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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Team Koopa Escaped Rio — Part 3

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Rio de Janeiro.

At the start of April, I wrote that Team Koopa, that is, myself, Wendy O. Koopa, Roy Koopa, Larry Koopa, King Bowser Koopa, and Bowser Jr. were all stranded at Rio de Janeiro International Airport. Dry Bones and Dry Bowser are part of our Olympic competitive team, too, but they're immune to the Zika Virus while the rest of us weren't.

Since that cut into KoopaTV's April article count, I wanted to give you guys the detailed story about what happened at Rio. It started from me making a long trip from the National Library of Brazil to Rio de Janeiro International Airport. King Dad gave us permission to explore the area as we waited for extraction, and Bowser Jr. and I encountered Zazz, one of the members of the Zeti Deadly Six. They're the ones who gave us Zika. We... didn't really defeat Zazz, but got away from him back to the airport. We ran really fast. You wouldn't think guys with shells could do that, but Zazz is that creepy.

Anyway, in the story, it's about to be Monday morning. Roy, Wendy, and Larry have a story to tell, so I'm going to get to telling their story within my own story. I feel hijacked. But, we'll get past that within this same article, so just read it:
Monday morning passed. It wasn't until Monday afternoon that Roy, Wendy, and Larry were ready to tell the other members of their present family what had happened on their path.

“Wait, shouldn't they know about what happened to us, first?!?” Bowser Jr. exclaimed, pointing to himself and Ludwig.

“It's... really not worth your time.” Ludwig said. He added, “It's only good for filler.”

“BUT MY PHOOOOOOOOONE!” Bowser Jr. whined. “I don't know what to do with my life, now! It's so boring!”

“Oh shut up, already.” Roy said, smashing Bowser Jr.'s face with his fist. “Okay, so the story is like this. Larry and I, and sis too, go out to find the Team Sonic gym, you follow?”

“...Well, you haven't said much so far, so yeah, I follow.” Ludwig muttered.

“But we didn't really know where we were going!” Larry chimed in.


Roy picked Bowser Jr. up and threw him into one of Bowser's luggage suitcases.

Wendy now added her say. “So we went to the beach!”

“Hmph, nice mischief-making. The beach.” Ludwig snickered. “We're past the vacation part of the trip!”

“Hey, Ludwig! You forgot! I'm in Team Koopa for a specific sport, Beach Volleyball! So, I challenged people to Beach Volleyball! And wrecked them! Haw haw!” Roy snorted.

Roy Koopa Beach Volleyball Plus Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games challenge
Beach Volleyball Plus is just Beach Volleyball with some arithmetic involved. Roy is surprisingly still good, even with that.

“And while Roy was winning in volleyball, we were supposed to take the human loser's bags and goods!” Wendy said, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Ludwig shrugged and shook his head. “I can't imagine these Rio peasants have all that much to take.”

“Well, we didn't find out because SOMEONE was distracted!” Wendy fiercely turned her head towards Larry.

“Wot's this about?” Ludwig asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Larry gulped. “There... there was... was... Well, Rosalina!”

“Rosalina's LEGS.” Roy blurted out. “I missed the ball when I saw 'em! ...And then got mad I missed and SMASHED it on my serve!” Roy laughed.

“There was this creep taking pictures of her.” Wendy said.

Larry pulled some photographs from his shell.

Rosalina leotard Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Games
Rosalina is on the floor, showing off her...legs.

Ludwig was leery of the photograph, but Larry pulled out another and stuffed it in front of Ludwig's face.

Rosalina leotard Rhythmic Gymnastics Mario Sonic Rio 2016 Olympic Games 3DS legs
Rosalina is on one leg, with suspiciously low-resolution feet.

Ludwig blocked his eyes. “Larry, I don't want to look at this shit.”

Bowser Jr. popped out of the suitcase to stare at Larry's pictures. Roy facepalmed.

“Is this the whole story?” Ludwig asked Wendy. “You guys looked terrible when you came back.”

“Rosalina noticed the boys were all staring at her, and summoned a Luma to beat them all up. It wasn't pretty.” Wendy answered.

Larry shook his head. “Oh, yes it was! Watching her in that outfit, doing all that!”

Roy smashed his fists together. “Well, we weren't doing too well after that. So we low-tailed it outta there and back here.”

“In conclusion, you didn't find Team Sonic, and you didn't ask Rosalina about Team Mario's presence, either.” Ludwig spat on the airport floor.

King Bowser Koopa came to his kids and got their attention. “We're moving airport sections. Gather up the camp, and clean it up, will ya?”

“Good, I hated this place.” Ludwig spat again.

The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. gathered up their belongings and stuff and followed Bowser's lead.

For the rest of the Monday, the Koopas situated themselves in this new space, with the children wondering why they moved. The new space was farther from the shops and airport amenities, but closer to the bathroom. There was a designated man's room, and a female's room. The female's room also had a sign indicating that you could change diapers there. Ludwig wondered if the airport security would check to see if people were the gender they claimed they were.

Tuesday was a dull day, as well. Bowser spent most of it trying to communicate to his contacts in Koopa Kingdom, and he barred the children from venturing outside the airport. It turns out they attracted way too much attention from the airport security, along with many other people within the vicinity of the Rio de Janeiro International Airport. Ludwig was happy that they weren't trapped in a quarantine or something.

Bowser Jr.'s whining had grown incessant by Wednesday evening. King Bowser had regret bringing the brat to Rio, or at least that's how Ludwig was reading the King's facial expressions.

“Daaaadddd! What happened to wondering about the plumbers?” Bowser Jr. whined.

“Since you said their gym wasn't there, then they probably aren't around here anymore. They're probably in the Mushroom Kingdom, totally happy and content. Without any Koopas!” Bowser pouted.

Just then, Larry saw something interesting on one of the small television monitors hanging from the ceiling. “Guys, look! Loooooook! It's them!”

Roy didn't look up from reading the sports section of the newspaper. As much as he could read of Portuguese, which was nothing. Interestingly, he still was wearing his sunglasses. “Dufus, who is them?”

“You're all gonna LOVE this!” Larry giggled.

“Probably Rosalina on TV.”

Is Larry staring at more Rosalina footage? Or is there a legitimate, interesting thing to move the plot along? Find out in PART 4! Here's the source credit for the Roy picture. Is this going to create Larry X Rosalina shipping?

If you wanted to find out in Part 4, well, Part 4 is finally here! Seriously, here. Click.
Part 5 comes a week after. Rosalina isn't mentioned in it.
Part 6 is after that. It's the FINAL part.

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