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Monday, July 16, 2018

Prime Day 2018; of dogs and an attorney

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - For gaming, it's what you'd expect.

After indefinite refreshing of Amazon and trying for many hours, I've gotten past their 503 errors (service unavailable — not a good message when a lot of the world now relies on Amazon cloud services for keeping their Internet lights on) featuring dog photographs, ostensibly of the dogs that their employees are allowed to bring into their office. As far as I'm concerned, these canines are little better than Chain Chomps, and they're the ugly face of Amazon's technical errors.

Having made my way past the treacherous mutt-ridden annals of Amazon, what have I found for Amazon's Prime membership-only Prime Day super-sales day from a gaming perspective? Truly... not much. That's not a surprise, since I sort of write that every year.

Once again, it's a great time to buy stuff like carrying cases, SD cards, headsets, chargers, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Nothing truly amazing or a must-purchase. One item is notable, though. (And... not a must-purchase.)

You can get the box set for the Ace Attorney anime Part 1 (episodes 1–13) at 34% off, or $43 instead of $65. That still isn't even close to covering the noted price gap between the anime part that covers four-fifths of one game, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy that is three whole games for $30 on the 3DS. If the latter sounds a lot more appealing and a natural deal, you're free to go to the eShop at any time and buy it. (But if and when an Ace Attorney game gets discounted past its natural bargain price, KoopaTV will tell you.)

There is an article that Ludwig has to write before this week is over, but he's been absolutely dreading doing so because he's afraid of what it will do to KoopaTV's reputation, so he's trying to delay it. It'll be obvious what the article is when it comes. All of that is to say nothing about Prime Day 2018, which makes sense, since there isn't anything to say about it.

Prime Day 2017 wasn't all that good, either, but at least Ludwig tried to do something extra with the article space.
For that $43 you could spend on the anime, you could buy the entire Ace Attorney series.
Prime Day 2019 is better than this, if only because of the sales not on Amazon.


  1. If it makes you feel any better (about the obligatory article), I won't be able to participate in said article's topic since my Joy-Cons are being sent to repair... again.

  2. Prime Day itself was disappointing to me, but Twitch Prime's month-long Prime Day celebration has made it all worthwhile.

    1. I haven't heard of... most of those games anyway. <_<

      (And don't have the time for 'em.)

  3. If you ever have issues with Amazon loading, usually still works. When the homepage was not working a few days ago, the smile domain was still functioning.

    Thanks to a MasterCard and Amazon promotion, I was able to get another free three month trial of Prime and participate in the mediocre savings. The only item I ended up buying was a pair of sunglasses for 20% off. I have a few cheap pairs already, but this one was rated pretty highly and I thought it looked nicer than the ones I see in stores. The best sales were of course on Amazon devices as it will always be. As for Nintendo products, some PowerA accessories were discounted and the SNES New 3DS XL was being sold for $150. Other than that, there was nothing of real interest to me.

    1. Hm... noted. (But what if I don't want to contribute to charity?)

      Ooh, sunglasses. Now you can be cool like a Koopa Troopa.


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