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Friday, April 22, 2016

Don't Lose Hope in MOTHER 3's Localisation!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's coming... it's coming...

Apparently, everyone thought the April 20, 2016 Nintendo of America stream was going to be about MOTHER 3. It was about Star Fox Zero instead, and it showcased an awesome short film. The reason for that hype? Well, April 20, 2016 is the ten-year anniversary of MOTHER 3 coming out in Japan!

Pft, if Nintendo doesn't care about the anniversary for September 11, what makes you think Nintendo of America would care about the anniversary date for a Japan-only game? What got that idea in your head? The whole worldwide sponsored Splatfest for Pokémon's 20th anniversary despite it only being 20 years for Japan? Hmph! Silly!

Either way, the majority of people are losing hope.

GameFAQs poll of the day MOTHER 3 EarthBound 2 in English localization April 20 10 year anniversary
That said, the wording of the GameFAQs poll options here are stupid, which is why the total vote count is so low.
What if I think they will release it, but not that week?
I said back in July 2015 that MOTHER 3 is coming soon, and it was one of Satoru Iwata's last requests to Reggie Fils-Aime. Then it was released on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console in December of that year.

Was that date a relevant anniversary? No. Not of anything relating to the MOTHER series. Japan just released the game on some random day, that happened to be before Christmas.

What does that show? Nintendo in Japan didn't need an anniversary to push out MOTHER 3, and neither does Nintendo of America.

This particular week existed to promote Star Fox Zero on the Wii U. Everyone knew that. It'd be really dumb to release MOTHER 3 on the Wii U to cannibalise that. That's why this week for the Virtual Console they released the garbage Mario Party DS instead.

I'm surprised they bothered to release anything at all for the Virtual Console, but you don't hear Nintendo talking about how great Mario Party DS is. You want that sort of treatment for MOTHER 3? I don't. It deserves its own space.

Therefore, it's okay it's not released this week. I'm not saying it'll come out next week. But if they wanted to be super cute this year, they'd release it the week of Mother's Day. (May 5 or May 12.) But they don't have to do that, either.

Ludwig would buy MOTHER 3 if it were released on the Virtual Console. He's heard only good things about it, and he liked EarthBound. He never actually got EarthBound Beginnings from the Virtual Console, because he's scared it's unplayable as an out-of-date NES RPG. That lack of a purchase might be sending a message that there isn't demand for MOTHER 3, and if that's the case, Ludwig says sorry.

The article published last year on Earth Day also had to do with EarthBound.
Lost hope? You're the sucker, since MOTHER 3 is apparently about to be out!


  1. Replies
    1. 2008? The year Super Smash Bros. Brawl released and had Lucas as a worldwide available character? That should be the year you START to have hope!

    2. 2008 was the year I lost hope in our world today.

    3. Uh... why are you replying at weird times?

    4. 'cause that's when I came home from the PASSOVER Seder. >.>

    5. Yes it is. It's the whole point of this comments thread.

    6. So you want that comment to be your writing sample?

      'cause you're gonna get rejected in that case.

    7. No thanks.
      You'll get it one year.

    8. So you're not gonna talk about being hired for a whole year?

  2. Maybe it'll be a surprise announcement at E3, like EarthBound Beginnings was last year.


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