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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Discover the Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Not only do we get the starters, but Tapu Koko's friends.

You know, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon come out in just three weeks, so pretty soon we won't have these weekly news updates for you.

On the bright side, you can play the actual game. We have known the first forms of the starters for a while, and recently we learned the middle forms of the starters. At last, we can finally learn the final forms of the starters. Now that you've got all the information you want, and you can make an informed decision.

...Well, as long as you watch this trailer put out today by The Pokémon Company International.

I can say with confidence that I am still on Team Rowlet.

Decidueye Rowlet's fully evolved form Pokémon Spirit Shackle grass archery bow arrow feather
Decidueye is AWESOME. Ghost type is unexpected and is just there to troll Gardenia, but look how cool it looks as an archer.

My only problem with Decidueye is how counter-intuitive that is to spell. It's almost as bad as Turtonator. Either way, Decidueye is a very stealthy, very speedy, and highly accurate sniper that can down opponents from over half a mile away. I still want to hug it, too.

Meanwhile, Incineroar is Fire/Dark, avoiding an otherwise unfortunate, yet possible, Fighting type.

Incineroar Pokémon Sun Moon trailer appearance Litten Torracat roar
Incineroar's roar literally scared Litten and Torracat away from the rest of the trailer. Look how they shrink in fear.

I mean, Incineroar is literally the “Heel Pokémon” species, which is obviously a wrestling reference. Do you know how close that makes it to being a Fire/Fighting? The fire around its waist is literally referred to as the “flame belt”. Its special move is a Lariat. It's also said that “many tend to dislike this Pokémon and keep it at a distance.” This may result in all of the “neko neko nya :3” people who would pick Litten to not evolve it past Torracat. I think it looks like it came from Game Freak's HarmoKnight.

(I can't believe I just WROTE that cat-person stuff.)

Primarima being rubbed happy cheerful Pokémon Sun Moon
Primarima, the Water/Fairy singing mermaid.
Primarina is a logical progression from Brionne, but without Brionne's pink-eye problems. No complaints.

Now, I'd like to make a rather obvious observation on Tapu Koko and his new friends, collectively known as “the Tapu”:
  1. Tapu Koko, the Land Spirit Pokémon. Electric/Fairy. Ability: Electric Surge. Special Move: Nature's Madness, which cuts the opponent's remaining HP by half. Guards Melemele Island.
  2. Tapu Lele, the Land Spirit Pokémon. Psychic/Fairy. Ability: Psychic Surge. Special Move: Nature's Madness. Guards Akala Island.
  3. Tapu Bulu, the Land Spirit Pokémon. Grass/Fairy. Ability: Grassy Surge. Special Move: Nature's Madness. Guards Ulaula Island.
  4. Tapu Fini, the Land Spirit Pokémon. Water/Fairy. Ability: Misty Surge . Special Move: Nature's Madness. Guards Poni Island.
They all have the Special, exclusive Z-Move: Guardian of Alola. That was the scary Yellow Devil-esque attack you saw in the trailer, which cuts the opponent's remaining HP down to 1/4, or by 3/4s. Basically, this set of Pokémon all want to be addicted to Super Fang, and their special attack is a 50%-more-powerful Nature's Madness/Super Fang.

I love all of their designs, by the way. All for different reasons. They're pretty, cool, and/or tug my soul. They're definitely all part of a group, though, with all of their similarities. Yet, the official site still doesn't consider them Legendary.

Tapu Fini Alolan Exeggutor neck off-screen Misty Surge Pokémon Sun Moon
Just... try not to be too distracted by Alolan Exeggutor's goofiness.

Moving on to human-related matters: It's confirmed that there is no Pokémon League in Alola — at least, not yet. They're building one. Instead, what they do have now is the Battle Tree, which apparently functions as a super-cool treehouse for mostly super-cool people, including everyone's favourite Pokémon champion, Cynthia! There's also Red and Blue, and the trailer does an awesome job ending in a cliffhanger with a remix of the Rival's encounter theme from Generation 1. (Rawk is convinced that Blue is gay, and that Red's father is Looker.)

Cynthia Pokémon Champion Sun Moon Battle Tree versus art
Customising your look to be Cynthia is not enough — she herself appears, in all of her wonderfulness!

...By the way, Alolan Persian looks like it screwed up its plastic surgery. Cosmog looks like it came from a Kirby game, and that's...a compliment, I guess. It's being researched by the Aether Foundation, and they found out this highly disturbing, world-ending tidbit: “When light falls on this Pokémon, Cosmog absorbs it and grows.”

Hey, maybe you people might be right, that the Aether Foundation are going to be villains after all if they possess some of the few members of the species of sentient black holes in the whole world. OR, they're doing everyone a favour by acting responsible with these Cosmog. They're... heroes! We'll find out.

Ludwig is looking forward to going on great adventures and bonding with his to-be Decidueye in Pokémon Moon, though he is pondering whether or not to nickname it something easier. What did you think of this news release? Did it please you? Did it perhaps even change your mind about which starter to pick?

Check out the exclusive Z-Moves for these final evolutions!


  1. Still Team Litten as I decided to name the player character after my soon to be born child and Litten will have my cat's name. My cat is female but of course no one complains about female Incineroar like they do male Primarima.

    1. I wonder if there will be gender differences in their sprites, actually.


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