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Friday, April 15, 2016

Disregard the IRS, Keep Your Currency

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Taxation is theft.

April 15 is the worst day of the year. It doesn't have to be — and I don't just mean moving the day. That actually is the case this year — taxes are due April 18 in 2016.

There could fundamentally be a change in how people look at paying taxes. Instead of dreading for months or weeks before the due date about all the paperwork you have to fill out just so your money can be forcefully taken away from you with guns by an unaccountable agency that assumes guilt before innocence, we can abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

We don't need an income tax. We don't need a payroll tax. The federal government in the United States can be funded by a national consumption tax as a replacement. It's the FairTax plan. You could say that's still theft, but at least it's not intrusive and you don't need to retain any records.

Until then, what can YOU do to avoid taxes? ...Ask an accountant. Not me. I just know that if you work, and you pay less in taxes, you'll have more money to do things like purchase videogames. Or feed your family. (Though, depending on the game, you may be convinced that you shouldn't be eating.)

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata & Kazuto Nakaya were scared by the American tax system:

Yes. The server team in America is working on [tax rates in America being very different depending on your location]. Add to that our financial, accounting and legal people in the various countries, and there are so many people from so many countries involved in this project that it takes forever to decide anything.

What we're having the most trouble with right now is tax rates in America. In America, tax rates are determined by state, city and county. There are about 60,000 postal codes, and usually, once you know the postal code, you know the tax rate, but the tax rate in some areas isn't determined solely by the postal code.”

You can at least support presidential candidates that will get you a lower tax bill. That would be any Republican or Libertarian candidate. Hillary Clinton is against tax reform and will keep taxes largely the same or a bit higher... while Bernie Sanders will dramatically raise taxes. More taxes means less freedom.

Less taxes means more freedom. See which candidates want to give you more freedom:

Vox tax calculator Tax Policy Center 25,000 Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Ted Cruz plan
Say you're a single person with no kids making a measly $25,000 a year.
Take note of who gets to let you keep more of your money, and play around with it here.

It might be a little more complicated than that.

But only a little.

Ludwig is the prince of Koopa Kingdom, which has a taxation system that is relatively minimal and definitely not as intrusive as that of the United States. He wanted to make a "Taxation is Theft" meme in this article featuring a Nintendo character, but didn't have the time or inspiration.

KoopaTV's first April 15 article is here, about how KoopaTV could be subsidised by the government's welfare state.
On April 15, 2015, Ludwig used his newly befriended Mewtwo to escape the clutches of a dangerous IRS raid.
After a year of waiting, Ludwig has created the Taxation is Theft meme for the 2017 Tax Day article!
Now with President Donald John Trump as president, he has actually signed a tax bill!
A reduced tax bill by the tax bill is still theft. The FAIRtax would abolish income tax entirely.


  1. "You can at least support presidential candidates that will get you a lower tax bill. That would be any Republican or Libertarian candidate."

    Factually incorrect.

    And no, less taxes does not mean more freedom. That's stupid.

    1. ...Yeah, I guess we don't know what EXACTLY John Kasich is up to, but at least he uses the word "lower" in relation to what he wants to do with taxes.

      And "cutting".

      What about that is factually incorrect?

      (I suppose you could pay higher under the FairTax which Gary Johnson supports than you do now, but it also wouldn't be a "tax bill" if it's a national sales tax.)

      (...Eh, I also suppose John McAfee doesn't seem to have a tax plan, but I bet if he ever gets one it'll be better.)

      Less taxes of course means more freedom. If 100% tax is slavery, at what percent does it stop being slavery?
      Freedom includes the ability to benefit from the fruits of your own labour, and to choose what to do with that. Getting to keep more of your own money expands the possibilities of how to express your freedom.

    2. Fuck your freedom nigga

    3. Freedom is what's allowing you to post on this site now instead of working in a plantation and getting your ass beaten.

    4. Stop making horrible references.

    5. ^ real ass nigga keep preachin brother

    6. ^realer ass nigga. Keep making bomb ass articles.

    7. I thought you'd like it, since it portrays Mega Venusaur as a Jew.

    8. The only portrait I need is you running a bank. With your Jewish cultures and your long nose. Sniffing dimes from miles away.

    9. Banks want a bit more than dimes.

      To put this back to taxation, banks also would like to keep those more-than-dimes.

  2. I'm here for video games, like Zelda. Not this non video game stuff.

    1. If you have to pay less in taxes, then you have more to spend on new videogames (and DLC), like Zelda and Hyrule Warriors. I hear the latter has lots of DLC costing lots of money.

    2. Well, you got me there.
      But seriously, a Zelda article would be rad.

    3. I don't have a Zelda article in mind, but I do have a Zelda-related picture I took and will use in an article in the future...

  3. Searched up does koopa pay his taxes but no yoshi doesn't either


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