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Thursday, August 14, 2014

EA: Wii U is a "Popular Platform"

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - According to who? ...Besides KoopaTV.

I guess if your only source of information was KoopaTV, then you'd be lead to believe that the Wii U is an amazing console with great games, but poor Nintendo is just bullied by bad guys like Electronic Arts. Of course, this depiction is pretty accurate. Like a typical bully, when Electronic Arts is confronted over their bullying behaviour, they respond with denial or ignorance that Nintendo's feelings were hurt or their knees were scraped.

Which is how we get things like this:

This article is about the Popular Platforms column, but we can discuss how "Kids" are a popular genre of disgusting culture-destroying rubbish in another article.
So what is so wrong about this? Electronic Arts considers "Wii U" to be a popular platform. 

Which is a complete statement of dishonesty of EA's part.

"Ludwig, wouldn't you get angry if EA excluded the Nintendo console?"

I am mad because they already did that. Mobile trash is present, but the Nintendo 3DS, which EA actually releases games for (well, not really), isn't? Or if that's not enough, at least the original DS? There isn't a lack of space in that column: After all, iPad, iPhone, and Mobile are all considered different.

We all know EA hates Nintendo. Heck, we all know that EA hates everyone. They're malicious. So we know that EA does not really think Nintendo consoles are "popular platforms". In fact, in EA's 2014 Annual Report (which I did not get the opportunity to read in full yet, but I will at some point) does not contain the strings "Wii", "3DS", or "Nintendo" anymore. You can see for yourself. Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft are mentioned several times, along with Google and Apple. EA no longer even considers Nintendo a business partner. So their sarcasm in calling the Wii U a popular platform is... unbecoming. And disgusting. It's the kind of double-talk that political people use.

So just how popular is the Wii U? Four games. Need For Speed: Most Wanted, FIFA 13, Madden NFL 13, and Mass Effect 3. All of those were Wii U launch titles in November 2012, except for Need For Speed in March 2013. They were all shoddy rip-off ports except for Need For Speed. They deserved to die on the spot. EA used their laziness to justify no longer making games for Nintendo consoles.

Elitists (read: morons) justify EA for some reason. These are the same people who are suckered enough to buy into EA Access. The legendary Herman Cain likes to say his mission "is to save the saveable. We can't save everybody."

EA cannot be saved, and their dedicated fans cannot be either.

Ludwig is a dedicated Nintendo fan and avid anti-EA writer. Read around KoopaTV for more.

Four years later, the last Madden game on a Nintendo console is still Madden NFL 13.


  1. EA publishes different and similar games across all phones and tablets. Including Plants Vs. Zombies 2. Just look at it, isn't it beautiful?:

    1. Different and similar? <_<;

      (It's probably really bad if I thought that was a slot machine game at first glance.)

  2. At least EA doesn't openly mock it the way Notch (Minecraft creator) did today.

    Where is that list? o_o The only one I can find displays EA's "featured platforms," which doesn't show the Wii U.

    1. I found it at the bottom of:

      EA DOES openly mock Nintendo.

    2. Okay, now I can check out what "mobile" means... and... uh... Why do they list "iPad," "iPhone," and then "mobile," a category that includes iPad/iPhone?

      Oh. I forgot about that.

    3. Why do they do it? Because EA sucks.


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