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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fascists Gotta Go Fast

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Except they're not number one.

To understand this article, it's first important to read the Best KoopaTV Article award-winning article of 2013, "Fighting Fascism In Our World and The Game Industry".

I'll wait.

Done? Then let's continue. Read this quote again, since you just read the whole article.
"That's because we all have accounts on there — although I'm only a Junior Member and Rawk is (temporarily) banned from the site. YoshiRider123 is riding fine though."
Rawk was recently unbanned. He lasted one day. I'm banned now, too. (YR is still riding fine.) Why? Read this quote that's almost right after the previous one.
"So what does NeoGAF have to do with anything? Well, they happen to have taken a strong stance of silencing anyone who stands opposed to their far-left agenda."
For your amusement, read every post in this link after the post that's linked to. The three posts of mine you see on that page are the only ones I made in the thread. The rest? NeoGAF exploding at the very idea that someone with different views than them exists.

Rawk and I got the same ban message. It looks like this:

Yeah, y'all were kind of lagging behind the vast right-wing conspiracy for a bit.

There are some particular posts made by the fascists over at NeoGAF I want to highlight.
"Maybe I'm out of line blasting you for a personal website in a thread about Donkey Kong, and if it is, I'd be happy to edit this out."
Well, he refused his own offer after I private messaged him nicely.
"Well today I learned that Nazis play Donkey Kong Country.
Not sure how I feel about this."
Isn't it nice when the fascists call other people fascists? Apparently I'm a Nazi because I made a non sequitur to Obamacare (hey guys, don't watch the news, okay?). Let's look at just what that reference was. 
"These resentful and pathetic fans therefore are dedicated to bashing Tropical Freeze at any opportunity, and spreading misinformation about it. They want it to fail. But unlike the charge that "Republicans want ObamaCare to fail because they hate Barack Obama" when in reality the law is designed to fail, Tropical Freeze is designed to succeed and it'll certainly be amazing."
If you pay attention, I'm comparing Republicans to Metroid fans. Since that point in the article was to shame and expose Metroid fans for not supporting a fellow Nintendo franchise, it's actually a bad thing for Republicans to be compared to them. But basic reading comprehension doesn't matter too much to fascists, as you can see from this quote.
"Look, rawkhawk, i realize you're passionate about the game, and believe me i am too, I'm getting it day one, but uh
Maybe the thread to bump isnt the one with the fanatical right wing nintendo fansite in it"
It just so happens that, you know, Rawk is a contributor to KoopaTV too. They also don't like to read basic polite requests like,

"Fantastical" sure isn't a Fan of staying on-topic!

No, they live in their own world. It's what I talked about in the Fighting Fascism article. These people don't have any diversity of thought. Instantly, anyone with a difference literally scars GAF members for life.
"I'm honestly too anxious to talk about DKC now. I'll probably now associate this game with Klansmen and Nazis. I'm not even joking. That Koopa TV site is just surreal. Can't believe two Gaffers who frequent Nintendo threads write for that place."

Yeah, KoopaTV is clearly crawling with right-wing fanatics espousing such disturbing campaigns like asking you to buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and the completely insane idea of analyzing overworld maps. The focus on the site has always been on videogames. We just treat the industry like politics.

I challenge NeoGAF, which prides itself on "investigation" (apparently finding me declaring a "full disclosure" at the top of an article is strong investigative work) to find my membership, or the membership of anyone on KoopaTV's staff, to the KKK or any Nazi organizations.

As for the idea that KoopaTV is a "hate site", the only things I or anyone else on my staff has declared hatred for (whether seriously or just using the word) are:
That's literally it. On that note, I type "whatever" far too many times. So out of the hundreds of thousands of words on KoopaTV, only eight of them were "hate" in the context of us hating something. (We've written about how other people hate things but that's not us hating things or agreeing with the haters!)

That would make NeoGAF more of a "hate" site than KoopaTV then, would it not? Just look at the results. Here's another quote from that thread:
"Disturbing, as expected.
The bigotry and hate at that site is the kind that leads to real-life hate crimes. Violent acts against people who happened to be born with a different skin color, or a different sexual orientation, or who simply have a different interpretation of government (I.E. government as a way to help the vulnerable element of society).
I just don't understand such hatred and bigotry. And it feels perverse to think such people like Nintendo games, something I've always equated with love and acceptance and fun for all.
Ah well..."
Well, I don't plan to do anything to EA's HQ besides send them a bunch of non-violent communications, and I'm sure Rawk isn't going to commit a hate crime against night-vision gameplay. He isn't clever enough to figure out how to even do that.

Oh, and please don't bash Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! on a thematic basis until you've finished the game. Which you can do right here. Turns out we like people to be seen as individuals and not treated as a collective group to be used for other people's power gain.

One more thing about the above quote: Most console gamers are in the center, with a bit over 20% conservative. You're in the NeoGAF hyper-liberal bubble. Seriously, that guy was acting like only liberals can be Nintendo fans. THAT'S hatred and bigotry right there.  

Everyone should be a Nintendo fan! KoopaTV is all-inclusive in that regard!

This time, Ludwig can't post this on NeoGAF by force. But maybe it'll find its way on there. If you'd like to read posts that are videogame-related and don't have a political tinge, feel free to Follow Ludwig on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas. We're still all-inclusive in our comments section at KoopaTV as well.

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