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Friday, December 29, 2017

Soviet Missile Run: 30-Second Advertisement Video!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Alternatively called a commercial, or a trailer.

If me simply writing that you should go play Soviet Missile Run isn't enough, then how about a whole 30-second advertisement video rendered in-engine?

Here's the script:
In a time long ago, the Soviet Union had catastrophic, world-ending power...
...Why does the world remain today? Because of the efforts from an... unlikely quadruple agent.
Platform across the continent to the Soviet Union's biggest missile factory and destroy it!
It's you versus the Soviet Union and its missile stockpiles.
Good luck!
Available exclusively and freely at!
“I should probably diffuse the missile before I die.”
Of course, that 30-second trailer doesn't even begin to cover all of the fun and drama that awaits you in Soviet Missile Run, and leaves out a number of awesome features that you'll have to discover for yourself!

Ludwig strongly encourages you to play Soviet Missile Run, though it's not like he wouldn't publish something and NOT encourage you to play it. That said, a lot of work went into it, and there is still further promotion of the game and content to be made! This advertisement video is the beginning. If you have any feedback on the trailer itself (and it's internally considered to be the best one of the five advertisement videos KoopaTV has produced for one of its games), then leave a comment here.


  1. What an intriguing advertisement!

    Unfortunately, I'm on mobile, so playing it (or any web-based game) will have to wait.

    1. However, anytime the word "Run" is added to the end of a title, I think of a mobile game. "Sonic Run," "Plumber Run," and "Temple Run" all come to mind.

      Congratulations on destroying common mobile gaming tropes, KoopaTV!

    2. Also, you claim the "...whole 30-second..." video was rendered in-engine, but the logo portion of the advertisement doesn't seem to be rendered in-engine. Was I deceived?!

    3. If it was made in HTML5, you could play it on your mobile trash. Maybe for 2018's game. ...Or 2019's.

      I guess a more accurate name would be “Soviet Missile Jump”, but the game DOES auto-scroll in its platforming segments, so...

    4. How would you know if that is or ain't in-engine if you haven't played it? :)

    5. I want to get rid of my phone, but my school took extra efforts to ensure VPNs are difficult to install on their Surface laptops.

      Now you gave me an incentive to play the game... Dang it!

    6. I recommend getting a personal computer, in every sense of that phrase.

  2. Replies
    1. The level where the Soviet National Anthem appears doesn't appear in the video, so I thought it'd be... inappropriate to include it.

    2. Okay, sheesh, you don't have to double-post it.

  3. I was expecting something like "Batteries not included, each sold separately" at the end.

  4. If I had not had already completed Soviet Missile Run, then this trailer would have fully convinced me to play it for the first time. I might just give it another go anyway because I enjoyed it so much.

  5. My husband made a demo reel for advertisements. Maybe he can be used as voice talent for your trailers one day.

    1. Or even for our games?

      Kamek volunteered his voice talents first, though, so I'll utilise our in-house talents.


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