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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

PlayStation State of Play September 13 2022 Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Kazuya Mishima Wins.

Want to watch about 20 minutes of Sony providing updates on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation VR2? Well, they live-streamed that yesterday. Notably, unlike the same-day Nintendo Direct, Sony did not delay anything because of the Queen of the United Kingdom dying.

I DID react to this live as it was being streamed. I just didn't publish it right away. Sorry for the wait. ...Though I don't think there's anything too exciting that you'd really need my thoughts immediately for. But maybe that's something for you to decide for yourself rather than me tell you. I'm the only staffer in this log, by the way. At least that keeps it shorter.

[5:51 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa:
PlayStation State of Play in 10 minutes.
[5:52 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: I just ate a whole large chicken fried rice (that I got while shopping for milk) and now I feel...very sleepy...
[5:52 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Hoping that PlayStation State of Play won't have me fall asleep altogether.
[6:01 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: THUNDER
[6:01 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: EEK
[6:02 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: EEK
[6:02 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: KAZUYA MISHIMA
[6:02 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: WINS
[6:03 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: FROM SMASH
[6:03 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: TEKKEN 8
[6:03 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "stay tuned" that's not a release date
[6:04 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Okay I guess now it's sleep time with PlayStation VR2 featuring Star Wars.
[6:05 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: And a dungeon dice game or something.
[6:05 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ...also in VR.
[6:05 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "DEMEO" thought it said "DEMO" [is now available]
[6:06 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: SEGA is gonna bring something outside Japan for the first time.
[6:06 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Looks like samurai Kazuya Mishima.
[6:06 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ...but it's not.
[6:07 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ISHIN LIKE A DRAGON
[6:08 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: (That's the game being in all-caps not me being enthusiastic)
[6:08 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Some Hogwarts Legacy...thingy.
[6:09 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "Mixture of gameplay captured on PS5 and cinematic footage on PC" cool why get a PS5 then let's just get PCs.
[6:10 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: I dunno wot the hell I'm looking at.
[6:10 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Some kind of horror car driving game.
[6:10 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Which I feel like is every time I need to drive a car.
[6:10 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "Pacific Drive"
[6:11 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Seems like a problem to the west coast of the United States, then.
[6:11 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Typical California.
[6:11 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Grace Chen appears, to talk about "PlayStation Stars", a loyalty program.
[6:11 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Basically My Nintendo but for PlayStation.
[6:11 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Possibly as bad and lame.
[6:12 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "digital rewards" of Sony gizmos. (NFTs?)
[6:12 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "That's it for now."
[6:12 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ...Huh? But you didn't really...say anything.
[6:14 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Speaking of not saying anything, this Syn Duality has a lot of talking without saying much of meaning. Probably because it's in Japanese.
[6:14 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "These next two action games are PS5 console exclusives, let's take a look." (So get a PC?)
[6:14 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: There's a distinct lack of farming simulators here.
[6:15 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ....

Stellar Blade State of Play PlayStation people here deep sleep
I'm people.

[6:16 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: I mean, this could be Bayonetta if it wanted to.
[6:16 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: PROJECT EVE
[6:16 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "Stelter Blade" ?
[6:16 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: I can't read that logo.
[6:17 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Next title is a Team Ninja action game.
[6:18 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "Rise of the Ronin"
[6:18 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "one more update for you"
[6:19 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Apparently it was "Stellar Blade"
[6:19 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: The one more update is a god of war dualsense controller.
[6:20 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh nevermind there's some game cutscenes with Kratos after that.
[6:21 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: And by "some" I mean it's still going.
[6:22 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: ...well they shot an arrow at the moon and the moon dodged it or something.
[6:22 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Which changed the whole sky outlook.
[6:22 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: god of war ragnarok
[6:22 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Pre-order now for November 9, 2022, for both PS4 and PS5.
[6:22 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: (Why get a PS5 then?)
[6:23 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: "See you next time!"
[6:23 PM]Ludwig Von Koopa: Alright, glad I have something to publish on Wednesday. Now I can play Splatoon 3!

Ludwig could've published this earlier but he was busy playing Splatoon 3, as the ending of the log said. Some believe that the PlayStation State of Play was superior to the Nintendo Direct. Do you agree with that sentiment? One had Kazuya Mishima Wins and the other had no such winning, so that's possibly a major differentiating factor. This was KoopaTV's 2500th published article.

The last State of Play covered was the June 2022 one. That did have a farm in it.
The game is called Like a Dragon: Ishin!, is a remake of a previous Yakuza spin-off, and will be released on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.
The next State of Play was in February 2023. It wasn't great.


  1. Ishin is all that matters. For me, the State of Play and Nintendo Direct are tied solely because of Ishin.

    1. You don't know how much I've wanted this game. I still can't believe it's really happening! It's enough to lessen the pain of no Ace Attorney news.

    2. Yakuza is probably my second-favorite series after Ace Attorney, AND it was on my list of untranslated games I've been dying to see localized.

    3. Can I be upset that it's no longer going to be called Yakuza? I think changing your localised franchise's name after 15 years or wotever of building it up is foolish and weird.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. It probably will be confusing for a while, but it worked for Dragon Quest. Everyone's gotten used to it no longer being Dragon Warrior.

      I wonder if they're trying to get away from the confusion of what the series is like. Too many people look at a game called "Yakuza" and assume you'll be playing a yakuza doing yakuza things. It also makes sense that they might want to avoid that name for Ishin, since it has nothing to do with yakuza at all.

      My main criticism is that they dropped the number from 7 for the localized title. If the order went Yakuza 6, Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon, Like a Dragon 8, that would be less confusing to people. 7's localized title of Yakuza: Like a Dragon was already causing confusion, and now it's worse.

      (At least it's not a Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons situation, where another company has the rights to the original localized title and starts making their own games under it.)

    6. I'm one of the people who thought Yakuza would be a niche lower-budget Japanese Grand Theft Auto. (And why someone like you would be into that.) But it's a much more story-focused experience!

    7. Exactly! I think the Yakuza title caused that confusion for a lot of people. (In both directions... some people ignoring it because they assumed it would be GTA-like, other people buying it assuming that and then being like, "Why are there so many cutscenes? Why can't I attack random people? What do you mean I don't get a car?")


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