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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Potential of Kirby's Dream Friends

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They're dreams. (Maybe?) Of course they have tons of potential!

Today, the first (free) downloadable content, referred to as a patch by Nintendo, for Kirby Star Allies has released. 

In terms of content, it adds the Kirby's Dream Land 2 fellows Rick, Kine, and Coo all as one setting-adapted character. That's my way of saying that when you're on land, it's Rick. When you're in water, it's Kine. In the air, it's Coo. The patch also adds Kirby's Dream Land 3 loser Gooey, and Kirby Super Star's final boss, Marx.

Kirby Star Allies Dream Friends patch Kine Rick Coo Marx Gooey
From left to right: Kine, Rick, Coo, Marx, and Gooey.

Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that Kirby Star Allies integrates the new Dream Friends very well, as well as they do the already-existing-on-Day-1 Dream Friends, Bandana Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight. Full story integration, as well as post-game activities.

I have a little question as to what the point of having these new Dream Friends be released now. I mean, they were done before the game was released, right? So why not on Day 1? If it was an effort to keep people playing Kirby Star Allies after release, why only less than two weeks since the release of Kirby Star Allies? Why not at least a month? Well, they did hint that there could be more updates to come (“updates” “first free update”), which leads me to the rest of this article.

Bandana Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight are all buffed versions of existing abilities in the game. That's Staff, Hammer, and Sword + Wing. On the other hand, the new Dream Friends aren't easy to define in terms of existing material, and they are substantially more powerful than the existing Dream Friends.

Kirby Star Allies Marx pause menu description flavour text famous jester
I'm not sure if Kirby will share his food with Marx, though. (Mouth-to-mouth doesn't count.)

I have no idea which route they'll take for future updates — buffs of existing guys, or overpowered originals. If they want to go with the former, then I suggest...

...Captain Vul!

Captain Vul orgasm face Kirby Super Star
Yes, Captain Vul! You!

Captain Vul, otherwise known as the Captain of the Halberd (Meta Knight's ship), has only appeared in-avian in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. He also appears as a fan-favourite main character in my decade-old fan-fiction, Events of Star World. Per that appearance, he would be a combination of Wing, Clean, and Whip.

...Unfortunately for my hopes and DREAMS, the next batch of Dream Friends, if it were to happen, would probably focus on characters like Magolor that HAL Laboratory wants to push as important. Besides being a keychain in Kirby Triple Deluxe, HAL is perfectly content having you forget Captain Vul exists.

But if Captain Vul was finally playable, that would make my face look something like the one you see above this paragraph. He won't get into Super Smash Bros., so becoming a Dream Friend is the next best thing.

Let's hope that if HAL makes more updates that weren't planned and already developed from before the game was released, that it integrates as well in Kirby Star Allies as this first patch has. Again, I won't spoil how well that is or how it does so, but believe me, they put effort into it.

Ludwig promises to write a formal review — which is a very big deal on KoopaTV — on Kirby Star Allies sometime in 2018. As of today, he has completed the story mode, and his percentage completion has increased quite a bit from the first screenshot of this article. There is a lot that still needs to be played before Ludwig can formulate a full opinion of the game, so stay tuned.

Here is Wave 2 of the Dream Friends. No Captain Vul.
Ludwig's formal review was completed within 2018. Read it here!


  1. Captain Vul definitely deserves a spot in the roster as he is the co-commander of the one of the most powerful airships in the known Kirby universe. Besides him, I would like to see some other forgotten characters such as Gryll and Ribbon make a return. Magalor has been in several games since his first appearance, so I would not like to see him added although it is likely inevitable.

    1. Apparently (according to the Kirby Wiki), all of Captain Vul, Gryll, and Ribbon appear as Stone transformations in Kirby Star Allies, so there are chances for all of them! (Magolor does too.)

      I haven't seen it myself since I hardly use Stone.


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