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Thursday, October 1, 2015

KoopaTV's September 2015 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The start of the anti-summer brings some bad news. And some decent consistencies.

Even though school is reportedly ruining everyone's browsing lives (and I will write an article sometime in the future about how that's a myth), KoopaTV's September was pretty much the same as its August, in terms of viewing activity. And in terms of reader interaction, it was a lot better than August, at least according to a count of point distribution in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, our on-going contest to give our best/most loyal reader (or "player") a PRIZE. Round 4's (September-October) prize is your choice of $10 in Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft digital storefront spending money. 

Let's look at our standings for the Loyalty Rewards Program. Remember, we're only halfway through Round 4, but our performers definitely weren't optimal for the amount of points you can get in a half of a round. You can swoop in and get some sweet code!
  1. ShinyGirafarig — 44 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 38 points
  3. Marmar Omgcheez — 7 points
Based on the previous time we had a two-month round (Round 3), folks at the top can get very... complacent in the second half of the round. Be weary of that, folks.

Before we get to the top five recommended articles from September 2015, we have important news regarding one of KoopaTV's previous articles that is also directly related to KoopaTV's flagship videogame, Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! (playable here on your browser for free).

KoopaTV has a strategy guide covering the five bosses in the game. The guide for the fourth boss has mysteriously disappeared, and we're investigating why. This has caused a gap in our stellar record of having an article every day. That said, KoopaTV does have the article backed up, so we can just republish it. We'd rather figure out why it was taken down, first.

Blogger Google content management system blog Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! strategy guide deleted post
There is no (Boss 4) Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! Strategy Guide!

...By the way, reminder: All of our +1s disappeared when we switched domain names. So if you want to help us out, +1 a bunch of KoopaTV stuff on your Google account.

Okay, top five recommended article time! Here is a list of five of the KoopaTV articles from September 2015 that you really have to read if you just lived in a cave (or schoolhouse detention) for the past month. In chronological order.
  1. Corporate America: A Minion's Training Ground
  2. Elect Ledge Trump for President 2016!
  3. Shigeru Miyamoto is NOT Bowser Jr.'s Mother!
  4. Ace Attorney: Anime, New Live-Action, and TGS Live Stream Details on Ace Attorney 6!
  5. Sleeping vs. Eating: A Problem With Gamer Culture
I asked the other staff members to provide me what their list of five would be, and the one I would give is almost totally different than their lists. That speaks to the quality of articles from September. So that's a real treat to y'all.
Also, just to cheat as the "sixth" article that you have to read... We have a staff shake-up, with RawkHawk2010 leaving KoopaTV's staff a third time. His absences before have been about a month-long each, so he should be coming back. Really soon. I hope. I miss him.

With him gone, our staff shortage is all the more apparent. Please consider joining KoopaTV's staff for one of the many possible positions we have! If you got any talent or even no talent, we have something for you to do to help our cause of spreading Truth and Levity in the videogame industry!

No talent? That's right, we just posted a new job position, the "Data Entry Minion"! The name for that is inspired from the first in our list of top five recommended articles, so really go read that one. You don't need any skills besides being able to copy-paste things, really.

...So that disqualifies mobile-only people. We'll keep discriminating against y'all.

Even if KoopaTV discriminates against you, you should still help promote KoopaTV. Maybe if you buy some KoopaTV merchandise, the proceeds can go to accommodating your awful Internet-browsing devices? But if you can't do that, then sharing KoopaTV around is totally free! Share to your friends! Your enemies! Random people! And you can get points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program for referring people, don't forget.

KoopaTV's staff met for our quarterly meeting and took a photo of it. That's gotta mean good things.
See last month's newsletter for... whatever we mentioned last month.
Next month's article has headers again. That's gotta be worth looking at.
Last year's September newsletter has us inching closer to our modern name scheme for these articles.
Next year's September newsletter in 2016 has less information than this one, but that's not bad, is it?


  1. I have no idea what I would write about. Probably about video game related merchandise. Especially about adorable plushies.

    (I search nearly everyday to see if the Splatoon related plushies that are not the currently released squid cushions are out)

    1. Hey, I write about things I'm not (initially) interested in all the time! (And it shows, doesn't it?)
      We love adorable plushies so +1 to that idea.


  2. I understand being weary of complacency, but shouldn't I be wary of it instead?

    1. You especially should be weary of it since it's caused you to get 2nd place twice.
      That's gotta be annoying.

    2. I wasn't displeased with my second-place prizes.

    3. You're welcome. :)

      Too bad at this point we're too poor to give out more than winner-takes-all. :(


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