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Monday, October 10, 2016

KoopaTV Judges the Second Trump vs. Hillary Presidential Debate

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary fight once more.

Last night, October 9, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred off once more in the second presidential debate between the two. This is a so-called Town Hall, with actual undecided voters in St. Louis asking questions, channeled by the moderators who know everything in advance. If you're still undecided, there's something wrong with you — and that's why all of the undecided voters looked like total misfits.

I just finished beating Case 5 (the last non-DLC case) of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice right before this debate has started. Despite Donald Trump's incredible struggles and adversity this weekend, KoopaTV still steadfastly is behind Donald Trump. Just like Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes believe in their clients to the very end in the pursuit of the truth, KoopaTV believes in the Donald J. Trump vision. He, and only he, is the candidate of truth and levity.

We have no other choice, folks.

Of course, BEFORE this weekend, Ludwig actually went and donated the money he's pledged to Donald Trump's campaign after the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate.

Donald Trump online donation website double offer
We're not going to double the donation, though.

And by the end of this article, you'll see how much MORE money Ludwig is pledging to the Trump campaign.

The first question had to do with how the kids are watching these debates, and the woman was wondering if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump thought that they were good role models. Neither of them said yes. Well, no disagreement there.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz of CNN and ABC (two moderators, so it was a three vs. one debate) tried to distract people from the real issues by talking random audio tapes dug up by the idiotic Bush family that have nothing to do with policy, so Donald Trump pivoted to important issues, such as ISIS. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton claimed that it's Donald Trump that is avoiding talking about the real issues, and that she is “going high” when he is ”going low”, and then she proceeded to go on a rant attacking his personal character. She kept up those attacks the entire night, as Donald Trump was discussing real policy, including honesty and ethics in government.

Hmph. While Donald Trump may say some... loathsome things, Hillary Clinton and her deviant husband that she's enabling actually do ACTIONS that RUIN (and KILL) people's lives.

It doesn't help that, not only are Hillary's actions dangerous and enriching her benefactors, but all of her words are lies. When Donald J. Trump reveals her lies, she claims HE'S lying. No! She's lying! Shamelessly, with a straight face. It's horrible. She's absolutely antithetical to the truth.

Other truths spoken by Trump include the disaster that is ObamaCare, the disaster that is America's aggressive foreign policy, and the disastrous tax code. Hillary Clinton wants to keep that unhealthy disaster, expand on the unsafe and warmongering disaster, and make the financial disasters even worse.

Take what Rand Paul said here in the December 2015 CNN primary debate about a no-fly zone in Syria, and replace Chris Christie with Hillary Clinton. (Actually, he even name-drops Hillary Clinton in the clip. Good future-proofing, Senator Paul!)

Let me put it this way: Donald Trump was constantly commanding the facts, the truth, and his presence during this debate. He was on top of his game on policy and quips. Hillary Clinton was very annoyed and constantly defeated. We were very proud of Donald Trump's performance, and he definitely exceeded our expectations tonight. He not only identified problems, but has real solutions that will actually change the status quo.

Oh, by the way. Hillary Clinton kept stating throughout the night that Donald Trump has “never apologized” for many of the silly things he has SAID throughout his campaign. According to Hillary Clinton, one must apologise multiple times in public in order to be forgiven. Donald Trump also stated that Hillary Clinton is a fighter, and never gives up on fighting for what she believes in. Hillary agrees with that assessment.

Put two-and-two together: Hillary Clinton has never apologised for her ACTION of authoring and pushing for the videogame-industry-destroying bill, the Family Entertainment Protection Act. While she failed to have it become law as a senator (like she's ineffective at almost everything else), you better believe she will attempt to once again eliminate the First Amendment rights of the videogame industry if she becomes president.

Put another way, these both happened in 2005. So, while Donald Trump was privately making locker room talk with JEB! Bush's cousin while taping a television show, Hillary Clinton was plotting the end of the First Amendment and America's freedoms as we know it. And that plot is still on-going.

We cannot allow that to happen.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton presidential second debate scores October
Donald Trump/Mike Pence's scores keep going up, while Hillary/Kaine's is sinking after her first debate.

The last presidential debate is October 19! Stay tuned to KoopaTV for all of the best debate analysis, and for all of the best gaming analysis, too. KoopaTV DOES talk about that, you know. In the meantime, what did you feel about the debates? Was KoopaTV's analysis spot-on, or did it have some holes?

For the first debate between these two, click here. 
For the debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, click here.
Donald Trump and Hillary do battle one last time, for the final debate.


  1. This last debate was both entertaining and terrifying at the same time. I wonder if the third debate can top this one. It's going to be interesting to see how things play out until then.

    1. I know. People are actually scared. Rawk reportedly quit the last half hour because it was too serious and scary. He claims to have missed the circus atmosphere of the primaries. Now it's too intense for him.

