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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About KoopaTV

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Just in case you were wondering.

For many months now (that's how long KoopaTV has been a thing), we've had an "About" tab that is just the first thing published on the website. But that's about us, the KoopaTV contributors. Not about KoopaTV itself. KoopaTV has a distinct identity that is more than the sum of its contributors. Even more than the sum of guest contributors and commenters (people like YOU! ...And if you've never commented, it's free and optionally anonymous!).

In fact, it's just one expression of what kind of site KoopaTV is that it look us over 8 months to formally make an About page. This is coming even after our very long-awaited Disclaimers page! So what is KoopaTV? What is the style? How do you properly read it? Read more for the answers to those questions!

Speaking of style, the only acceptable syntax for KoopaTV is... KoopaTV. Capitalized that way. No space between "Koopa" and "TV". This is made even more clear in the Password song for Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!.

KoopaTV is a website, not a TV channel. However, we have new articles every weekday ranging from hard-hitting articles on the videogame industry to artistic endeavours to even free games that we made!

KoopaTV is a set of values. Honesty. Transparency. Levity. And opinions (I could hyperlink anything on the site for that one). These are diverse and are individual to each author, but some commonalities or generalities you can form:
  1. Videogames are a forme of art.
  2. The way the Japanese approach game design is superior to the way the West does.
  3. Quality characters are very important to lasting value.
  4. Music is critical, and also disproportionately contributes to value.
  5. The genres that were predominantly popular in the 1990s are the best genres.
  6. Console/handheld gaming is the best way to play games.
And there are other important biases, not all included:
  1. Nintendo's systems are the best. (It's a website called KoopaTV, so what do you expect?)
  2. The left-wing system of shutting down dissent is wrong. That said, we definitely do not want to mirror that system and do not want to become an echo chamber.
We take that "worrying" blend of information and entertainment and run with it. After all, KoopaTV was started and is maintained as a videogame-ified (as opposed to the subject being politics) parody of former presidential candidate and successful radio talk show host and businessman Herman Cain's CainTV. We just happen to legitimately share the viewpoints of what we're parodying.

Google knows what's up.
Anyway, part of the KoopaTV experience is learning about the authors and getting to know us through our works. Not just through our articles, but also in our staff-wide Reaction Logs that come from our [Koopa Keep] AIM Blast. You don't just read KoopaTV articles individually: They got to be combined and read together! We like to have an overarching narrative, after all.

KoopaTV, in addition to discussing the game industry like politics, going through our opinions on specific games/series, and sometimes delving into game design theory, also might tangentially relate real politics and other things into our articles. We also sponsor advocacy and investigative journalism. We're also home to the Enlightenment Movement, so you might see aspects of that in our articles. Expect surprises! We're not your ordinary run-of-the-mill videogame blog! We have an agenda and we're not afraid to show it.

Some testimonials for you:

Well, now you have. Hope you stick around.
We try our best to make you amused.
Yes we are!
He's referring to NeoGAF's site, not ours. We don't have an Off Topic side.

Become part of the KoopaTV community!

To know more about me, just read the site!

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