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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Watch Kamek's Tom Clancy's The Division Stream!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He's going to play through (some of?) story mode.

True to what we published yesterday, Kamek bought Tom Clancy's The Division! I also said that we probably wouldn't cover anything about it post-release, but KoopaTV breaks what's probable all the time.

Since he just got it (after a long download process — silly digital downloading folks!), he needs to go through story mode first. Plus, Ubisoft has scheduled maintenance this night for the multiplayer servers. Gotta make sure they aren't busted already. Early and often, that's what I say!

So, check out Kamek's Twitch stream here. He's streaming as of after this is published. I'll be watching. 

Just a warning: The game is M-rated, so, um, yeah. You're not supposed to watch if you're under 17.

Tom Clancy's The Division language options profile setup English
English only.
By the way, did I ever mention Kamek has a sexy, manly voice? He does.

You can/should also follow/subscribe to Kamek's Twitch so you can watch his stuff without a KoopaTV article telling you to. He streams... irregularly.

Tom Clancy's The Division character creator customizable Bandit Keith Ubisoft
If you don't watch, you'll miss the Bandit Keith impersonation.

If you missed the stream for March 9, Kamek says he'll stream more the night of March 10! (Around 10:30 PM.)

Kamek obviously didn't write this article because he's the one putting the stream together. What'd you expect? That's what we have staff for. DIVISION of labour. (Ludwig thinks he's brilliant for that pun.) 

KoopaTV later asks that you watch Jareditton's live stream of Star Wars games. There's a twist with this request: There is also a charity component!
Kamek's streams are so important they continue to get articles dedicated to their existence. This time for Yooka-Laylee!


  1. I watched it and made an account to prove I have been there. Someone already took "ShinyGirafarig" though. Is someone trying to pose as me or does someone else like a Girafarig that is shiny?

    1. That sounds like an important question you need to find an answer to.

      At least you're still adorable. :)


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