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Thursday, March 31, 2016

KoopaTV's March 2016 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Just a quick update on the site.

Did you like KoopaTV this March? If you don't, that'd suck. Anyway, as usual, we had great content this month. So great, that I decided to publish this newsletter talking about how great we were a day before you'd expect it.

It was so great, I could not wait.

You were great too. Take a look at the final standings of the one-month-long Round 7 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program

  1. ShinyGirafarig — 57 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 32 points
  3. Nandin Lopez — 29 points 

ShinyGirafarig is our GRAND (and only) PRIZE WINNER! You get a $10 Nintendo eShop code! Just... not right away. ...I'm still in Brazil, and those aren't widely available here. Please understand.

Okay, back to how great we are. Let's check out my top five most recommended articles from March 2016, in chronological order:

  1. Interactive User Interfaces... Helping You LEARN!
  2. Paper Mario: The Series' First Trailers
  3. Nintendo NY's Grand Reopening
  4. Smash Ain't No Joke — But Little Mac Became One
  5. The Media's Misreporting of the Wii U's Production Into Next Year
The great thing about KoopaTV is that every article is worth reading. I could've given a totally different set of five articles, and you wouldn't give me a weirder look than usual.

Stay tuned to KoopaTV. Whatever happens tomorrow will surely be awesome, right? Every day is awesome on KoopaTV! (Except Saturdays and Sundays.)

...Ugh, that optimism is making me sick.

While Ludwig is only pretending to be an optimist, if you actually are one, you should share KoopaTV's awesomeness to everyone you know! Spread the greatness.

The optimism wasn't making Ludwig sick, but something else...
Ludwig finally got to escape Brazil and get the eShop code for ShinyGirafarig.
Last month's newsletter is accessible here. It was published on the first of March.
Eventually, Ludwig got better and the rest of April happened. Here is its review newsletter.
For last year's March newsletter, click here. 
For next year's March newsletter, click here.


  1. Here comes my anxiety about a certain day of the year. At least it is easy to remember my friend's son's birthday.

    Also today I learned I finally got a full time job with benefits. Yay.

    1. ...April 15? That's the scariest day of the year.

      Oh. Nice.

    2. I want to decorate my new cubicle/office desk with plushies. I decided maybe I will get a Plushwig for that purpose.

    3. Sheesh, you're acting like Plushwig is a mass-produced commodity.


      When's your first day?

    4. Plush toys calm me down, so if there is ever a stressful situation one look or maybe a stroking of the plush will soothe me. Don't you want a plush replica of yourself to help me with dealing with my fears? Maybe I'll bring in my homemade plush Duck Hunt dog and duck instead. I am way overprotective of my Splatoon plushies so far as I imported the Squid Sisters directly and Inkling Girl and Boy were already in America but were pricier as they were already imported beforehand. I bought the latter two like that because I got an Amazon Gift Card from my part time job on Sundays who gave me it as a thanks for being with them all those years. I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. Actually, I would be devastated if any of my plushies were stolen.

      I do not know when my first day is yet, they have to do background checking for me.

    5. You should be overprotective of Plushwig too. :(
      ...Erm, feel free to stroke me, erm, Plushwig all you want. :o

      I once didn't get a job because I expressed over-concern for the background checking process. >.>


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