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Friday, April 22, 2022

Splatoon 3 for September 9, 2022 Release (Still Summer)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm not putting a shoes pun in this article's headline, too.

I was very committed to publishing something entirely different today, but, no, Nintendo is pulling this “Release Date Revealed” stunt again for the second time this week:

After a full three-minute Turf War match revealing new weapons and special weapons, the end of the video says that Splatoon 3 will become available on September 9, 2022. This is in-line with what Nintendo said in the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, which declared the release date to be Summer 2022. September 9 counts as the summertime. Sure, it's after Labor Day and the kids will be in school and not on vacation. But summer ends over a week later. Who cares about the school kids? People who work JOBS are working even in the summer anyway. Unless they're in Europe and just take a vacation in the whole July and August. Then, yeah, I figure September 9 is a bit inconvenient. Oh well.

If you want something to do until Splatoon 3 releases in four and a half months, and you for some reason are a subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack (which we're not at KoopaTV), then today Nintendo also made Splatoon 2's excellent single-player story-based Octo Expansion included in your subscription. That doesn't help if you don't already own Splatoon 2, and if you don't have that yet... I wouldn't recommend it now. Just wait for Splatoon 3.

I think the coolest thing of the gameplay trailer was the Octobrush user's grappling Special at 1:33 that lets them zip around, even behind entrenched Charger lines, go behind them, splat them, and then retreat back when the timer is up. That whole sequence was really cool to me. And it looks like everyone gets a Discord tag now or something, with customisable (?) name tags and identifiers. The animations and movements and style is above even Splatoon 2's, and I'm curious how the new gameplay changes will affect the metagame that developed throughout Splatoon 2's lifetime. Even the act of spawning is a bit different now.

...Though what I'm most curious about are the things not shown in this trailer... like the story mode and lore and such. Ah well. We'll experience that for ourselves starting September 9...

The release date isn't faster or slower than what was promised, so Ludwig won't go around talking about Swim Speed-Up sneakers or anything. Let him know if you want to play Splatoon 2 sometime soon. He still thinks it's quite fun.

Also on or before September 9 will be Splatoon 3-themed Pro Controllers, Carrying Cases, and an (OLED model) skin.
Ludwig bought Splatoon 3 on launch day.


  1. No shoe puns? I love this article with all my heart and sole.

    A shocking amount of really great games have been announced and released this year. I’m not sure if 2023 is gonna be better or worse but this is one of the most exciting years nintendos had since 2017-18.


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