting assignment. Today, Kamek went and had a wedding and is now married. Sorry, other ladies.

Remember when KoopaTV reacted to Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us back in February 2019, and Kamek had a “female friend” reacting with him? That's whom he is now married to. Yeah, that reaction log was the first time any of us knew who this person was, and it turns out that you all got to sort of meet her at the same time we on staff sort of met her, too. (You're not gonna see a wedding pic in this article, for your information, but you will see other pictures.)

While I was invited to his wedding as a friend of Kamek's for almost 17 years now, I couldn't physically attend it. I did mail him a gift, however, that I think fits the circumstances of how we (his new wife and KoopaTV) got acquainted:

Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Sweetheart Pikachu Plush box Pokémon Center
Depicted: Kamek opening the Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Sweetheart Pikachu Plush I mailed to him.
(‘cause Pikachu featured in the movie... which was about the Power of Us... “us” being the Pikachu couple.
Which represents Kamek and Mrs. Kamek. Got it?)

Former KoopaTV staffer and founding member RawkHawk2010 also caught wind of the wedding and of my gift, and sort of reproduced it in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

Pikachu male female Libre Super Smash Bros. Ultimate love Heart Container congratulations Valentine's
Rawk noted that Pikachu Libre is a girl.
(And that timing the Heart Container spinning animation with Pikachu's blinking took him over an hour.)

In case you're wondering, the fourth original founder of KoopaTV hasn't done anything for Kamek. That guy is a traitor and a scumbag, and I probably shouldn't be mentioning him in a happy article, but that's the kind of person I am.

But, hey, I also have a nice side. Somewhere. Ignoring the fact that I sent Kamek on a reporting mission in another universe two days before his wedding (well, I can't go by myself to California... I got arrested the last time I was there, but Kamek can teleport)—and last I heard, he said his wedding preparations were “cursed” but fell short of blaming me for it—KoopaTV is strongly pro-family, and pro-love, so Kamek is free to take whatever time off he wants... well, within reason. (Not like it'll make much of a difference to this site's operation.)

We're also pro-privacy, so I of course already asked Kamek if it'd be okay to write an article about this in the first place. He said yes, but he also doubted that very many people will care. I told him WE care and it doesn't matter if others don't. ...That said, I recommend you please show Kamek you care in the comments section below.

Paper Mario The Origami King why are you crying like that Kamek Bowser Jr.
...Come on, Bowser Jr...

Ludwig isn't married or even taken, by the way. ...In case anyone was wondering or interested. ...Just saying. ...Don't mind that, go ahead and congratulate Kamek! He'll see the responses at some point.


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