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Friday, October 2, 2015

A KoopaTV Staff Photo-Op!

By VORTEXICA - Enjoy this commemorative photo!

It's been a shaky year for KoopaTV in terms of staff stability, as the graph I made on the about page shows. Yet we soldier on!

Incidentally, two weeks from now happens to be National Boss's Day for the purpose of promoting harmony in the workplace, particularly between employer (read: Ludwig) and employees. So in case we have something better to report on the 16th, I thought I'd bring it up now while we have nothing else on.

...And what better way to foster a healthy working environment than to round everyone up for a company photograph? It's time for another one of those quarterly meetings in our Sierra Leone office! Say 'KoopaTV'!

KoopaTV Ludwig Von Koopa Wendy O. Kamek Vortex Sierra Leone mug
Simply scrumptious.

Posing around the KoopaTV mug, under the triband colours of Sierra Leone. That's how we roll here at KoopaTV.

By the way, you can purchase the mug from the store for the low, low price of just $30! Wow, what incredible value! Ludwig also seems to think it's the next best thing to a Koopa Clown Car. Wendy, our newest member, doesn't look too pleased at being dragged away from the behind-the-scenes work she normally does. And of course, there's yours truly acting all casual with Kamek perched on my arm.

The elephant in the room (or not in the room, as it were) is perhaps the absence of Rawk, since this was taken after he left. Ludwig mentioned yesterday that he hopes Rawk returns to KoopaTV soon, and that goes for the rest of the staff. I miss him too, we all do...

Despite recent losses, KoopaTV retains four dedicated staff — the same number as when it launched in 2013 — who will continue to bring you Fair and Balanced coverage of the topics of the day. On behalf of that staff, Vortexica hopes you all have a pleasant weekend! See you on Monday!

You can join KoopaTV's staff and take part in our no-expenses-paid organisation meetings in Sierra Leone by applying for a staff position!
What KoopaTV had something better to report on? Uh...
Looks like Rawk DID come back! In 2016.
This staff photo has evolved into a full-on photo comic video series! Watch episode 1 of KoopaTV Adventures here!


  1. We got some ugly ass racist ass ignorant ass bitchass niggas up in this hood smh

    1. Who tf reps Sierra Leone smh

    2. That's where our office is.

      Been that way for over a year now, dude!

      Gives us all sorts of abilities, like bypassing labour laws and having cheap rent. At the risk of possibly obtaining Ebola.


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