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Monday, March 26, 2018

Announcement: Ace Attorney Anime Second Season!


It just wouldn't be WRIGHT... or right, to have only one season of the Ace Attorney anime. I have no idea how popular the anime actually is, but now Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations will get to be portrayed in an animated format in... Season Two! Starting in Fall 2018, in Japan!

Season One was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All, and any reference to Season Two before now was... mistaken vocabulary.

The Justice For All part of the first anime batch is officially considered Part Two of Season One. That's a little different than being Season Two.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Anime Gyakuten Saiban season 2 Maya Fey Godot promotional image
I'd love to give you some original imagery of Ace Attorney anime season two,
but this is all we got.

It isn't stated how many parts there will be of Season Two, but according to some Japanese translation (see embedded tweet below), series genius Shu Takumi will be putting together some original new story content for the anime. Since Trials & Tribulations is packed enough as it is (you telling me they're gonna fit that all in less than thirteen episodes to make room for new stories? ...Sounds cramped, and I don't want them to cut cases here), this hints to me Season Two will have more than one part.

By the way, I wouldn't dedicate a whole article to this if I didn't approve of the Ace Attorney anime. Any obnoxiously negative comments (as opposed to just regularly negative) from me about the anime came from trying to watch the anime with sub-titles or no translations. The anime being dubbed makes it much better. No word from Funimation on if they or anyone else are going to dub Season Two, but if they will, it won't be for some year(s) from now.

Either way, look forward to some possible Trials & Tribulations music remixes. Fortunately, that's appreciable cross-language!

KoopaTV recommends you watch the dub of the Ace Attorney anime, but only after you play the games they are based on, which would be the games in the convenient compilation package, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. KoopaTV always publishes an article whenever they semi-regularly go on sale on the 3DS eShop (most recently at the start of March 2018, otherwise known as “this month”), and KoopaTV regularly gives away eShop card codes as part of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program so you can easily purchase it!

With part two of season one or whatever it's called now out, the world is awaiting for whenever this second season will be done.


  1. I've only watched the first two episodes but I found them to be a decent enough adaptation. I will have to watch the rest of the series to see just how the entire thing holds up.

    1. Do so by the next time we write about the anime, which will probably be in May when Part 2 of Season 1 comes out.

      I want a different conversation in this comments section.

  2. My husband's entry into the Ace Attorney world is via the anime.

    1. Want to elaborate on that?
      Did he watch the whole anime through? Did he transition to the games?

    2. He watched it entirely but I forgot if it was the dubbed or subbed one. He did not play the games yet.

    3. If he doesn't play the games I'll blame the anime.

  3. I enjoyed the original episode a lot, so I'm looking forward to the new content!

    1. I enjoyed it, too.

      (A lot of it because of that scene with Franziska in the car.)

      Seeing Gregory as a father for a little bit was heartwarming. ^_^

    2. Yes! Franziska was good. xD I also thought it humanized Manfred a little more than usual.

      Gee, now if only there was a game with Gregory in it that Capcom could localize... :/

    3. ...Yeah, if only...!

      Oh, yeah, and Missile appeared.


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