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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ace Attorney 6 Coming to the West!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - And officially announced in the East, too.

We have known that Capcom has been working on Ace Attorney 6 for well over a year now. But it wasn't really formally announced and we didn't have any information on it. That just changed. Well, it's more of a teaser of a teaser, but hey, as the article title states, we NOW know it's going to come outside of Japan. Whatever it is. So basically, it was officially announced and at the same time we know it'll be localised.
Well, we also know some more information. Like this logo.

Ace Attorney 6 Gyakuten Saiban logo new Japanese six
Japan has a tendency of calling these "Gyakuten Saiban #!" while everyone else gets a longer and longer sub-title.

And as we can tell by Wright's hair in there (reflecting his slightly new hairdo) that it's a sequel to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. But we can also look at Phoenix Wright as more than a disproportional silhouette with a mouth:

Phoenix Wright artwork render Gyakuten Saiban 6 Ace Attorney stern mad
Is it just me, or does he look really serious?
...Guy's gotta remember to bring levity with him!

The premise of the game, according to reports of this week's Famitsu, is that Mr. Wright is traveling to a non-Japanese (or non-Californian for localised folks) country that is still filled with a bunch of weirdos concerned about the spirits of dead people. So it's basically a giant haunted house, and it may incorporate horror elements.

One element we know it incorporates is the "water mirror", which is described as,
"The image shows how the upper-screen has images and and [SIC] keywords on the water, and the lower-screen shows parts of the testimony and a presenting option." 
So it sounds like the new Mood Matrix, but a lot less high-tech and a lot more confusing. 'cause I have no idea what that means. Apparently the courts in this mysterious country just puts a bunch of mirrors on the floors and walls or whatever. And for some reason they're filled with water? So it's not really a mirror but a sink or a Jacuzzi? Is one of the murders going to happen because someone dunked another dude in the water mirror and they drowned? And then their "spirit" is going to talk through the water mirror but it's REALLY just them talking because they didn't actually drown because there's really a secret passageway underneath? (Hey, that's already a plot point in another Ace Attorney game, so...)

Speaking of other Ace Attorney throwbacks, turns out there is a girl who just looks like she'd be the new Maya:

New Maya sidekick girl partner Gyakuten Saiban 6
She even has a Magatama-like thing.
...Is that an Indian dot?

It's unclear how plucky this girl will be, but those are some nice leggings.

Will Apollo Justice ever learn who his sister is? Did Phoenix Wright flee the country just to avoid telling him? Since it's clearly a sequel to Dual Destinies, how many plotlines will they tie up that were never resolved in Apollo's game or Dual Destinies?

And... since this game was immediately announced to be localised, does that mean the lack of transparency and clarity with regards to the localisations for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban mean those ain't gonna come over? 'cause if the Capcom standard is "we're actually planning to localise this game so we're going to tell you that information right away", then the unlocalised games in the Ace Attorney series CLEARLY don't meet that standard.

It wouldn't be an article about Capcom without some begging involved: Please give us the game in a physical format!

.........Yeah, I have just about zero faith that'll actually happen.

So the game will be PLAYABLE at the Tokyo Game Show (September 17-19). We'll try to send well-regarded KoopaTV staffer and world-traveler Kamek over there, but our current ad revenue can't afford a plane ticket to Japan (or anything else). So please buy something from our overpriced merchandise store so we can give you exclusive coverage in Tokyo!

The filler newsletter article of the month can wait for this important news — Ace Attorney is a large inspiration for the site's attitude, after all. That said, Round 4 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program has started, but Ludwig will give you the details tomorrow. Or you can look at the informational page right now.

September 17-19 has come, and so has the treasure of Ace Attorney information.
A year after this, Ace Attorney 6 will be out in the West. It's also called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice. Also, that Maya-like “girl” above is really a boy named Ahlbi Ur'gaid, but Ludwig refuses to acknowledge that.
Spirit of Justice is coming out September 8, 2016!
You can play the demo for the game!


  1. Ever since the bad sale figures of the first Investigations, it seems Capcom is afraid of bringing over any more spinoffs.

  2. *whispers* That kid with the Magatama is a boy.

    1. ...

    2. ...
      *uses Google*
      Oh, what an interesting looking gir-...
      "He is the fourth son"
      ...Okay. >_>; (Literally wearing a blouse.) Larsa is a pretty feminine name!

      ......Still, nowhere near the worst I've seen.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I didn't know the source was talking about the same dude. >_>
      (And maybe the society that uses "water mirrors" says girls can be priests.)

      Yeah, Mithos is lookin' a bit out of control. I've seen other folks on NSider react to his existence.

    5. Yes, well... I'm pretty sure it was referring to him. :P

      Don't say that name so loud!

    6. Okay, I'll whisper it.


    7. What if some innocent person comes in here and reads the comments? When I was playing Tales of Symphonia, *I* wouldn't have been afraid to read the comments of an Ace Attorney article. :P

    8. I think people know Mithos exists.

      I'd be afraid to read the comments of Ace Attorney articles regardless of what I'd be playing because Ace Attorney fans are unpredictable crazy people.

    9. I try not to spoil stuff in games even if they're old.
      If I'd seen a spoiler here while I was playing Symphonia, even in the comments, I'd have avoided the entire site until I finished. :P

      That's true. XD But they also often have the most fun arguments, filled with "Objection!" and "Take that!" and everyone generally talking like they're in a case. xD

    10. Hm, better avoid talking about videogames on the site then.
      ...oh wait

    11. I think it's only fair to avoid talking about spoilers to a game other than the one the article is about.
      Besides, I try to always include spoiler warnings even if it IS the game the article's about, whether it's one comment hidden in spoiler tags or a warning at the start of the article. :)

    12. Hey, I like to make a lot of comparisons when talking about games.

      That said, I usually do include spoiler warnings in-article at the top of it, most recently when talking about Splatoon's backstory. (aka spoilers no one cares about)

  3. I'm currently playing through the Ace Attorney Trilogy. I was first really introduced to the Phoenix Wright series through the crossover game with Professor Layton. Ever since I finished it, I knew I had to delve into the series. I do not regret my decision.

    1. You made an excellent choice.

      Ace Attorney is the only videogame series besides Super Smash Bros. that I've bought every game that's in the series.
      ...Unless the game isn't available in the United States.

    2. Same here. Ace Attorney is one of reasons why I bought my original DS and now I own every copy.

    3. Good man/woman!

      I already had my DS, since, y'know, I wouldn't buy a DS to play a series I knew nothing about.


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