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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Wonderful 1237: Voice-Acting and Sound Effects Video!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Nearly 15 minutes (!) of delicious voice-acting and sound effects. Mostly voice-acting.

After being teased for over eight months, KoopaTV is now ready to publish all of the voice-acting that went into The Wonderful 1237! It is the most amount of voice-acting that has went into any of KoopaTV's videogames to date, and probably for all time in the future as well.

Here, listen to it:

Want to know what I find interesting? Even though the game has 15 minutes of voice-acting (and a 15 second song at the end), the game is still not fully voice-acted. Capture the Confederate Flag was fully voice-acted and only got to 9 minutes. The Wonderful 1237 has almost fully voice-acted minigames (which, if you're interested in learning more about, click this article which also includes strategy guides/demos for all of the 17 minigames in The Wonderful 1237), but its cutscene/dialogue scenes in-between rounds are text-based.

Imagine how long this would be if it WAS fully voice-acted. ...Well, it would break the file limit of the game, since it's already 50 MB large.

You wouldn't know how much text is in the game unless you played it (play The Wonderful 1237 here!) and went through every round of the game. There's lots of character development too in that.

One other aside: I voice-acted everything in the game. I even voice-acted Roxy instead of Roxy voice-acting herself. You can call that whatever you want — quality assurance, consistency, being a control freak, or Roxy not having the time, equipment, or flexibility to submit voice recordings. I like to think I did a good job, though.

The entire The Wonderful 1237 is more than just a good job — it won KoopaTV's Best PC Game of 2016! That's actually well-deserved, too. This article falls under the Wonderful Wednesday series, which will be concluding with one more article after this one looking back at all of the marketing KoopaTV has done for The Wonderful 1237. You should play it on your Flash-enabled device, especially while it's still a special tab on KoopaTV's navigation. Plus, writing a review or filming a Let's Play of The Wonderful 1237 can win you absolutely massive points for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, where you can win money-equivalents in the form of gift cards!

The previous record-holder for the most voice-acting and sound effects in one of KoopaTV's games was Capture the Confederate Flag at 9 minutes.


  1. You're telling me that you were the voice of Roxy this whole time?! This has to be fake news. Until I hear Roxy say so herself, I will not believe this preposterous statement otherwise.


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