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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nintendo's Answer On Screwing Ace Attorney

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - When a digital download title cannot be downloaded...

Continuing off this previous article, it became clear that while Nintendo is crippling Capcom's sales of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, that we don't have to suffer this restriction. As in, things can change. But only if Nintendo is willing to change them. To that end, I decided to contact Nintendo myself.

Dear Nintendo Customer Service Representative,

Is it intentional (that is, by design) that 3DS users with NNIDs stating they are below 17 years of age are blocked out of buying M-rated games on the 3DS eShop EVEN WITH approving parental permission?

Notably, the sales of Capcom's M-rated Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destiny game that is eShop-exclusive are suffering because the ESRB rating locks many sub-17 users out due to their NNID's birthdate, which is unchangeable.

Again, these consumers cannot buy the game EVEN WITH parental permission or parents buying it for them, or even if the 3DS finds a new owner because there can only be NNID per system. So if more than one user shares a 3DS and one of those people is above 17 and the other below, the Mature gamer can't play M games if the NNID represents the younger user.

So, is this ESRB lockout by design? If not, will it be fixed in the near future? And if it IS by design, may I suggest the design be changed to benefit not only the financial side of things (and business relations with Capcom), but also the consumer? Many people are clamoring to play this niche title and others like it. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is at a particular disadvantage because a parent can go to a store to buy an M-rated title for their kid if they wish, but since Dual Destinies is only digitally distributed, that can't occur.

Thank you,

Ludwig Von Koopa
Their response (which... was within 25 hours!):


Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your feedback regarding age restrictions in the Nintendo eShop.  I can certainly understand your thoughts on this matter and want you to know how much we appreciate you sending them in.  I also want to assure you that your comments will be added to our records for the Nintendo eShop and made available for other departments at the company to use as they see fit.


Nintendo of America Inc.
Celilo Nordal

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I'm going to admit that the most interesting thing about that response is that /3ds/2ds url. Well, at least Nintendo has empathy. That's more than I can say about EA or Barack Hussein Obama.

Anyway, here's the thing. It's not like Nintendo has never answered questions directly before. In fact, the one other instance where KoopaTV asked Nintendo a question directly they actually flat-out said they didn't know.

We can infer that Nintendo isn't trying to fix the eShop right now or else Celilo Nordal would've said such, which means that they did design it that way. So it's up to the "other departments at the company" to see if they ever do want to fix it.

Fortunately, I know what will motivate Nintendo to change the design of the eShop. One of two things:
  1. Capcom pressures them to.
  2. Nintendo's consumer base pressures them to.
Or a combination of both.

As for Capcom... well, we can try to influence that too, I guess. Maybe here. Not just Capcom either, but I don't know what other developers are in the same situation of digital downloadable M-rated titles only.

You can make change!

It is worth repeating that Ludwig will not personally gain from the eShop age restrictions being more lax. It's all for you. Leave your organized activity in the comments section!

For more information on the games affected and the advancement of this campaign, click here.
After enough pressure from KoopaTV, Nintendo changed and allows purchases on their digital storefront no matter your age.


  1. Welp, at least they have it in their little box of suggestions.
    Thanks for bringing up this issue. They may even consider it now.
    I'm kinda curious how many people are spamming Nintendo with these types of messages.
    But I hope they do it for all M rated titles.
    It'd be kinda stupid for just Ace Attorney.
    I mean, I was kinda upset when I couldn't take part in the recent sales of the m rated titles.

    1. (little box... issue... read that as tissue box of suggestions)

      Well yeah, I don't want it just for Ace Attorney, but I'm pretty sure Ace Attorney is the flag bearer here. The title most affected and most prominently in this situation.

      Well, EVERYONE should spam Nintendo!

      ...Or send one message and not spam because spamming is rude.

    2. Well, they probably do wipe their snot on our suggestions. Not really though.
      I can't really understand why even parental controls are irrelevant in this situation. I mean, if it worked then I wouldn't even be here.
      Yeah, it is. I've stopped after the six complaints I did by email and phone.
      Well if a good amount of people send a message to Nintendo, then they may mark it as a minor problem at the very least.

    3. Well, jokes on them if they're wiping their snot on their computer monitors.

      But yeah, parental controls were made to give power to the parents. ...But Nintendo isn't allowing the parents to access that power in the situation where it makes the most sense!

      And achieving that critical mass of "good" is something I want to help do!

    4. Yeah! I mean if the parents think it's okay then they'll probably let them. This situation is kinda funny because we are learning how censorship can do pretty bad things in school and Nintendo is basically censoring M rated games and will take no opinions from parents themselves.

      Thanks again for helping us with this rather idiotic setting. I don't even use MiiVerse that often. I feel cheated.

    5. You're welcome.

      Nintendo's history with M-rated games and censorship goes a long way back, as you might already know.
      But yeah definitely use Miiverse it's great.

      (And check out today's article on the AA123 collection and... be sure to watch the trailer for it.)

    6. Yup. I guess I could go on there a bit more often and see the shenanigans going on with the games.

      And it looks pretty cool!

    7. Dat musiiiiiic I could just put that trailer on repeat for the whole day or something.

    8. at your service.


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