      Just one more...

  2. Hillary won the debate. All Trump did was lie. Go Hillary! #ImWithHer

    1. Oh. Wonderful. So-called self-proclaimed "fact-checkers".

      Fact-checking is a specific genre of opinion journalism, masquerading as objective reporting. I mean, some of the things they called false are literally the fact checker's opinion, or misinterpretation of what was said, or even them just not being able to find information. For example, they called Trump's line about premiums going up by really high percentages "false", even though it's...technically true.

      And, unless they go over every single statement made by the candidates, it's opinion journalism in choosing which statements to fact check. This bias is what results in lopsided charts like this:

      Of course, they say Politifact is "independent" there like that means it's unbiased and neutral (and therefore true), which it isn't.

      What did you think about Hillary's statement about going high while Trump's going low, and then using the rest of that mini-speech to go low against Trump? Trump was literally trying to "go high" and Hillary was all, "anything to not discuss your imploding campaign!" Trump's campaign is not a policy issue!

    2. You're just denying the facts. Hillary won. Even Trump said Clinton would make a great president.

    3. I concede that Donald Trump was a Democrat up to a few years ago. And, hey, I was writing negatively about him during the primaries.


      Donald Trump, as a businessman, is very adaptive. You have to be nimble to succeed in the business world, and you need to revise your assumptions if they're wrong or you'll be left behind.
      After Donald Trump made that statement during the Democrat 2008 primaries, he witnessed Hillary's awful tenure as Secretary of State and changed his views on her.

      ...Though, I admit that he should've been disappointed in her while she was New York Senator.

    4. Why don't you brush up on the history of the racist movement you're supporting? Hillary might have made a few mistakes, but she is far more presidential. #ImWithHer

    5. Ludwig Von Koopa is about as racist as it gets.

    6. So your point is that supporting Donald Trump's candidacy makes us alt-righters, or it means we support alt-right initiatives? We don't. In fact, the Daily Stormer was responsible for scaring the crap out of one of our staff members, and if they figured out I'm Jewish, they'd probably raid this website, or something.

      It's a totally dishonest argument to equate a small fraction of Donald Trump's supporters with all of his support, and with the candidate himself, and then say Hillary is more presidential as a result. (What does "presidential" even mean?) I could easily cherrypick some whacko Hillary supporters and equate them with some leftist terrorist movements, but I won't.

    7. You might have won this round, Ludwig, but mark my words, you will be with her. That is all I have to say. Good day, sir.

    8. Wait, what? I will be with her?

      Sorry, I can't get past the whole she-is-an-evil-tyrant-wannabe thing.


  3. I don't think either of them are fit to be president. Trump acts childish and interrupted her every 5 seconds, Hillary hasnt made the best decisions in helping her husband in those rape cases they bought up or "attacking" the women said to be victims. Trumps makes childish and immature suggestions like "I want to build a wall" and him comparing people to poisonous skittles. Hillary however, does not act childish, and yes she may propose to "fix" Obama care but that is a plan that she has thought out. If trump destroys it completely, how does he intend to make a new health system? It'll cost a lot of money, and as he states himself america is in enough debt as it is. And then he has to think of a new stem to work and god knows how an orange potato like him can do that. Now that's a problem trump can't build a wall to get out of ;)

    1. You're not even in this country.

    2. Let me address your points, EEvEE.

      First of all, Trump did far less interrupting in this debate than in the first one, and even then he did far less interrupting than Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine. Trump had to interrupt because HE was constantly being interrupted by the moderators from the biased media.

      Building a wall is not a childish or immature suggestion, and it's a serious proposal being undertaken in locations in your own Great Britain. Donald Trump has a well thought-out plan for how to pay for the wall available on his website, as well as a very well thought-out list of proposals on other components of his border security and immigration plans.

      Donald Trump's son (not Trump himself) made that poisonous skittles tweet, and that isn't childish or immature. It's an analogy that simplifies things so everyday people can understand it.

      Donald Trump and the Republican Congress intends to repeal and replace Obamacare, and there are specifics on what that would look like out there. It would not cost as much money as you think to do that, because right not the government does not run the healthcare system (it's not single-payer). It's this sort of gross hybrid crony capitalist thing of government-imposed mandates and private insurance companies that have monopolies around the states. By reducing government red tape and regulations, Mr. Trump and the Republican plans would actually be saving the government money.

      ...New stem to work? >_>

      You're taking the media narrative that Trump is some uncouth boor who doesn't know what he's talking about, but he actually does have many specifics. There's some commercials running right now about how Hillary Clinton fights for women and children all her life in a kind of feel-good way, and also an ad paid for by Hillary that trashes Trump's character.
      Trump is running an ad giving specifics on how his tax proposals would affect the middle class.


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