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Friday, September 25, 2015

Speaker John Boehner Is Gonna Retire!


There are many important videogame-related topics I should be writing about that are relevant now but will be less relevant later. And this news isn't going anywhere. But I don't care because writing this is keeping in line with my New Years Resolution:
"I also resolve to hold the new Republican majority in Congress accountable in the same manner I held the Democrat Party and President Barack Hussein Obama accountable. I campaigned hard to get 'em in, now they better damn be good."
And... um... they aren't good. They haven't been good. They've been complete failures. As Ledge Trump said in his announcement speech, "We have people that are morally corrupt." And most Republicans (and Americans) agree, according to a new Fox News poll:

Fox News poll Republican Congress block Barack Obama agenda feel betrayed
66% of Republican voters think the Republican Congress isn't doing its job, and 60% feel betrayed. I'm in those majorities.

Speaker Boehner has been a huge part of that, as the leader of the House of Representatives. He's been the Speaker since 2011, though it wasn't until 2015 that the Senate caught up with the Republican Party. Basically, he's been capitulating on every issue conservatives care about, by not defunding ObamaCare to giving Obama the debt ceiling increases he wanted. For all the talk about Republican obstructionism, for the issues that really matter, Boehner was fine giving the win to President Barack Hussein Obama.

It's a problem, and while Boehner may be a Republican, he has the worst aspects of one. Just like how a Dry Bones is a Koopa, but not a very lively one.
John Boehner Red Bones Paper Mario Dry Boner
John "Bones" Boehner.

The Congressional Republicans have had an absolutely abysmal record, which makes me feel stupid for endorsing them last year during the elections. Not that the alternative would be any better.

There is a reason during the September debate that Bobby Jindal said he wanted to dismantle the Republican Party. It's losers like John Boehner.

So it's a damn good thing that John Boehner will be resigning as the House Speaker by the end of October 2015. Some nonsense about how it's good for "the institution." He kept talking about "the institution." What the hell does THAT MEAN? And does it matter?

Well, whatever his methods of reaching the correct decision, it's about time Boehner is getting the hell out. Who will his replacement be? Hopefully someone that is nothing like John Boehner.

John Boehner resign from Speaker of the House blow wipe nose tissue
John Boehner wiping his nose with the same tissue from State of the Union 2015.

Whatever happens, it's likely that the country will be a better place as a result of Boehner's departure. And that somehow relates to the videogame industry in some way. Use your imagination.

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