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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

No Hopes for a guy named Shez

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I can't quite put my claw on it, but that name really bothers me.

Time for another night of Nintendo putting out a game trailer and me talking about it. This time for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. I really almost wrote Houses. ...And I almost forgot to write Warriors. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the game that I was about to be excited about when there was a new Fire Emblem game to be announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, only for it to be a Warriors game. Anyway, there's a mysterious mercenary here:

Shez is the mysterious purple-haired person. Are they the mercenary? ...Or is Byleth the mysterious mercenary? I mean, Byleth literally is a mercenary. And they ARE mysterious. The Ashen Demon. It seems like Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has Byleth as an antagonist that almost killed off this Shez guy (like Byleth has canonically slain several other people prior to the events of Fire Emblem: Three Homes without any emotion)... but Shez survives somehow (it looks like Shez was on the ground and Byleth was about to finish them off... so why is Shez still alive?), got to Garreg Mach Monastery, and all of a sudden the timeline has changed because Shez is impactful for some reason.

Shez's name also can and should be changed. It bothers me.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Shez protagonist name purple hair
I like that “Shez” is the only word in the entire trailer in quotation marks.

It seems like you can choose between the three houses in Three Hopes like you can in Three Houses, between Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. It doesn't matter which one you pick in that massive quantities of presumably well-trained soldiers are powerless against one person's button-mashing. From the trailer, it seems at least part of the storyline tracks closely with Three Houses, like Edelgard's invasion of the Church of Seiros. Though Shez might be responsible for the characters’ motivations instead of Byleth this time.

The game has some mechanics from its source material, like weapon ranks/boons, classes, battalions, combat arts, adjutants, and battle preparation exploring the monastery (or generic battle camp, which is something Three Houses needed a lot more of because going back to the monastery between every chapter was stupid), including eating at the dining hall. I don't know if it'll be necessary to do all of that in a game where you can button mash to victory, just like it's unnecessary in Three Houses except for maybe the highest Maddening difficulty.

Oh, and Holst finally appears in the flesh. (Pink-haired guy at the end.) That's something! And the music will probably be good.

Ludwig had to go back and correct any gendered references to Shez, because Shez can take a masculine form or a feminine form, just like Byleth, so it'd be wrong to assume their gender. Regardless of Shez's gender, reproductive organs, or chromosomes (however you choose to define a woman... or a man), they are still a loser who should be dead. Consider the title to be gender-neutral.

Shez is actually overpowered in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, but absolutely comes across as a fan-fic original character in the actual release.


  1. "Regardless of Shez's gender, reproductive organs, or chromosomes (however you choose to define a woman... or a man)"

    Is defining a man or a woman by how many piles of miserable secrets are contained an option?

    1. How many miserable secrets makes one pile? Couldn't you fit every miserable secret into one pile?

  2. The part about Shez’s gender at the end of the article reminds me of when I misgendered people on Discord chat servers.

    P.S. This was my original comment from earlier but I removed it because it had my old username and a generic Blogger logo as the PFP.

    1. Looks like the same account! Kinda suspicious username!

    2. Yeah. My younger self (this account first joined back in 2016) thought it would be a good name to have lol

    3. Did... you have 500 YouTube subscribers?

      Also, were the people on the Discord server angry at you?

    4. 01. I didn’t have 500 until just recently. I changed it every 100 subs I got. I currently have 507 subs on my channel and when I get to 600 (which will be in a while from now) I’ll change it to 600 YouTube subscribers.

      02. The people on the Discord server really weren’t angry at me, they just kept telling me over and over that she (the person I misgendered) was, well, a she, not a he.

    5. Did they kick you out or anything?
      ...Or was "she" angry at you in particular? Or did other people correct you on her behalf?

    6. Nope, wasn’t kicked out.
      She wasn’t angry at me in particular and yes, other people did correct me on her behalf.

    7. *shrug*
      She should be able to handle herself.

  3. I guess you could say that She'z not as cool as Byleth.

    1. Eyyy that's a good one.

      (It's also pretty sad to be less cool than someone with a personality of a rock.)


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