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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tom Clancy's The Division is Finally Out!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Is it the end of a KoopaTV running gag?

After KoopaTV held Ubisoft's figurative feet to the fire with their March 8, 2016 release date after they've been delaying it for years, Ubisoft finally released the long-awaited Tom Clancy's The Division! That article I just linked has the whole timeline with more links: Ubisoft has been touting the game since E3 2013. Then E3 2014. Then they showed it again at E3 2015, where they called it a world premiere.

It's out. Worldwide. Everyone's playing it on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the PC. Even KoopaTV's very own Kamek, who might be livestreaming it somewhere. Just not as of publishing, and not on So we're happy to break the news, since we've been following the game's every new development. Why, you could say we're obsessed with it. Everyone at the KoopaTV staff. Probably for different reasons.

Tom Clancy's The Division news website launch release day March 8 2016
KoopaTV is breaking that Tom Clancy's The Division is out before Ubisoft's own website does so.
(Screenshot taken Tuesday, March 08, 2016, after 9 PM Eastern.)

But there's more!

Correlating with the fact that Xbox One owners could play an exclusive ALPHA version (read: very buggy, but the participants were under a strict non-disclosure agreement so it's not public as to what extent it was buggy) before anyone else, and that the E3 2015 world (re-)premiere happened at the Microsoft conference, Ubisoft is giving out an Xbox One if you retweet their stuff. It's too late to get in on that if you're just hearing about it now. Maybe we should've mentioned it yesterday, but trashing Paper Mario: Color Splash was super-important.

Tom Clancy's The Division custom Xbox One skin orange black
It's better-looking than the GayStation 4, but that's pretty much it.

Here's the ultimate question: Will KoopaTV devote post-release coverage to The Division?

...Only time will tell.

(Probably not.) 

Since The Division is all about the numbers and math (at least in my head), as of publishing, here are the User Reviews on Metacritic (there aren't Critic Reviews yet) for the three systems it's present on:

Tom Clancy's The Division User Reviews Metacritic negative bomb Ubisoft
Those massive negative reviewers just have an axe to grind!

I asked someone who bought it day 1, and here's what he had to say:
“its good
i shoot guys
and sometimes i heal guys
it actually ran pretty well
the servers are dank too
i ran into a bit of lag but it wasnt anything major”


Ludwig's been wanting to have a game dedicated to division for many years, and it's finally here! He's geeking out about it. Are you?

Kamek bought the game, and is live-streaming it!
The Division 2 came out three years later, and most people like it.


  1. “its good
    i shoot guys
    and sometimes i heal guys
    it actually ran pretty well
    the servers are dank too
    i ran into a bit of lag but it wasnt anything major”

    Let me translate that into Nintendo fan:

    "Baaaaaah. I'm a sheep, I'm a sheep."

  2. Awww.. but I wanted the chance to try to win a horridly-coloured Xbox One.


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